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I meant to upload some photos for this post but I forgot.  The memory is just not what it used to be.  It seems that if I don't write something down, I don't remember it.  I carry a colorful notebook around with me at work to take notes and write messages to myself.  It helps (it saves my sanity most days).  I figured I can write the words and add the photos when I get home tonight.  If I remember......

Friday nights's dinner date was wonderful.  We met after work at a bar called The Standing O (for ovation, Broad St is The Avenue of the Arts and there are several theaters).  The bar is attached to the lobby of a Hilton hotel with an interesting art/light fixture hanging from the ceiling.  Fiber optics are a wonderful thing and I can watch them change color for a long time.  (easily amused). 

We sat in the bar for about an hour talking and watching the lobby fill up with young folks who looked like they were in town for a competition of some sort.  You know the rifles that…
We went outside last night hoping to see the aurora from the CME (coronal mass ejection) but were disappointed.  No lights for us.  Partly because we're too far south and partly because of all the 'trash lighting' from the city nearby.  There we were standing out front  looking at the sky.  One of our neighbors drove by and I could only imagine what he/she was thinking, "what are those strange people doing outside staring at the sky?"   Well, that's who we are. 

The hats/socks went over well.  I didn't go to the shower.  I have a clinic in both the morning and afternoon on Monday and that hour at lunch is my only time to just relax.  I didn't want to give it up.  Especially since neither of these young women are people I'm close to.  I did hear that squeals were involved and so I assume they liked them.

This week is Restaurant Week in Philadelphia.  It's a way to get people to eat out and try a restaurant they might not try otherwise.  It'…
This week I managed to make two baby hats with tassles and two pairs of striped socks.  I wrapped them and used the socks as a package adornment.  The stripes match the polka dots on the paper.  Totally planned (well, maybe total serendiptity).  I like the hats and I'll put some ties on the Sweet Baby Cap and save it for someone else.  And now I have to finish El's January socks and then make a tasselled  hat with tassles for Kate. 
I'd also like to make a quick hat for a coworker who's leaving.  He's one of my favorites and has taught Handle with Care with me for 3 years.  I joke that he's the only man other than my husband that I allow that close!  (we get "uncomfortably close" when we're teaching restraint training).  I have some soft black wool that knits up nice and soft.  Just a plain ribbed cap.  He's going to a job that will actually allow him to use his degree and he's happy.  He just recently shaved his head and he always looks c…
One baby hat.  Actually, it's the second hat I've made this week.  I first made the Sweet Baby Cap which I happen to adore. 

There are two women on the verge of giving birth at work.  At least that's how they look.  I think they have another few weeks.  Anyway, I am not particularly close to either one but wanted to make something for their babies to be.  I made the Cap and then had second thoughts.  It's a very old fashioned hat and these are young women. 

I thought maybe something hipper would be more appreciated.  I love this little hat.  Something about the idea of the tassels bouncing along.  I just cast on the second one and have until Monday to finish it.  I'd like to make some booties but we'll have to see about time.  These things are so quick to whip up!  And I am not a fast knitter.

I used some stash yarn.  This is cotton/acrylic and very soft to the touch and of course, washable. 

I am excited to learn that Janet Evanovich's One for the Money…
Know what the cool thing about belonging to an arty sock yarn club is?  If the owner is a talented dyer, you end up with really beautiful yarn and the colors are often outside your comfort zone.  And Roxanne is a talented dyer.

These are some of the selections from her ArtWalk Yarn club.  While I probably would buy the green (and the one on the right is shades of green) and maybe the purple/brown one on the left, I would probably not make the red, white and blue or the yellow and red  and brown ones my own. But, because I admire her ability to look at a piece of artwork and pick out visually interesting bits, I buy the yarns sight unseen each month. I look forward to seeing how she'll interpret the art work and I'm never disappointed when I open the envelope.  These will all get used eventually and what usually happens is that whatever I make with them turns out wonderfully. 

In fact, Elanor has expressed admiration for the red/white/blue one and that will be her Feb socks.  …
"Life is Wood" or so says WoodWorker magazine.  I know this because yesterday (which was a 64 degree day - a 17.7C- day in January, a rare occurrence here in NJ) Pk and I traveled 2 hours to attend a wood crafters' show down near Baltimore.

He  had plans to attend with his brother in law who had to back out at the last minute due to a back injury.  I didn't want him to drive all that way alone so I went along for the ride. 
We passed over the Susquehanna River and drove south.  When we got to the place (where the state fair for Maryland is held each year), we were able to leave our coats in the car and just wander around in sweatshirts. 
It was crowded with woodworkers.  There were demonstrations of power tools which are noisy things so unlike a knitters' crafty convention, this one was loud. Men with microphones (and more than a few women) were demonstrating lathes and table saws and techniques (like parquetry-very cool).  I enjoyed seeing some of the projects on…
It's late Wednesday (I keep thinking it's Thursday, this shortened week after a long holiday is throwing me off) and even though I should be in bed asleep, I wanted to show you the swift my talented woodworker husband is making for me.

It's cedar and the grain is just beautiful.  I wish you could feel the wood.  It feels like satin, so smooth and silky.  I just want to keep touching it but it needs many coats of shellac (which is made from crushed bugs but I try not to think about that-Pk doesn't understand why I refused to use the coffee grinder for coffee or any other food after he used it to grind shellac) to protect the surface.

There will be brass pieces in those holes and a "fancy wingnut" to hold the pieces together.
A few years ago, he made one for Kate and one for Em out of Australian lacewood.  Both are striking.  He is not pleased with this.  There is a small crack in the wood of one of the arms.  It won't make any difference in the performance bu…
Here it is January 2 already.  It feels like a day out of time, if that makes any sense.

We spent our week playing at our various hobbies and eating and sleeping and I could feel my battery recharging.  Today, I am finishing up some laundry, plan to do some spinning and work on mitten number 2.  There are potatos and eggs on the stove for potato salad and a crockpot of baked beans cooling on the counter.  I put them in late yesterday morning and let them slowcook all night.  I woke up wondering what smelled so good (which always happens).  We'll have them for dinner with the potato salad and a very small ham.
Pk is outside in the garage finishing up a swift for me.  It's a table top  model made of cedar.  It smells good and the grain is just beautiful.  I'm not sure how much longer he'll last out there since it's actually cold today.  We've had such moderate weather that it's difficult to remember that it's winter.

We went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier,…