This week I managed to make two baby hats with tassles and two pairs of striped socks.  I wrapped them and used the socks as a package adornment.  The stripes match the polka dots on the paper.  Totally planned (well, maybe total serendiptity).  I like the hats and I'll put some ties on the Sweet Baby Cap and save it for someone else.  And now I have to finish El's January socks and then make a tasselled  hat with tassles for Kate. 

I'd also like to make a quick hat for a coworker who's leaving.  He's one of my favorites and has taught Handle with Care with me for 3 years.  I joke that he's the only man other than my husband that I allow that close!  (we get "uncomfortably close" when we're teaching restraint training).  I have some soft black wool that knits up nice and soft.  Just a plain ribbed cap.  He's going to a job that will actually allow him to use his degree and he's happy.  He just recently shaved his head and he always looks cold to me. 
Thursday morning as we were leaving the house, this was the sky.  Deep and clear and beautiful.  The moon was still up and it was gorgeous.

Then we got up Saturday morning to this.  Not much snow (about an inch and a half) but it rained on top so it was a layer of ice on top of the white stuff.  I went outside to meet the mail man and had to step carefully.  The forecast called for a Wintry Mix and thankfully we had no real plans and were able to stay inside and avoid the ice.  We did clear the car off for tomorrow morning and it's supposed to rain and be 55 degrees tomorrow so this will all be gone in another 24 hours. 

This day flew by.  Partly because I didn't sleep last night and allowed myself to sleep in this morning.  By the time I got up and made breakfast, it was more like brunch.  I worked on the small striped socks (and I will admit, I am truly tired of making small socks) and watched old television shows and when I looked at the clock I was shocked to see it was 4:23 pm.  I don't know how it got to be so late so fast.  Pk says that's what happens when you stay in bed all morning but I didn't have much choice. For some reason, I was awake most of the night and was just lucky that today was Sunday.

Kate's back is slowly getting better.  The doctor says it seems to be a muscle spasm and nothing to do with her spine.  He gave her some muscle relaxer and told her to take it easy but that she should move around.  We're pleased that it wasn't anything more.  And we're pleased that I could put her back onto the insurance so she'll just have to pay 50 dollars for the ER visit. 

I had my employee evaluation on Friday.  I am pleased with it.  I know my supervisor thinks I'm a good employee because he tells me often.  I was not surprised by the eval.  One of the things I like about this guy is that he goes through the whole thing and says "for this one, I gave you this because you do this".  He takes responsiblity for what he puts on the paper.  And I get to see that he is really paying attention to what I'm doing. 

Now, if I just don't get sick anytime soon, I'll be ok.


amy said…
The packages are adorable, Donna Lee! And good news on Kate's back, too.
KnitTech said…
Yes, no being sick anytime soon. That really sucks that you've got sick time, but can't use it.
Roxie said…
Socks and spots matching? Is that too cool for school or what? You totally rock!

Good to hear Kate has nothing more serious than muscle spasm, though that's quite serious enough, thanks! I think the world of Thermawraps. They're kind of spendy, but they are SOOO helpful.

Time is completely subjective. A day in the hospital waiting room while some one is in surgery is ever so much longer than a day watching TV and knitting. Sometimes I wish for a tiny stop watch so I can time flies when I'm having fun.
Olivia said…
I love the way you did that packaging. I'm sure those gifts will be appreciated.

And very glad to know Kate's back problem is nothing too serious.
Amy Lane said…
The packages ARE adorable-- but I remember a run of babies once that had me BEGGING to just crochet a blanket... and everyone wanted socks. And yeah-- no being sick!
DrK said…
oh a bit of catching up to do on my part! the little baby things are just adorable. so glad to hear about kate (phew) and yay for good supervisors and work evaluations. im glad they appreciate you!

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