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Good morning!  This is what a newly turned 58 year old woman looks like.  Yes, today is my birthday and I am 58.
This seems very weird to me because 58 sounds so old and I don't feel old.  
The very odd thing today is that I have been thinking of my mom.  We didn't have much of a relationship when she died (really none at all), mostly because she pushed me away.  But I let her.  I stayed away when maybe I should have pushed back.  She was very ill the last few years of her life and not a very pleasant person but still.  I find myself thinking about her and her life.  58 years ago, she was an unmarried woman having her first child.  I think she wanted to give me up but my grandmother insisted she keep "this child who is part of us".  My grandmother died when I was in college.  I have often wished she had been alive to see my children.  She would have adored them and they her.
I am not usually a menalcholy person and I am sure this wll pass.  I haven't spent time thin…