Hello!  I am Donna Lee.  I feel like I should introduce myself since I've been gone so long.  Why is thiis, you may ask?  No real reason.  Just life.  

How was your summer?  I can't believe it's been an entire season.  But it is now Autumn.  I can tell because we had a N'oreaster over the weekend and today I am wearing a wool sweater.  

The easiest way to bring you up to date is to show the images of my summer.  It started with the storm that tore up trees and gave us this amazing color
This was taken without a filter.  The sky was such a bright pinkish color.  I didn't know at the time that the tornado that touched down in a nearby neighborhood had ripped up a tree and plopped it down onto Patrick's mother's house. (she is fine)

Our July 4th celebration included a new dish for us.  A "boil".  It was kielbasa and shrimp and corn all cooked together.  It was delicious.  We served a drink we call Sangria but is really closer to a wine cooler with fruit in it.  It's light and refreshing. 

There was blueberry pie!
And sunsets by the river.  

We had a small but very tasty Kumato harvest.  They are meaty and sweet and taste more like tomatos  than any other tomato we have ever grown.

I am making socks (like the Earl Grey pair for my husband)
There was eye sugery to correct a detached, torn retina.  No, I have no idea how it happened.  It is not unusual for people in their 50's who are nearsiighted.  Now, 8 weeks later, my signt is improved but not back to normal.  There is a small blind spot that may or may not get better.  If not (and I am inclined to believe it's as good as it will get) I'll learn to live with it.

We learned to make caramel corn.  It was easy and was delicious.
I am working on Moria Mittens..  I enjoy color work once in a while.   It's fun to watch the pattern develop.

And finally, I cut my hair.  It was originally done to make it easier to grow out the color in my hair.  Then I decided I like this color and am not ready to have a head full of white/silver hair.  I'll probably grow it back to my shoulders.  I like that length and it's easy to take care of.

Lastly, we servived the visit of Pope Francis.   I opted to stay out of Philadelphia for the weekend and our agency was closed (which we NEVER do).  There were volunteers who stayed and took care of the few small issues that came up.

And now we are beginning my favorite time of year.  Our annversary is next weekend (34 years!) and we are attending a wedding that day and then going to brunch the morning after.  Hallowe'en  follows close and then it's a quick slide through to Thanksgiiving and Christmas.  

Work is going well.  I still enjoy my job but have had to give up teaching with Handle with Care.  Pete is worried that I will get hit in the head and cause problems with my eyes.  He never asks me to stop doing things so when he asked this time, I paid attention.  I'll organize the classes and help with the verbal deescalation parts but no more physically taking anyone down.  This is my baby and I am sad to say goodbye to it.  It's been 12 years and I'll miss it but Pete is right.

So, that is what went on over the summer.  It sped by as always.  How are y'all?  Was the summer a good one?  I think I am back here.  I wasn't sure but I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye.  So, 'till next tme,  Have a good week!


Galad said…
So glad to see you back! Looks like life has been good (except for the retina tear). I'm trying to do some knitting but not getting very far.
Saren Johnson said…
I'm glad you had a good summer. It looked exciting at times and slightly painful. But when is change not painful?
amy said…
I've missed your voice. Glad to have you back. :-)

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