We are in day 5 of our "heat wave".  We have a "heat advisory" until 8 pm tonight.  You know what?  I'm tired of it.  Well, yes, I am tired of the weather being miserable but I am also tired of people talking about it.  I had a good laugh when drk said our weather had made the news.  In Australia!  It's not like it doesn't get hot down there.  I guess it's because that while it is summer and yes, it's supposed to be hot, we don't usually get temps of 100 degrees F ( 37.7C ) this early in July.  It's usually hot but more moderately so.

We have done what everyone else does.  As little as we can get away with.  There has been almost no physical movement and no outdoor activities.  And we are grateful for the small window a/c in the bedroom. It makes sleeping so much easier.  It actually feels a little better today (it's only 95 degrees) and the temps are supposed to hover around 90 degrees for the next few days with some rain over the weekend.

Pk has been following the World Cup.  He has watched the replays of most of the games and is in heaven.  He's going to Kate's on Sunday to watch the Cup game.  I got tickets for him and Kate to go and see Manchester United play the Philadelphia team in 2 weeks.  The tickets include all the "food" they can eat.  I say "food" because it's hot dogs, french fries, ice cream, pretzels, soda and water.  Stadium food.  They are looking forward to it.  Funny thing is, the stadium vendors sell you a bottle of water (you're not allowed to bring in any outside beverages) and then take off the caps so you can't use a full bottle as a projectile weapon.  Pk has been saving plastic caps so they can get more than one bottle at a time and carry it safely. 

Work has been slow.  We had one person out of seven show up on Tuesday.  I called everyone in the morning and rescheduled the people who are medically fragile which was four folks.  Only one of the other three showed.  We had our consumer recovery meeting on Wednesday afternoon and hardly anyone showed.  You can tell that as a region, we aren't used to the weather.

I haven't been spinning since the weather changed, the roving sticks to my sweaty self so I put it away for the time being.  I'm plying some singles and if it's not too humid, I'll finish them on Saturday.  I've been doing a bit of knitting on various socks so I can start a pile for Christmas.  If I start now, there's no rush in the fall/winter.  It sounds good in theory.

I wore one of my new skirts this week.  It was serendipity that I had a short sleeved top that matched to wear with the brown/burgundy print.  It looked fabulous.  When I told people who commented on it that I had made it, they were surprised.  I tried to explain that it's only a few straight seams and some elastic but they were still amazed.  People seem to think that sewing is difficult.   Then there was the "I wish I had time to do that" and I explained that I made two skirts in a three hour period.  I asked, "how much television did you watch last weekend?"  There you go.  Now, I know that I have some sewing experience but even Kate who is a sewing novice, made one of these skirts to wear to work.  In an afternoon.  It's all about the priorities.

Pk got a new trainer at the gym and this Young Trainer had him doing pushups.  Pk hasn't done any pushups for years and told the Young Trainer that he was pushing too hard.  Young Trainer says Nonsense!  Keep going!  Pk couldn't move his arms for three days.  I had to help him pull his shirts over his head because he couldn't use his arms.  He is going to tell Young Trainer that as an adult, he knows his own body and will stop when he feels he's had enough. 

A good thing happened this week.  Pk couldn't find his work ID badges (and he needs them to get back into the office after he uses the restrooms, so they're important).  We had resigned ourselves to the fact that he was going to have to buy new ones when he got a call from the Lost and Found dept at the train station.  Someone turned in his badges and since Pk has a plastic train card (that we refill every two weeks at the machine), they had his phone number.  We stopped in this morning and retrieved them.  The man said "you wouldn't believe how many ID cards and wallets we have in there!"  We're just glad we got Pk's back.

It's hard to believe that we're in the downside of the year already.  Our days are growing shorter minute by minute.  We won't really notice it at first but soon it will be evident.  And then before you know it, we'll be wearing woolen garments and waiting for snow. 

We're all dreaming about snow here right now.  Everyone seems to have forgotten all the shoveling and the inconvenience and just remembers the cool white stuff.  It's the stuff of dreams.


amy said…
Yesterday (91 degrees in the house--no a/c here) I purposely thought back to the Saturday morning that I put the two younger kids in the car to drive to the city to drop the 5yo off at art class and it was reading 7 degrees F outside.

I don't miss that, no matter how hot I get!!

(But I do think being this hot and humid makes me cranky!! Ask my kids!!)
Rose Red said…
You are so right about priorities - I always think that about people who say they don't have time to knit - if you have time to watch tv, it's only a small step to making time to knit at the same time.

Hope you get a cool change soon.
KnitTech said…
Weren't you wishing for warmer weather then?

I once lost my ID card, also. (It was in my car.) It was a rough day, until I found it when I was going home.
Roxie said…
Hooray for honest folks who turn in the lost objects. Here in Portland, the Bus company gets loads of basic black umbrellas.

Do you remember heat waves when we were kids and no one had AC? People would sleep in the basement or the backyard, or under a wet sheet with the fan blowing on them. Anything to get a break. And the movie houses did enormous business because they were one of the only places that had AC. I remember when the local tavern got a swamp cooler, and they almost had fist-fights over who got to sit next to it. Now, people go an hang out all day long at the mall.
I hear ya. We're tired too. I'm out 6;15 am to walk to dog and already it's too hot and sticky for both of us.
I had a feeling when we were buried under asll thsat snow that payback would be, er, unpleasant.
Bezzie said…
For the record: I NEVER complained about all that snow we got! I loved it!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that has to swipe back in if I have to use the restroom! I just feel bad for our clients that don't have badges and have to pee! Ha ha!
Louiz said…
It stuns me when people say "I don't have time for that" when I know they've spent all weekend just watching tv.

It's too bloody hot here too, and we have no a/c - we're more set up to keep warm in the winter rather than the other way round.

Wish PK fun at the game - you are not allowed to take even bottle tops in games here in the UK, but then we have a history of fan violence.
DPUTiger said…
Fall is my favorite, but I have to admit that I missed winter when we lived in California. The husbeast doesn't do too well with heat (surprising, since he grew up in the south) so we use a fan/AC combo to keep everyone cool and comfy in this heat wave. I certainly have sewing skills (I quilt as well as knit), but I have no patience for clothes sewing. Color me impressed!
Bells said…
any chance we could see you in your skirt? I'm so keen to make one for myself!
Amy Lane said…
Dude-- I LOVE my gym-- because they FREQUENTLY tell us to listen to our bodies and that it's OUR workout--don't hurt anything, don't stress anything, but take responsibility for making your work out count. I think PK should call Young Trainer to task--it's YT's job to not hurt his clients!

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