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The Love of My Life turned 53 last week and he asked for his usual cake.  He wanted an angel food cake.  I made this one from scratch (but had a back up mix in case my egg white mojo decided to run out the back door). 

The homemade ones don't rise as high as the mix ones but they are more tender and have better flavor.  This was served with homemade whipped cream and chopped strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.  There was none left.

The girls and their men came over and when El got home from work, we ate sausage and meatball parm sandwiches with macaroni salad and played Zombie Dice.  It was fun.  I am not a very good zombie.  I got shot over and over and failed to collect any brains.  Kate and Patrick, however, made excellent zombies.  They collected many brains and hardly got shot at all.  It was a good time.

Last night, we had a full on thunderstorm. There was lightning and loud thunder and rain.  I had just gone to bed and the flash woke me up and then the thunder boom…
The corner by my office continues to become more interesting.  Now there's a bridge like structure coming out of the mist.  When I left today, the artist was working on that corner. His name is Nick and he's probably somewhere between 20 and 30.  He's a pleasant young man and will chat if you stop and talk to him. (which, of course, I do)  I think it's so cool to watch his creative mind showing up on the wall.  I asked him if he had a plan or if "ideas just came tumbling out".  He said he had an outline in his head and was letting the ideas tumble out as well.  I am so envious.  I have ideas but they get lost between my brain and my hands.

So many of my coworkers don't like this.  "Why does it look old already?"  someone asked.  I said maybe it's supposed to be subtle?  We ARE adults and not children and bright primary colors might be jarring to people who are already hearing voices and seeing things that aren't there.  I find the images …
Despite the fact that it was 65 degrees (20 C) on Thursday and Friday, today we woke up to this.   And this.  Sigh.  It's 40 degrees colder today.

6 inches of snow fell overnight making this morning's commute a little bit slower but overall, not too bad.  Philadelphia closed the schools today and as I sit here at my desk, I expect the phone to start ringing with people telling me they can't make it in today.   I'm surprisingly ok with that. 

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day.  I have clinic with two different doctors on Monday.  By "clinic" I mean I sit in on medication reviews and help individuals with any issues they may have with getting medications and I write treatment plans.  Our regulating body says that anyone receiving mental health services must have a treatment plan (which is updated three times a year times for the113 people who are currently on my caseload, which means I write a lot of treatment plans each year).  On Monday mornings, we have …
I started a post on Friday about how it was 65 degrees (20C) in February and what a lovely break from all the bone chilling cold we've had.  I even noticed a young woman (and it's always a young woman) wearing shorts and flip flops (while I was wearing pants, wool socks, long sleeved shirt and light wool coat).  I was writing this at work because I was just waiting for clue number 2 in the mystery kal to be released and I was also waiting for the end of the day.

A coworker came in to chat.  "I'm bored and antsy and don't want to be in my office".  It made me laugh because it seemed like we were all feeling like that.  It was something about a spring-like day in the middle of winter that was driving us all crazy. 

I have restarted my kal shawl more than once (and more than three or four times at this point).  I am seemingly incapable of counting and following directions even with the placement of stitch markers.  I restarted again today and am working my way …
Just a quick update.  I met with my supervisor this morning and I told him how sick I was last week and all he said was "I'm glad you're feeling better".  No drama, no recriminations.  It's so different from my previous supervisor that I am having trouble believing it. 

Thanks for the support.  I took all of you into the meeting with me this morning and it felt like I had an army at my back.
It's 9 a.m. and I'm sitting here at my desk smelling the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  It's making me hungry even though I had a glass of milk and an English Muffin for breakfast (that was 2 1/2 hours ago).  I didn't bring coffee with me because I am supposed to be going up the street with one of my young clients to get some blood drawn.
We have a rule about having blood draws once a year for monitoring purposes.  If people don't get the lab work done, we can't continue to write prescriptions for their medicines.  This young woman had some serious health issues as a child and it left her with a serious dread/fear of needles.
After several requests, I finally told her if she came up to our building one morning, I would walk around the corner with her and hold her hand while they draw her blood.  She agreed and we set the date for Monday.  Well, that didn't work out for a number of reasons.  We rescheduled for today and I promised myself a trip to…
When we last met our intrepid heroine, she was back at work after a weekend of feeling sick and was armed with clean underwear in case the sickness followed her into work (one can never be too prepared for this). 

Monday and Tuesday passed quickly.  Clients were seen and work got done.  And the came Wednesday.  I woke up with a scratchy throat but thought nothing of it and went to work where I fell asleep at every opportunity.  Twice I actually put my head down onto my desk and someone came by and asked if I was alright.  I blamed cold medicine but in reality I hadn't taken anything to make me that sleepy.  This did not bode well.

Thursday I got up and my throat was so swollen I could just barely swallow an advil for the pain and swelling.  My head hurt and my glands were rather swollen.  I called out of work and went to the doctors where they tested me for strep (negative) and talked about mono and cat scratch fever.  It's not out of the realm of possiblity that I have mono,…
"Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior's world."

~Pema Chödrön

I don't know about the warrior's world but I know that sometimes it seems hard to let go of everyday complaints and allow the miraculous all around us to filter in.   Emily used to tease me that there were "miracles in every square inch" of life around me.  (and then she would go on and on about "stretchable cotton" but that's another story).  And while I laughed at her teasing, there's a part of me that believes it.

I am by nature a positive person and can't help it.  I share an office with a person who is a curmudgeon on a good day.  Most of the time I let his words roll off my back (like a teflon duck) but sometimes I just can't stand it any more and have to respond with something along the lines of  "of course ever…
There's sickness in our house.  Wet, icky sickness.  I stayed home on Thursday and Friday due to feeling exhausted and just generally run down with sinus headaches and stuffiness and fever.  Pk texted me from work to say his throat was feeling raw.  I went down to the freezer and took out a small chicken and put it into the inverter defroster (I still had to wrestle the bits stuck inside out, it took a bit of finagling under some running water) and then into a large pot to make some chicken noodle soup.

It was wonderful.  We had a real comfort food meal.  Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Today, I have a sore throat (thanks, dearest) and Pk is coughing and sniffling.  House o' Plague, that's us.

I'll do our laundry since the importance of clean underwear can not be overestimated, but little else.  I'll give the bathroom enough attention to keep us from catching any odd illnesses but the rest of the house will just have to wait.  I think we can stand to take a we…
Today is a 50/50 kind of day.  The meh 50 is that I feel like I'm getting sick.  Tired, achy, sinusy, a little nauseaus (but hungry) with a wicked headache and hot/cold flashes.  I toughed it out at work but I'm really glad to be home. 

The good 50 is that the sun was shining when I walked out of the building this afternoon!  Honest to god sunshine.  I saw it!  A large glowy thing in the sky.  It was wonderfully uplifting after what seemed like weeks of grey days but in reality was only a few days.  And tomorrow?  The big glowy thing is coming back and the temperature is supposed to be above freezing.  42 more days until Spring (or thereabouts).  I am so ready.   And so is Peter Kevin.  There he is shoveling out the last heavy wet snow (from last Thursday) out of the driveway after the plow deposited it and blocked us in.  It was all snow with ice underneath and it was a mess.  

The other good part (so maybe today was really a 33/66 kind of day) is these.  A finished pair of M…