The cold weather we had two weeks ago has finally brought us some fall color!

I walk about a block and a half each day from work down Locust St to the train.  Today, I was halfway down the stairs to the train station (underground) when I turned around and went back to take a photo of this tree. 

I stopped and took the photo even though there were two people standing right there and they were watching me.  I commented on the beauty of the tree and they agreed.

This was about 3:40 in the afternoon.   And you know what kind of tree that is?  If you said Locust, you'd be correct.  I didn't know but I just looked it up on Google and discovered that Locust St has Locust trees. 

The building is part of Wills Eye Hospital where they do amazing things to save people's sight.  The area I work in is densely populated with hospitals and doctors.  You can't swing a stick without hitting a doctor's office.

This is the view out my bedroom window at the end of the day.  The sun hits the gold leaves and makes everything look hazy and surreal.

I love fall.  I love the cold mornings and the warmish afternoons and even the early darkness.  It means it's time to cuddle inside and have food like stew and chicken and dumplings.  It's cinnamon scented candles and chrysanthemums. 

And it's such a short period of time.  Very soon our trees will be bare and brown and the sky will be a deep deep blue and it will be cold. 

Thank goodness for warm woolen socks!


Sheepish Annie said…
Sadly, we've lost so much of the color since the storm at the end of October. And now that it is pushing 70 degrees it's just gotten weird! November is not shaping up the way I thought it would, that's for sure...
KnitTech said…
The wind is starting to strip the leaves off here.
Kaye said…
Oh man, I think that Schlessingers deli is on Locust. Good grief, I could eat at that place every day--pickel bar!
Bells said…
oh my! The yellow! It's stunning!! Thanks for sharing autumn with us.

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