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There are many ways to tell that Autumn has arrived but my favorite is when the trees start to change.  I love this tree.  It's in one of my neighbors' yards but it's my barometer for how far advanced Autumn is at any one point.  It's iinteresting to me that each tree has its own schedule for putting on it's colorful coat.  This tree is a Maple (I believe) but so is the one in front of my house and my Maple still looks like this.Just the edges are turning colors.  It's a bit strange this year because it usually turns only yellow but we are seeing some orange in there this morning.  It's beautiful.
The summer clothes are packed away and the winter woolies are now clean and hanging in the closets and folded in the drawers.  For the next month or so, the closets will look neat.  Then life takes over and we are less careful putting things away. My pink rose bush is putting on one last show. It has been blooming all week with such beautiful and fragrant blossoms. …
On Tuesday, Peter Kevin showed me a game that he saw on Facebook (FB is good for that).  It's called "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes".  I guess with a title like that, how could he not be intrigued.

He showed me the article about it and told me "I think we could do really well at this".  I quickly read it and disagreed strongly.  "I think we will stab each other with pens.  Remember hanging the insulation and sheet rock?"

While we are compatible most of the time, when there is a task to perform, we sometimes have a bit of a power struggle-unless one of us (me) decides that it's just not important enough to me to argue. 

Happy Columbus Day. What an odd thing to celebrate, "discovering" a land where someone already lives.  I'm glad I don't have group today.  As I put the notice on our board that we are indeed open on Columbus Day, one of the group members started on a rant about Columbus and fair treatment of the Indigenous people (his language was much more colorful).  I don't want to fight the same battle we fought last year and the year before that and so on and so on and so on....


This past weekend, Pk and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary.  He totally surprised me with this.  I used to have a Mickey Mouse watch but the clasp on the band made my skin break out so I mentioned casually that one day I'd like one with a stainless steel band.  He remembered and this will be mine today.   As Katie said, "it's pretty simple for something Disney".

Hello!  I am Donna Lee.  I feel like I should introduce myself since I've been gone so long.  Why is thiis, you may ask?  No real reason.  Just life.  
How was your summer?  I can't believe it's been an entire season.  But it is now Autumn.  I can tell because we had a N'oreaster over the weekend and today I am wearing a wool sweater.  
The easiest way to bring you up to date is to show the images of my summer.  It started with the storm that tore up trees and gave us this amazing color This was taken without a filter.  The sky was such a bright pinkish color.  I didn't know at the time that the tornado that touched down in a nearby neighborhood had ripped up a tree and plopped it down onto Patrick's mother's house. (she is fine)

Our July 4th celebration included a new dish for us.  A "boil".  It was kielbasa and shrimp and corn all cooked together.  It was delicious.  We served a drink we call Sangria but is really closer to a wine cooler with fruit …