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Well, I've let a whole week (and then some) go by.  You'd think I'd learn and not try to post at work but those early mornings are just so perfect.  I'm alone in my office and it's quiet and conducive to contemplation.

I wrote and saved and tried to publish a post this past week but it never even made it to "saved".  I won't do it again.  I think.  Probably.  (probably I'll forget that it won't allow me to save the post and I'll write brilliant and sparkling and witty prose and lose it all into the wilds of the internet).

And here it is the last day of June and I haven't the foggiest idea what I wrote earlier so I'll just start with a photo from Father's Day since it's cute.

To be fair, it's not a particularly good photo.  It was a blazingly bright morning and the diner had all the blinds up and the sun was just beaming through all the glass.

The cute part is the little girl at the next table.  In the photo from left to…
Well, it's been more than a week since we've chatted (or rather since I chattered at you).  Nothing is wrong, life has just been happening.

We had plans for a pleasant Father's Day weekend for Peter Kevin.  Friday, I took him out and bought him a new desk chair for sitting at his desk at home. It's wonderfully quiet!  No squeaks and noises as he moves around.  It has lumbar support (so important as we get older) and it reclines and he has enjoyed sitting in it.

Saturday, we went to the grocery store and ran some errands and then Pk decided to go get a haircut.  About an hour after he left he called me to tell me the car had stalled and wouldn't start.  He had called a tow truck and would be home as soon as he could.

Now, this is my baby.  It's the first car I bought brand new and I had owned it for 18 years. (yes, I got my money's worth out of it!).  We have never had any trouble with it until a few months ago when there were some electrical issues but we t…
This is some of the beautiful fruit and vegetables we got in our first share of the CSA.  There was a dozen eggs (from organically raised, free range chickens), a bunch of scallions, a bunch of swiss chard, a quart of beautiful strawberries, some peas, some radishes, a bunch of carrots, a bunh of fresh thyme and a large, heavy head of cabbage. Oh, and some garlic scapes.

So far, we've had swiss chard for dinner (wilted with some olive oil and the garlic scapes), the strawberries became filling for crepes at Sunday breakfast and then frozen daquiris at dinner, the eggs were eaten at breakfast and the cabbage and carrots became cole slaw.

The only thing we'd never had before was the swiss chard.  It had a very intense, spinachy flavor but was good with the garlic scapes.  Who knew you could eat that part of the garlic?  We've grown garlic before but never harvested the scapes.  Pk decided he should have a taste while we were still in my office (he walked down to meet me to h…
I wrote this really good blog post this morning at work.  Ok, in my mind it was brilliant prose all about the quiet of the early morning and how I enjoy eating my bowl of Cheerios while there's no one else on the second floor of my building.  Then I added a photo from my iphone (which the computer at work will occasionally allow me to do) and hit the publish button and poof!  It was all gone.  No amount of cursing brought it back.  We use an old version of Explore at work and blogger no longer plays nice with it.  I don't have admin privileges on my work computer so I can't upgrade it.  Posting at work is a hit or miss proposition.  And today was a miss.

But it was so nice and quiet......

Instead, here I am at home at the end of the day.  It was not a bad Wednesday.  I got the things accomplished that I wanted to.  I faxed prescriptions to drugstores for folks who needed it, I answered many many phone questions, I wrote 7 treatment plans, I spoke to families and I ran a gr…
I think my husband is a genius as well as a nice guy.  These last few days have been a huge pain in the ass technology wise.

It all started a year ago when I downloaded and listened to two books about a zombie apocalypse and bloggers.  Yes, bloggers.  It's called The Newsflesh Trilogy (Feed and Deadline are the first two).  I love these books.  They are fun and interesting and a great listen.

The third book came out in audio form this week.  Instead of waiting months for the library to get a copy and then have to wait until it was my turn, I decided to actually buy it.  I went to amazon and they sent me to which turned out to be a totally unsatisfactory experience.  It seems that I was only going to be able to download it to my computer and not my mp3 player which they don't support.  I thanked the nice young man and said that I didn't want the book after all.

Pk suggested itunes.  I am not a fan of apple as a whole but I really wanted the book so I bought it. …