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"Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today." ~Thich Nhat Hanh
Yes, that is today's Buddhist inspirational quote.  I know I depend on them probably way too often to start out a blog post but when I read something that rings true to me, I want to share it.
Emily Dickinson (although for some reason I thought it was Maya Angelou) said "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul...".  I've always thought this was such a positive thought.  The idea that everyone has a fragile bit of Hope inside and all it needs is some encouragement to come forth.

My job here at the mental health center is varied and changes all the time.  One part of it is to run what we call Social Rehabilitation groups.  I do communication skills, medication management, positive mental attitude and now poetry.  One of the recurring topics (besides talking about how the …
Meet Chet 2.0.  It's one of the trees I made for Em's party.  I think I used a Patons acrylic for the green and one of Vanna's metallics for the silvery bits.

(and fyi, I think blogger heard me talking about jumping ship and so they are suddenly playing very nice).

I enjoyed making the trees, they weren't hard-just boring after a while.  I put eyes on mine to give him personality.  Kate decided on the name.

And there is a candid shot of my lovely daughter(s- that's Elanor sitting in the doorway) and Jim standing near Em.  Getting a photo of Emily is never easy but this day she was full of the cooperation. 

We got some snow today, just a couple inches, less than 3 and very fine and powdery.  Pk and I left work early so we could go to the grocery store before all the Snowpocalypse folks could get there and buy up all the milk and bread.  I needed to get milk and eggs so I can make bread pudding this weekend.  I have been jonesing for it for a while and have finally…
So, Blogger and I have not been getting along well for a while now.  This is part of the reason for the very infrequent postings here lately (the other part is the massive sinus infection I have been harboring since the holidays and all the messy dust we stirred up reroofing the house). 
I start a post and can't get it to Save or Publish.  I can't browse my photos and can't add any photos to the post.  I'm not sure what's going on but started to explore alternative sites.  Anyone have a favorite? 

Here's a roundup of the past few weeks.

-It's cold here for the first time this winter.  REALLY cold (Ok, if you're Canadian, this is positively balmy), it's been below freezing for the past few days.  I hate having cold toes.  This morning the trains were having some issues and I was later than normal getting to work.

-I am very grateful for the small heater that sits under my desk and is pumping very warm air at me as I sit here and write. 

-Pk has de…
Someone (on ravelry) wrote the other day, "We don't always get to choose the path we have to travel, but we do get to choose how we will travel on it".
This so appeals to me and my sense of people having responsibility for their moods/lives/feelings.  The population of folks I work with so often blames the system, their families or society in general for all of their problems when sometimes the responsibility falls directly on their shoulders.
Do I believe people can help it if they have a mental illness?  Of course not.  But I do believe they can make choices on how they deal with it.  I don't talk about this often but I was abused as a child by an uncle who babysat my sister and I as my mother worked.  I figure I have some options in how I deal with this.  I can blame all my issues and problems on this (and stay stuck in that place)  OR I can choose to deal with said issues and problems and move on (which I did).  I don't throw this information into conversatio…
Happy New Year!  This post will probably appear odd because I am at work and our browser doesn't support blogger anymore.  I am not an administrator on this machine so I can't download an upgrade.  The controls (like text alignment) are hidden so I am stuck with whatever it feels like allowing me to use at any given time.  Today, we are centering our words.  Our New Year's celebration doesn't warrant capital letters.  We are not loud, noisy party folks and this year was no different.  In fact, this year was more low key than normal but with all of the stuff going on, it was just fine with me. I went to work for half the day on Monday.  Pk came over and we had sandwiches at a place called Munchies.  It's nothing fancy but they turn out good sandwiches for a decent price.  Pk had something called The Pub which was full of beef and cheese and seasonings.  I had chicken salad which was tasty but a bit salty for my taste (as I get older, I seem to tolerate salty foods…