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Thank you for the nice comments on the Giant Grey Sweater(tm).  Olivia found the perfect word, "satisfying".  As I was finishing it up, I was having second(third, fourth) thoughts about Pk's choice of materials.  I was worried about the warmth factor, the pilling factor, the fuzz/halo factor and the overall ability of the sweater to stand up to any kind of wearing.  He chose the material, he chose the style and when I found the pattern, he approved that as well.  It's really HIS sweater, I was just the maker.  And because he made all the choices and for once a project came out exactly as envisioned, Peter Kevin is happy. 
And now he's making noise about Sweater 2011.  I told him not to hold his breath although I saw one on a man on a television show that I like......
(if you're interested, it's the sweater John Watson is wearing on Sherlock.  It's got some cables but it's not fussy and he looks good in it) 

Did you ever see Sherlock?  I am definit…
I knew this day would come.  I knew it when I bought three pounds of soft alpaca roving that became this yarn.  Today, the Giant Grey Sweater(tm) is finished.  And it made its debut as Pk wore it to work.  He loves it and it looks gorgeous on him.  It's exactly the way he wanted it to look.  It has a wide collar and it fits loosely and doesn't need to stretch to fit over his body.  The sleeves are long enough to cover his shirt sleeves. 
We had a quick photo shoot this morning before work.  This is all the yarn left over.  It's a little over half a pound so the sweater used 2 and a half pounds of yarn.  It's a heavy sweater but Pk said it's not too warm.  The stitch pattern (row k1p1; row2 k;row3 p1k1;row4 k) leaves a small gap so there is air flow.  It's probably what keeps it from being too hot to wear.  He spent the day with a small bag of roving in his pocket telling folks that "my wife took this (bag) and made it into this (sweater)."  Most people…
I noticed I'm coming up on 700 posts here.  That's a lot of verbage.
In November, Emily and Jim gave me a LOTR yarn club membership for 3 months.  My first month's yarn came yesterday and it's gorgeous. It's called Weathertop and the colors are muted and lovely.  There are blues and greys and browns and beige and a bit of light yellow. 

Included in the package were stitch markers.  Made of unachite and lava stone, the unachite represents "truth" for the members of the Fellowship and the black lava stone represents Mordor. 
This is my copy of  The Lord of the Rings (illustrated by Alan Lee).  I have read this book more times than I can count. 

When I was in 8th grade, our reading/English teacher would separate the class into 'reading groups'.  Each group got to choose a book based on reading level.  My group chose the Hobbit.  I fell in love. 

That year I was hospitalized and had my appendix out.  Today, I'd be in and out in a few hours but in…
The next time you see this (enormous) sweater, Pk will be wearing it.  I have 2/3 of a sleeve to finish and then I have to weave in the ends.  I will say that while sleeves that are picked up and knit in the round are nice, having to turn that bulk of wool over and over is a pain.The sleeves look short but that's because the shoulder is a slouchy one and comes halfway down the upper arm.

Pk saw that it's almost done and asked if it would be done to wear to work tomorrow since it's so cold.  I said that while it might be done, it should be washed and blocked first. (I really want to block it and even it out)

His face fell to the floor. I guess wearing an unblocked sweater won't kill him and he's excited about it so I'll leave it up to him.  It makes me feel good that he's excited about it.

It is cold here.  The air is crisp and when you look outside everything is so clear.  I haven't left the house since Friday and have no plans to do so today.  I sat in…
Look!  And now for something completely different, Ice!  Actually this photo is from Tuesday morning.  It's the electrical wires at the train station.  Those are tiny little icicles.  It was an interesting day and funny thing was, by the afternoon, the temp was over 35 degrees (1.6 C) so most of the ice melted.  The rain continued to fall making for a miserable day. 

We're due for some more snow tonight into tomorrow morning.  Probably about 6 inches, not enough to stay home but enough to make the commute difficult.  And we're expecting really cold weather over the weekend.  12 degrees (-11C).  Makes you want to pack right up and move to NJ doesn't it?  We have no plans other than to shovel the snow off the sidewalks (Pk just went outside to put some ice melt down to make that easier) and stay inside to keep warm. 

I would like to wake up and see that it snowed way more than expected and it'll be an easy call to take a day but 6 inches is really nothing to get pa…
Ice.  It's wonderful in July when the temps are high and you need a refreshingly cold drink.  It's wonderful when you fall down and injure a joint and need to keep the swelling down.
It is not wonderful when you are trying to drive to the train station and get on a train that travels on the outside of the bridge on a thin rail (without a real side rail) to get to work.
We got a winter storm of "mixed precipitation" last night.  It started as snow around 9.  It was snowing hard and soon the streets and cars were covered with about an inch and a half of snow.  Then the "mixed" part started and it sleeted and then rained.  If the temps were just a few degrees either way, it would have kept snowing or just rained and melted everything.  Ah, but last night, we were balanced on the edge and the rain fell as a liquid and froze everywhere it landed. 
This is truly beautiful to look at.  Trees look crystalline and everything shines.  It is also a colossal pain in the …
It's Sunday morning and it's still fairly quiet around here.  El is still asleep (but that's normal, she stays up quite late playing games with her online friends), Emily is here (because she came down for my cousin's 50th birthday dinner and is spending some time with her friends today and I worried about her driving back and forth and back and forth so I suggested she just stay here) and she hasn't stirred yet.  Pk just left to go to the bakery for our favorite donuts.

In a few minutes, I'm going to go downstairs and fix breakfast.  We're having sausage gravy and biscuits, a favorite of everyone in the family.  And for the first time in a while,all 5 of us are going to sit around the breakfast table and enjoy a meal. 

