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It's been a quiet week here.  After fighting the heat, no one has energy to do much so we get home from work and eat something quickly prepared and then read or watch movies and go to bed.  Lazy slugs.  Nothing exciting here.

So, I'll share some photos of Lulu at work with me on Wednesday.  First up is Ed, our security guard.  He good naturedly put up with Lulu nibbling on his ear and tellling him how much she loves a man in uniform.  Ed is one of the very nicest people I know.  He mans our front desk and patrols the building.

Since I work in a community mental health center, we have to be careful with photos.  We take patient confidentiality very seriously.  (We have to.  The fines can be up to 50,000 dollars for each person whose information is compromised.)
I took Lulu over to the main hospital.  I work for Pennsylvania Hospital (part of the University of Pennsyvania Health System).  It's the nation's first hospital and dates back to 1751.  It's located in what'…
Grace in Small Things

-air conditioners
-sleeping late
-knitting days (days where you only do what you love)
-thunderstorms (not sure if it qualifies as a small thing, though)
-husbands who go out for donuts

Yesterday was the hottest day I can remember for the past few years.  I know there are places in the world that regularly have 100+ degree days but we are not supposed to be one of them.  I was grateful that I could hibernate.

Today we're expecting thunderstorms that may clear out some of this backed up heat.  We are looking forward to them.

I started a new pair of socks for Pk this week.  It's the Lighthouse Gansey socks from Ann Hanson in knitty.  I like the design and had printed the pattern out a while ago and was just waiting for the right yarn to come along.  Well, the July yarn from artwalk came and it's a lovely brown/yellowy beige color and is making some really nice socks.  He was surprised when I showed him the socks.  "I get another pair?" but he liked …
So, it's hot here.  Again.  Still.  And I am tired of thinking about it.  I'm tired of hearing people complain about it.  I KNOW it's hot.  It's JULY.  It's hot in July around here. (although it's usually not this hot for this number of days in a row).  We've had over 30 days of over 90 degree heat and summer is only half over.  Usually, we get maybe 15 of these days for the entire season.

So, yeah.  It's hot.  I think I would like to pay attention to something else for a while. 

Knitting?  Yes, knitting continues to go on.  I finished the pink/burgundy/grey striped socks.  They matched all the way up to the toes.  I must have been knitting the second sock tighter at the toe.  They're only off at the last half inch of toe decrease so it's not bad.  I started another gift for the holidays.  I'm trying to be organized about this.  I am not a fast knitter so I figure if I start now, I can whip up lovely knitted gifts and not go crazy in the fa…
Today I joined a new website.  Well, a social network.  Does this surprise you?  I mean, I took forever to join ravelry and have yet to join facebook.  I'm not a joiner by nature.

Then I found Grace In Small Things.  The concept fits right into What You Think On Grows.  It's all about noticing the small GOOD things around you and appreciating them.  I have been reading them on for a while and put off joining until today.  Why today?  I have no idea.  For some reason, today felt like a good day to join and to start my own GIST postings.  I make no committment to do it on a regular basis, just when I notice things I want to share/be grateful for/point out to everyone else.

So, here we go,

Grace in small things , #1

- having an mp3 player with a battery life long enough to play all day
- emails from my daughter
- unsweetened iced tea
- summer sunshine
- M & M's (god I love them)

Nothing profound, just little things that make my world a better place to be in.…
We have had an eventful weekend and now it's almost over and it's time to  pack up the bags and get things together to get ready for work tomorrow. 

First thing we did this weekend was go to the movies and see The Sorcerer's Apprentice.  It was entertaining and actually quite a fun movie (as long as you're not looking for anything profound or thought provoking).  The special effects were good and the young man who played the apprentice (Jay Baruchel), whom I've never seen before, has absolutely gorgeous eyes. 
After the movie we went to dinner and had an unsatisfying meal at Applebee's.  It wasn't the worst meal ever but most of the food was not tasty.  Our server was personable and tried really hard so we left him a good tip.  It's not his fault the kitchen was having an off night.
Saturday dawned bright and hot (after a thunderstorm  woke me up at 4:15 am) and I decided to block out a small lace stole (called Little Leaves Stole) that I finished.  I us…
On Saturday,  my mail carrier came up to the door and presented me with a box.  (Yes, we still get mail on Saturdays here in the US.  I'm not sure how long that will last but for now it's still happening).  I wasn't expecting anything in the mail and didn't recognize the address.

Then it hit me.  I ripped open the box and out popped Lulu.  Yes, she's been hitchhiking and travelling around this part of the world since Roxie smuggled her into the US in her baggage. 

