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Friday creeps closer and I thought I was prepared for my presentation.  Then I was "invited" (read that as strongly encouraged) to "attend" a conference call to talk about the meeting on Friday.  I got to hear the presentations of the other three agencies and theirs all sound so much more involved and together.  I felt a little flustered and realized I'll have to spend tomorrow doing some more preparation.  It also sounded like they all had way more time to think about this and come up with something than I did.

Peter Kevin walked down to my office to wait while I finished the call and he remarked on the fact that my neck and face were red.  And this was just a rehearsal.  Sigh.  I think I may need some of my anti-anxiety meds before this thing on Friday.  The Director said to me today, "I owe you for this one".   She surely does.

On Sunday, Kate asked me if I wanted to go to the yarn store.  I thought about it for a hot minute and said "of course…
I love a good sunset but a sunrise can be just as good (although I'd rather be asleep.....).  This is the sky that greeted us this morning as we left for work.  Just a hint of clouds and a sky full of blue and pink.

And we went back to work and started the week so I thought I'd share our Monday morning with you.  If it has to be Monday morning, at least it was a beautiful one.
Things to be thankful for 2.0

fall colors(even though most of the trees are naked now)

two days of doing as little as humanly possible (we have been lazy slugs for two days and I have loved every moment of it)

children who ask if you want to go somewhere with them (they want to spend time with me)

65 degree days in late November (that's 18.5 C and not normal for this late in fall but it's soooo nice to have the windows open and the fresh air coming in)

J D Robbs' Eve Dallas novels (a very guilty pleasure)

my new walkman that holds a charge for hours and hours and gives me such pleasure

french toast and bacon for breakfast

holding hands

new toilets that flush and don't leak

a job to return to tomorrow morning (although I may need to be reminded that I'm thankful at 6 am when the alarm goes off)


my husband

a craft that allows me to be creative and make actual useful things at the same time

to be continued.........
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here.  It's been raining for three days now (mostly just steady light rain but there have been some downpours as well).  Our soil (misnomer there, we have mostly clay) has absorbed all it can absorb and we are now running the pump in the crawlspace.  It's nothing new.

It's supposed to be cold overnight and then sunny and crisp tomorrow.  Good parade weather.  Santa comes into town tomorrow at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Not having a television, we miss parades.  We don't actually miss them, we just don't get to see them.  If I really wanted to, I could go to Philadelphia and watch the parade but I'm thinking not.  We are going to the movies tomorrow to see the new Muppet Movie.  I loved the original one and saw the preview for this one and it looks like it might be good.  It could be a total bust but I'm willing to risk it.

The recent rains have washed most of the leaves off the trees.  Where just a few days ago were…
I haven't done a very good job of posting a photo a day in November.  Life kinda got in the way.  I had good intentions....

Last week was a busy one at work.  I had full clinics and as the holidays creep up on us (or rather rush at us at full speed) people get more anxious and need more reassurance and support.  I was tired when I got home from work at night. 

Our tree finally dropped most of its leaves.  We had a few days of rain and wind in the middle of the week and Thursday morning, this was what our front yard looked like.  They're crunchy right now and I love scuffing through them.

They also smell really good.

I spent some time this weekend trying to figure out a crochet pattern for one of my group members.  It wasn't difficult but I had an idea what I thought it should look like and it wasn't coming out right.  I finally realized that it was a v-stitch row and a dc row and it just repeated. 

This is yarn I spun myself and instead of making a baby blanket (which …
I didn't get to the computer yesterday because I spend most of the day on my back.  I was having a dizzy spell and the meds took all morning to work.  I was able to sit up and walk around noon.  It wasn't the way I wanted to spend the day but the best laid plans.......

So, I'll share two photos today to make up for yesterday.  Here's the first one I took as I left work today.  It's 8th street on the corner of 8th and Locust.  If you look down the street, you can see the holiday lights. 

They put them up and turned them on right after Daylight Savings Time ended.  It's a bit early for my tastes but I'm sure the city has it's reasons.

And then today when I got home and there was a box on the front step.  Pk said "pants" since he's waiting for some pants we ordered him.  I said "No, it's my Christmas knitting package from the Unique Sheep".

I forgot that I ordered this in July.  It's a limited color and a special pattern.  T…
Today was a busy day here. 

It didn't start out to be.....

Do you know how toilets work?  I don't have exact knowledge but I do know that there is a  wax seal that keeps water from leaking out at the bottom.  Our toilet has been feeling like it was not seated correctly and occasionally there would be water on the floor.  So we had to replace the seal.

