Look who greeted us as we got home today.  We pulled into the driveway and were walking up the front walk, talking and making our usual noise.  And there he/she was.  Just standing there.

Our front yard can only loosely be called a "lawn".  Yes, we have some grass but most of it is crab grass and lots and lots of clover.  The rabbits love it.   He/she stood there while I pulled out the camera and took the shot.  I couldn't get too close.  As soon as I moved closer, he loped off toward the back yard.  And that's when we got to see his/her bright white tail.

Our neighborhood has been overrun by rabbits in the past.  They were so bold they would run down the sidewalks.  It was funny to see.  Even when our cats were alive, the rabbits were not that afraid. 

Then the raptors moved into the area.  Hawks and vultures.  The rabbit and woodchuck populations dwindled.  I haven't seen a rabbit grazing out front in the open in a long time.  This one sat perfectly still like he/she was posing.  I haven't seen the woodchucks in a good long while.  They may have gotten eaten or just moved on to safer areas.

Today is election day here.  It's an "off" year.  No major elections, no governor or senator or even congressman.  Just some local officials and the mayor of Somerdale (who is running unopposed).   I spread my votes among both parties (I'm an registered Independent) because I don't like the idea of one party having all the power.  I WANT them to discuss and even have arguments sometimes.  That's how we learn how strongly people feel about things.

Otherwise today was an odd day.  Productive, but odd.  I very often work straight through lunch because I take breaks during the morning.  Today I worked all morning and decided to take my lunch hour.  I pulled out the headphones (I'm listening to a zombie story--I put aside Game of Thrones for now, learning that there are two more books to come just depressed me for some reason.  I want it to come to an end) and some knitting and was having a peaceful time when someone knocked on the door and asked for help.  One of my clients who was having problems with social security.  I couldn't say no, so there went my lunch hour.  She needed a letter which we wrote together and then got signed by the doctor and she was on her way.  I was on the way to clinic. 

Maybe tomorrow. 


drkknits said…
im with you on the game of thrones. i love it, but god he can go on and on. are rabbits symbolic of something? (other than failed pest control). hes awfully cute. hope the Odd has passed.
Kaye said…
Yeah we have a lot of "foo foos" (that's what Moochie calls them) in our yard too. Of course not so much now that the garden has died!

But did you vote for gambling? Which I think really doesn't matter since don't have have to amend the state constitution to enable it?
Rose Red said…
Bunnies are considered a pest here (introduced species) but it would be pretty cool to see one on the front lawn! Very cute!

Hope you get your lunch hour tomorrow.
KnitTech said…
Our wild bunny population is black and/or dark brown. I did see a black and white speckled one.
Roxie said…
People out here in the burbs often buy cute little bunnies for their kids at Easter, then get tired of taking care of them,the bunnies - usually. Though some folks get tired of the kids, too, and release them into the neighborhood. There is quite a colony of ex-domestic bunnies in an acre of blackberries about a mile away. The cross-breeds are rather fascinating.
Bells said…
he was so brave coming into the yard like that? Here they do that mainly in houses in more open, less built up areas. Pests, but definitely cute.

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