She jumped out of the box and stretched.  "It's so hot in there.  Where am I and when do we eat?".

After some explanations, she was content to lay back on the bed and relax.  "Party tomorrow?  Soccer?  Men in shorts?  I'm so there."

And she was.  You can read about her exploits over on Kate's blog.  She seems to have had a good time.

Things have been quiet.  The weather is hot and very humid with heavy rains and floods last night and this morning.  It's a little hot for…
It's Saturday morning and I'm waiting for some books to download so I have some new listening material so I thought I'd say Hi!

Last night the weather was pleasant for a change.  We went to the diner for dinner .  We usually go somewhere for dinner on Fridays and the diner is close and cheap and the food is good.  I wanted a burger and they make wonderful burgers.  They actually taste like meat and don't give me all kinds of intestinal distress like the burger places tend to. (I like McD's for breakfast but the burgers make me ill, literally, so I avoid them). 

I noticed that the humidity wasn't too bad and the temps were more moderate.  It was probably around 90 degrees but after hovering around and over 100 all week, 90 felt absolutley balmy!  Pk went off in search of more wood stash (he and Patrick loaded 300 pounds of wood into my long suffering car and brought it home) and I got a glass of iced tea and some mindless knitting and a great mystery story and …
We are in day 5 of our "heat wave".  We have a "heat advisory" until 8 pm tonight.  You know what?  I'm tired of it.  Well, yes, I am tired of the weather being miserable but I am also tired of people talking about it.  I had a good laugh when drk said our weather had made the news.  In Australia!  It's not like it doesn't get hot down there.  I guess it's because that while it is summer and yes, it's supposed to be hot, we don't usually get temps of 100 degrees F ( 37.7C ) this early in July.  It's usually hot but more moderately so.
We have done what everyone else does.  As little as we can get away with.  There has been almost no physical movement and no outdoor activities.  And we are grateful for the small window a/c in the bedroom. It makes sleeping so much easier.  It actually feels a little better today (it's only 95 degrees) and the temps are supposed to hover around 90 degrees for the next few days with some rain over the we…
I'm sitting here quietly getting used to the idea that I have to get up and go to work tomorrow.  I have had a wonderfully restful weekend.

On Sunday, we went to visit some friends for a cook out.  Pk's friend is an FBI agent and his brothers are( or were) Marines.  And they're all Catholics.  As Pk put it, "they never do anything inappropriate".  They're a great bunch of people, friendly and welcoming.  It was a little surprising to see one of the small boys walk a little away from where most of the adults were sitting and pull down his bathing suit and urinate on the ground.  Facing the adults.  He was old enough to know better but everyone seemed to find nothing strange about it.  It's not my yard but I would have thought someone would have told the little boys to find a more private spot to pee.  It must be the accepted practice because one of the other little boys did the same thing a little later. 

It startled me and was just a little odd.

We plann…
Today was a fairly productive day.  I woke up really early.  I must have slept well because I was rarin' to go.  I played around downloading some audio books and then showered and started the laundry.

Yesterday while I was out, I bought some lightweight summer fabric to make some floaty summer skirts.  One is brown floral and one is bright colors.  I had heard the weather forcast for this upcoming week and it's going to be brutally hot and humid again.  The brown fabric is a linen blend and lovely and light.  The other floral is almost like a dotted swiss and also really light. 

I got out the sewing machine today and made two skirts.  One out of each fabric.  They're plain floaty skirts with elastic waists.  Nothing hard.  It took all of three hours start to finish.  Pk said "It looks just like store bought".  I know he meant it as a compliment. 

He spent the day hunting down a dogwood tree.  One of his coworkers alerted him to a downed tree in her neighborhood.…
Schmutzie is having a week of meta-blogging.  You know, blogging about blogging.  She writes a blog from up in the wilds of Saskatchewan (I can never spell that correctly) and always has interesting things to say.  This week, it's all about the blogs themselves and the bloggers who blog them.  (sounds like a Monty Pythonesque scene).

According to the profile page, I have been on blogger since April of 2007, so just over 3 years.  I have just over 600 posts.  I was going to say that I can't believe I've come up with all those words but that wouldn't be true. 

I like to talk.  I enjoy engaging people in conversations and learning about them and sharing my own observations and experiences.  I look at the blog as a way to talk to people.  Rarely is there any important content, just every day noticings and thoughts.  Sometimes I use it as a way to say things out loud to see how they sound.  Sometimes I use it as a way to share fun stuff or not-so-fun stuff. 

I wouldn't…