6 hours and five trips to the diy store later, Pk is finally finishing up.  When he took the old toilet off, he discovered we needed a new flange as well as a seal.  That was trip number 2 (the wax seal was trip 1).  Then when it came time to bolt the toilet back into place, the bolts weren't long enough.  Two trips later (#3&4), Pk picked up the bottom of the toilet and a corner broke off in his hand. 

It's an old fixture but we thought it would be ok since it was just a corner of the bowl support and didn't look important. 

It was important.  After everything was put back together, Pk flushed, we held our bre…
Today's photo is a close up of a crocheted basket weave stitch.  I have no idea how this is done.  One of my group members is making a blanket for herself and looked up on youtube how to do this.  She has already made two scarves and wants me to teach her to make socks.  I'm going to donate some sock needles and a skein of fngering weight yarn to the cause and get her started. 

We're having a good time deciphering crochet patterns.  It's been a long time for me and I have to read them aloud and then we play with the yarn and hooks until we get it. 

I love the way this looks and am so proud of the fact that she wanted to learn a new stitch and is now in the process of teaching it to others.  Best part of the knitting/crochet group?  The way the members help each other.  It's so cool to see someone else put down their project and offer help. 

Fiber folks.  They're the best no matter how experienced they are.
This is the train station on Friday November 4th at about 7 am.  It was actually darker than this (my camera picks up ambient light and magnifies it).  You can see that the lights in the parking lot are still on.  This is Daylight Savings Time.

Fast forward to Monday, November 7th and the view changes.

This is the same shot at about the same time.  Look at how much lighter it is.  This is what I've been waiting for.  I hate getting up for work in the dark.  It's so hard.

Now, it's dark when the alarm goes off but by the time we leave the house, it's light and it feels like daytime. 

What a difference an hour makes.

Btw, Em gave me a gift card for Signature needles for my birthday.  Since I had to pay for shipping for one pair, I ordered a second pair as well.  And let me tell you, they are every bit as good as they are touted to be.  They are sharp and easy to use and not too slippery. 

I think I might be in love.
The cold weather we had two weeks ago has finally brought us some fall color!

I walk about a block and a half each day from work down Locust St to the train.  Today, I was halfway down the stairs to the train station (underground) when I turned around and went back to take a photo of this tree. 

I stopped and took the photo even though there were two people standing right there and they were watching me.  I commented on the beauty of the tree and they agreed.

This was about 3:40 in the afternoon.   And you know what kind of tree that is?  If you said Locust, you'd be correct.  I didn't know but I just looked it up on Google and discovered that Locust St has Locust trees. 

The building is part of Wills Eye Hospital where they do amazing things to save people's sight.  The area I work in is densely populated with hospitals and doctors.  You can't swing a stick without hitting a doctor's office.

This is the view out my bedroom window at the end of the day.  The sun h…
Look who greeted us as we got home today.  We pulled into the driveway and were walking up the front walk, talking and making our usual noise.  And there he/she was.  Just standing there.

Our front yard can only loosely be called a "lawn".  Yes, we have some grass but most of it is crab grass and lots and lots of clover.  The rabbits love it.   He/she stood there while I pulled out the camera and took the shot.  I couldn't get too close.  As soon as I moved closer, he loped off toward the back yard.  And that's when we got to see his/her bright white tail.
Our neighborhood has been overrun by rabbits in the past.  They were so bold they would run down the sidewalks.  It was funny to see.  Even when our cats were alive, the rabbits were not that afraid. 
Then the raptors moved into the area.  Hawks and vultures.  The rabbit and woodchuck populations dwindled.  I haven't seen a rabbit grazing out front in the open in a long time.  This one sat perfectly still like he…
Peter Kevin took today's photo on Friday on the way home.  It's always interesting to ride in the front seat of the train across from the driver.  It's a totally different view of our ride.

This is the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.  You can see the Delaware River and that's Camden in the distance there.  The bridge has four stone supports.  Two on the Pennsylvania side and two on the New Jersey side.  There's also a walkway.  This is the only bridge you can walk or ride a bike across.  The tracks immediately in front of you are for the PATCO line, the train we take into work each day.
I'm reluctant to take photos of the trains/bridges.  After the bombings in 2001, people look at you strangely if you are taking photos of a transportation device.  And there are posters inside the trains talking about "watching out for each other" or is it "watching each other?".  No, we're not paranoid, why do you ask? This is the inside of the train.  It's r…
November 6th

Today's photo is a finished object.  This summer I joined the Unique Sheep's tea/yarn club.  Three months of yarn and tea.  I got a lovely lavender colored cashmere/merino yarn and some Marquise Grey (lavendar flavored) tea.  I got some lovely chai tea and some yarn dyed with light beige and yellow/beige silk/merino yarn.

