Well, the weekend flew by.  After a "snow alert" at the end of the week during which everyone panicked and schools closed, it turned out to be a manageable 12 inches of heavy wet snow.  The snow is retreating around the house and melting slowly enough so that the pump is able to keep up with it.  And the air feels balmy this morning.  It's above freezing.  I noticed my hyacinths have poked their heads above the snow.  That is the most hopeful sight I know.  Little bits of green reaching out toward the sun.

It was a good weekend.  We went shopping and got Pk's new power supply (it's huge) and new video card for his computer.  He was so excited because it will make his game playing  much better.  Then our internet went on the fritz and the download speeds were slower than dialup. (when we had service at all) When you're paying for dsl, that is annoying.  Comcast came yesterday and inside of a half hour we were wired and ready to go.  As a result, my email address has changed and I have to change it on all the accounts I pay with email.  Ironic twist.  Verizon sent out tech #5 (in 2 months) and he spent about 8 minutes and "fixed" our internet.  An hour later comcast came and we called to cancel verizon.  It took about a half hour to cancel their service.  We've been customers of theirs since 1981.  It was sad but we just got tired of paying for service we weren't getting

We took Pk to dinner to celebrate his birthday with the family and it was nice.  We ate at our favorite Chinese place and everyone ordered something and we all shared.  I made a buttery pound cake with strawberries which we had for desert.  I love the way the family has grown to include Jim and Patrick.  They are great additions and seem to be able to roll with the punches.

I stayed home yesterday to wait for the comcast guy.  I finished my first clue for the evenstar kal on the day clue #2 was released (Friday) and   started clue #2 (after putting in a lifeline!) and worked away.  I didn't like the way it looked so yesterday I ripped out all the way back to the lifeline and started over.  30 rows of lace with very thin laceweight yarn.  Gone.  This is the largest piece I've ever worked on and I want it to be as perfect as I can make it.  I took a photo of clue #1 but it's at home on the camera.  You can see some beautiful examples on the ravelry group page (evenstar kal). 

Pk is fighting a cold.  He almost never gets sick but this winter he has had 3 colds/respiratory infections.  I have had more than my share as well.  We're keeping the cold medicine companies in business, not to mention tissue manufacturers!  We're going to head over to the gym after dinner tonight so I can try out the yoga class and he can sit in the sauna.  He figures he can sweat all the germs out of his body.

That's all I've got.  Life is quiet and I'm not complaining.

"Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion."

~His Holiness the Dalai Lama
(I'd really like to meet him).

Have a peaceful day.


Julie said…
The Dalai Lama really gets it. I'd love to meet him too.

Yay for good weekends!
Geek Knitter said…
A quiet life... it's good to know they're still out there!
Roxie said…
PK is just building up his repetoire of resistances to various viruses. It's a good thing to do while he's young and resiliant (relatively.)

It sounds like a splendid birthday. May you celebrate many more of them with the lad.
Bezzie said…
Ok, now I'm even more grossed out by saunas--sweating the germs? Where do they go then? Eww! It's like a giant wet petri dish!

Yeah the snow was OK. Glad the snowday came actually. That evil brief couldn't have happened without it.
Rose Red said…
I reckon the Dalai Lama would love to meet you too!

What would you say to him if you met him?
Galad said…
Stay healthy and enjoy the hint of spring.
amy said…
I feel completely unworthy of meeting the Dalai Lama!
DrK said…
there is nothing quite so satisfying as a quiet life. i hope your aches and pain ease up a bit with the warmer weather, if you ever get it. and i have been lucky enough to see the Big D, (in a hall, with a thousand other people). it was awesome, you should hear him when he chants!
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a great weekend - and I hope PK feels better soon!
Amy Lane said…
Quiet, quiet days... How wonderful. Not a lot to blog about, but still wonderful.

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