Nothing much has been going on but it feels like we've been busy.  Friday night we registered Pk for a computer programming course at the local community college.  His boss was keen on him taking this and they'll pay for it as soon …
In keeping with the changing photos of trees, here's a photo of my neighbor's tree (the one that looks so beautiful in the fall).  It's from the snowstorm we had over the weekend.  The tree is so beautifully shaped and gives such lovely shade.  I'm envious of it.  We have some pine trees in our yard but they are dying and we soon won't have the shade we've enjoyed for so many years.

I'm home today due to snow.  I could be at work.  It only snowed 8 inches and we could have shovelled our way out without too much trouble this morning but chose not to.

Pk got up when the alarm went off and said, "well, you could go to work but I wouldn't".  So, I didn't.  He admitted later that he just wanted me to stay home while he worked from home.  Since I had made arrangements with my supervisor, it wasn't a problem.  I didn't have anything pressing at work today since the schools are closed and that means our day program is closed so no clients/…
Good Tuesday Morning.

You may find yourself really feeling like the black sheep, donna lee. And it may well be something you've known before. Don't let this get you down. Even if you don't fit the norm, would you really want to? Yours is usually a distinct and unique approach, much to the envy of those around you (even if they don't openly say so). Celebrate who you are. After all, you can't be anyone else.

I get my horoscope in my email every morning and I read them every morning.  Most mornings I half read them because they're so vague and meh.  If I had a "meeting of people with like minds" at my house as often as the horoscope says I should, I'd be a regular entertaining queen!

This morning's however, was a little interesting.  It's kind of what my mother used to call a "left handed compliment", something that isn't necessarily said in a positive way but is meant in an overall positive manner.  I never think of myself as …
There are another one of these photos in our forecast for tomorrow into Wednesday. 

I like snow.  It's so pretty and for most of my adult life, rare enough to get any accumulation that it's novel and a change from the same old same old of winter cold.

Then came last year with our record breaking snowfalls (which was really cool by the way) and this year we've had two snowstorms with enough snow to cover the grass.  That's the measurement I use for "enough snow", if it covers the grass so no bits of grass are sticking up through the snow, it's enough.

And now tomorrow's forecast is pretty firm on the fact that we are getting snow but they won't commit themselves to any numbers.  Numbers are very important during the workweek.  I want it to either snow so much so that there is justification for calling out of work on Wednesday  morning or be a dusting so we can make it in with minimum fuss.  I have this feeling that it's going to be one of thos…
Today: Snow. High near 29. Calm wind becoming northwest between 7 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible

I'm not sure how this snuck up on us.  We're a watchful people when it comes to snow.  We knew it was supposed to snow yesterday and it did.  An inch or two and it was sunny by the afternoon.

Pk and his brother in law Brian are on their way to Baltimore for the wood show.  Brian called last night and said we were due for some more snow today and did Peter Kevin still want to go?  Of course the answer was yes but I didn't know it was going to snow more.  I looked at the NOAA site and sure enough, snow up and down the east coast.  It's coming down heavy right now.  I leaned out my bedroom window to take the photo.  I will worry until he texts me and lets me know they got there safely.  It's only about 100 miles but people drive like crazies in the snow.

And if you can ignore the messy bedroom, here'…
Peter Kevin and I went to the gym on Tuesday.  I managed to do a mile in 15 minutes on the eliptical machine and was pleased with that.  I then did some leg and arm and torso exercises on the torture machines (also know as circuit weight machines to the less knowledgeable).  I felt a little sore yesterday but overall pretty good.  I was patting myself on the back.
And then I got up today and everything hurts.  It hurts to just sit still.  A few advil and some gentle movement today should get me ready for the gym again this afternoon.  All this to "feel better".  I think I shall spend some quality time with the hot tub this afternoon. 

Kate and I are taking part in another kal.  Same designer, different shape shawl.  It's called In Dreams and you can find it on Susan's website, A Few Stitches Short.  It's a mystery kal and the design is another LOTR based pattern.  I ordered an alpaca/silk blend from Webs. (photo is from their website).  I love the color and I…
Greetings from slugville.  Yes, I am a slug, or at least I have been all day today.  And I'll tell you, it was glorious.  This was a wonderfully restful vacation and today was the perfect way to end it.

Pk and I got up and showered, (we're slugs but we're clean slugs).  He watched Harry Potter videos all day and I played on the computer and watched The Princess Bride.  I made breakfast and dinner and he cleaned up.  And now, the day is winding down and we're facing the reality of going back to work.  My work bag is ready and my gym bag is packed.  The alarm is set.  And my brain is slowly accepting the reality of work.

I showed you one of the handmade gifts I got for Christmas but I actually got two others.  Elanor made me some new stitch markers.  I tried for years to help her find a creative outlet because I believe it's good for the soul.  When I was coloring mandalas, she found that she enjoyed that and now does some beautiful pieces of her own.

And then she dis…
New day.  New year.
I was thinking in the shower (where all the most profound thoughts seem to come from) and I was thinking that I really like January.  I know that there aren't any holidays from now until Easter (unless you cound MLK's birthday and Valentines' Day neither of which I get off from work) but I like the putting away of the holiday excess and the clean, openness of January.
Our Christmas tree takes up a good bit of the living room and while I love it and its shiny self, I also like when it goes away and I get my space and light back.  I've been sitting in the living room all week to admire the lights of the tree knowing that my time with them is limited.  There is a part of me that would like to put the decorations away tomorrow but they'll stay up one more week and next weekend I'll pack away Christmas for another year.

My last fo of the year.  I finished my cowl last night and just wanted a photo of me wearing it.  Pk was in a silly mood …