And in September I got this.  It's a cotton/bamboo blend and one of their unique color changing skeins.  You can see how it started with the bright green and purple and ended with dark purple and brownish colors.  Four tiny skeins.

I crocheted this mostly during my group at work.  I wasn't sure what I would do with this blend.  I was sure it wouldn't make good socks and decided I'd use it for a scarf.  I must have ripped parts of it out a dozen times as I got used to the pattern (and using a hook!). 

It's an interesting thing.  I'm not sure quite what to do with it.  I have to weave in the ends which may be difficult since…
As promised, a photo of Cake!

We had dinner at a local Italian restaurant tonight.  The girls and their significant others and my brother and his family were there. 

I had such a good pizza.  It's roasted red peppers, chicken, basil and garlic.  It's so tasty.  We sat around and ate and talked and laughed.  Maggie (my niece) made me a card that had a zombie inside wearing a tshirt that said Number 1 knitter on it. 

It was a wonderful evening.  Kate gave me a knitpicks gift certificate (with which I bought some Harmony needle tips and some fixed circulars) and Emily gave me a gift certificate for Signature needles.  I ordered a set of sock needles (actually, I spend some of my own money and bought 2 sets!).  I can't wait for them to get here.  I've heard such good things about them.

Tomorrow we have to go grocery shopping and to the home repair store to get a new toilet seal.  Exciting?  Oh yes.  The seal is old and needs to be replaced.

And there is still cake left o…
November 4th

I got up this morning and went to work for half a day.  The donuts were a stunning success (duh).  I spent over an hour on the phone with an individual who has been having a terrible week and then and hour and a half in meetings. 

Not much else got done.  The morning flew by and Pk and I met at the train station at 12:45.  We were off on our adventure. 

I don't know if I've told you how much I like dansko shoes.  They are so well made and they're comfortable to my back and legs.  Pk heard that there was an outlet store and suggested I might like some new shoes for my birthday.

Now, I don't know what you think of when you hear "outlet store" but I don't think of a store that looks like this

Shoes as far as the eye can see!  And they're all sorted by size so there's no digging through piles of shoes trying to find the ones you want.

I found three pairs, two pair of suede clog style (one black and one a wine color) and a pair of mary ja…
November 3rd

This is what our mornings look like.  That's the view out my front windshield as Pk is scraping the frost off.  We had a "hard frost" on Sunday night and the car has been frosted over every morning since.  I have been wearing my mittens in the morning.  I have arthritis in my hands and they need the warmth.

I used to go out to bring in the newspaper and I'd start the car so it was warm when I left and the frost would have melted off.  We no longer get a newspaper (we stopped it when I realized we were only reading the comics sections most days and it was all going right into the recycling bin) and it's actually illegal to let a car idle in NJ.  I've seen the signs outside of convenience stores and I assume it's true for cars idling anywhere.  So, now we come out to a cold car and scrape and brush and clean off the windows ourselves.

Our small rally didn't make the news last night.  The Occupy Philadelphia (just like Occupy Wall Street and…
November 2

Today's photo is brought to you by Visions for Equality.

When I got into work this morning, I had a voicemail telling me that there would be a march/rally in support of the Pennsylvania Adult Protection Act.

In PA, if you're a child with disabilities or an elderly person, there is a system in place to protect you.  If you are between the ages of 19 and 59 there is nothing.  The Adult Protection Law is supposed to protect adults with disabilities but it's not funded.  Visions was rallying and marching to make the governor sit up and take notice and appropriate some funds to pay for a hotline (for a start). 

I went with a group from work and we met in the People's Plaza in downtown Philadelphia.  That stone there in the bottom right of the photo has the first ammendment of the constitution on it. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or…
Happy November 1st.  It was dark this morning.  Not just dark but DARK.  As in the street lights were still on when we left the house.  It's a bit cloudy today so that contributed to the gloom but the end of Daylight Savings Time can't come fast enough for me.

I have been thinking about November and have decided I want to do a series of photos (probably one each day) that show what the world around me looks like.  I carry my camera with me in my purse but I don't pull it out as often as I would like to.  Sometimes I'm just conscious of looking silly taking a photo of an ordinary thing but I'll try to get past that.  The posts will have to be done at home since my work computer won't allow me to upload photos. 

For today, I present My Neighbor's Trees.  It looks like one large tree but in reality, it's two beautiful trees. Seen from our house, they blend together.  They've finally started to blaze with color.  It's been slow to change around here…