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Did you ever get so tired that you just about fell apart?  I felt that way yesterday afternoon.  But let me back up and start with Friday.

Friday was one of our Handle with Care trainings.  I've provided the link so you can get a better idea of exactly what I mean when I say that.  I take Trainer trainings each year and then I train my coworkers.  ALL of my coworkers.  There were 4 of us but we're now down to 3 and sometimes it gets tough to schedule all 300 employees. 

This week, I was doing training with Clarence.  He's taller and bigger than I am so it's very effective when people see him grab my arms and I am able to break away without hurting either one of us.  That's the whole premise of Handle with Care-no one gets hurt.  I usually end up with bruises but I'm ok with that.

It's also effective when they see me put this guy down on the floor using a restraint technique that results with him in a 'face plant' and me on top if it's done corr…
Today at 1:36 pm, it officially becomes Summer here in NJ.  We are supposed to have 15+ hours of sunlight but since the forecast calls for rain, that may not be quite true.  In fact. although it's light outside, it's cloudy and it was sprinkling as I walked into work an hour ago.  I made sure to get here early since I promised to help set up the computer/projector for a guest speaker this morning.  It went well and she is now speaking on Chronic Pain.  I had a momentary thought that I might like to attend but passed.

We had a nice picnic for Father's Day on Sunday.  Pk got to spend the afternoon with his girls.  He played chess with Jim on his ipad (which he absolutely loves) and laughed as we had some fond remembrances of the girls and their antics growing up.

Kate and I brought our wheels and I spun some roving called Hydrangea and the name suits it well.  It's green and purple.  (looks better spun up than it does as a roving).  As usual, it drew notice from others i…
And now for the third try.*

Baltimore.  This is downtown as you drive into the city.  It was a steamy day as you can see.  It's a pretty city down by the Inner Harbor.  There are lots of shops and attractions.

We got into town early enough to go to the Baltimore Museum of Art.  It's small but houses some nice stuff.  There were enough wood things to keep Pk's interest and lots of fibery bits for me and enough paintings and sculptures for both of us. 

Like this cool basket and this backboard for a baby.  It was really interesting from far away and then I got up close and saw that it was covered in seed beads.  Thousands and thousands of seed beads.  The amount of work that went into this "useful object" floored me.  

We had a good time wandering the museum.  They had a hallway filled with window boxes of miniature rooms.  I thought of Olivia and her miniature pears and smiled.  This whole room was about 12 inches tall.  I didn't think to put my hand in the ph…
I wasn't planning on getting up this early today but our power went out at 6:30 and the lack of the sound of the window fan woke me.  It's funny how quiet the house is when the power goes out.  Our house is generally quiet with just the three of us but all of the appliances make a background hum that you don't notice until it's gone.

Here's my cuffed sock.  I'm a little further down the foot at this point but I wanted to show you the color of my yarn.  I love this.  When it first came, I thought it was brown but in the light, there are so many other colors in there.  The pattern says to do 15 rows of stitches before the heel after turning the cuff but it made it way too short.  I think I doubled it.  I kept trying it on to make sure it would fit and now it's about perfect.  It's such a cute pattern.

We've obviously gotten power back which is a good thing for a lot of reasons but today it's a good thing because we are heading out to Baltimore for…
The computer at work will let me download one image per session.  It's weird but they've upgraded our security and now there's no youtube available, no games (well, solitaire, hearts and minesweeper are still there), no social networks.  I was relieved to find that ravelry flies under their radar since I catch up on blogs through there while I settle in in the morning.

This morning, one of my friends at work sent this link

This is a fun test.  Enjoy.
It's been almost a week since I posted.  Nothing is wrong.   In fact, things are moving along in a fairly peaceful way.  It was just an emotional week and by Friday I was exhausted. 

One of my favorite coworkers has moved on to another job.  He's going to be a parole officer (I know, frying pan into the fire, right?) and his last day here was Friday.  I missed his party on Thursday since I promised a client I would be available to give her some help with the messy bundle of yarn and needles that she showed me on Wednesday telling me it was her sweater and that she needed some help. 

I told her of course and I sat at my desk and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  And she didn't show.  I missed the farewell of one of my favorite people because I wanted to keep my word.  We are going to have some words this morning about making and keeping commitments.

I did get to say goodbye.  He started the Aggressive Patient management program with me and helped design the cou…