Look!  And now for something completely different, Ice!  Actually this photo is from Tuesday morning.  It's the electrical wires at the train station.  Those are tiny little icicles.  It was an interesting day and funny thing was, by the afternoon, the temp was over 35 degrees (1.6 C) so most of the ice melted.  The rain continued to fall making for a miserable day. 

We're due for some more snow tonight into tomorrow morning.  Probably about 6 inches, not enough to stay home but enough to make the commute difficult.  And we're expecting really cold weather over the weekend.  12 degrees (-11C).  Makes you want to pack right up and move to NJ doesn't it?  We have no plans other than to shovel the snow off the sidewalks (Pk just went outside to put some ice melt down to make that easier) and stay inside to keep warm. 

I would like to wake up and see that it snowed way more than expected and it'll be an easy call to take a day but 6 inches is really nothing to get panicked about.  Fortunately, it's a slow day for me and I'll just make my way in and spend the day at my desk doing paperwork.

Peter Kevin is a college student again.  He's taking a computer programming class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He drops me off at the train, comes home and works for 3 hours, goes to class, works some more in the afternoon and then picks me up from the train around 4.  We went to buy his book and it'll be shipped to the house next week.  We had to go to an outside bookstore since the school store didn't have any copies (and we got ours cheaper!)  He's only a few years younger than the professor which is weird.  All the other people in the class are in their late teens/early 20's.  His supervisor really pushed him to take this.  Hopefully, the next two can be at night.  Less running around for all of us.

Things here are quiet.  They usually are in the middle of January.  We are in huddle mode right now and I'm ok with that.  I miss picnics at the lake or by the river but I know we'll do that as soon as the weather warms up.  I'm enjoying knitting the heavy sweater and wearing my warm woolen shawls. 

Pk is a little bummed since it's a little too cold to work outside in his workshop.  He was out there last night enjoying the relatively warm air. 

I started watching Dr. Who last fall.  I started with the 9th Doctor and moved right onto the 10th.  I wasn't used to the whole "regeneration" thing and was sad to see Christopher Eggleston go.  I liked him.  And then I got used to David Tennant, and after all, what's not to like.  He's adorable.  I got to watch all of those on instant download on Netflix.  I just got the discs for the 11th Doctor and I'm not sure about him.  I know I'm a season behind everyone else since I have to wait for them on dvd (not having a television) and maybe he'll grow on me.  He's ok but he's no David Tennant.  I have two more discs coming for the weekend.  I'll have something to watch while I'm stuck inside with the knitting. 

Pk and I watched Despicable Me over the weekend.  Everyone I know said "you'll LOVE this movie".  And so I didn't.  It's like when Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out and I didn't see it right away and everyone said "you'll love this movie" and it didn't live up to its hype.  This one is cute and it was a decently animated movie but I didn't love it.  Pk liked it a lot.  He laughed through the whole thing. 

I love animated movies.  I love cartoons and comics.  I don't think I ever saw my parents read the comics in the newspaper but when Pk and I got married, we chose our newspaper by the comics it had.  (it had Doonesbury, still our favorite).  I don't understand people who don't like comics.  I have my collection that I read online every day.  And we have shelves full of our favorites like Calvin and Hobbes and Pearls Before Swine.  I like to laugh. 

I've been following some of the drama on ravelry with the closing down of one of the Big 6 boards (remnants if you didn't already know).  As usual, it's quite a big thing.  As Emily says, the drama llamas are out in force.  Some people will jump on any excuse to get upset. 

They need to laugh more.


Rose Red said…
David Tennant is lovely isn't he! He's the only Dr Who I've seen (I never watched it as a child because it was too "scary""!! heh heh - if you ever watch any of the Dr Who shows from the 70s and early 80s then you really will have a laugh about them being "scary"!).

I agree with you on some of the drama llamas on Rav at the moment - you'd think the world had ended, instead of just a board being retired. What on earth did they do before ravelry??!!
Kaye said…
I love the weather forecasters around here call 25 degrees "bitter cold." Ha ha! Shoot, that's just another day in paradise!

I love the snow. I'm not in love with the panic.
amy said…
I blocked the main six boards a long time ago. It was too easy to get sucked in, and who needs it?

I'm hedging my bets that we'll have at least a delay tomorrow, and I didn't make the boys' lunches yet. I don't feel like making them if they won't need them! All those little containers to wash out for no good reason... of course, if we don't have at least a delay I'm going to be rushing like crazy in the morning!
Anonymous said…
oh david. how i miss thee. matt smith talks to much, but i do like amy pond. the whole remnants thing is hilarious. stupid me, i thought it was a knitting site. ha! it is hot and sunny here today. i might go for a swim. id rather be hunkered down in the snow tho!
Roxie said…
Colin Baker? Isn't he the Dr. Who with the awesome scarf? The scarf that was about 14 feet long and knitted in random stripes that looked like someone used up partial left-over balls. And Dr. Who fans all over the world began wearing similar scarves. It was like Mensa's little yellow lapel pin. Instant identification and bonding.

You guys really are getting hammered with the weather. Stay warm, stay safe. And next August, haul out those icicle pictures for a refreshing change.

You can come stay with me till the weather warms up. All we have is forty degree rain.
I have to stand up for Matt Smith. Tennant is a beautiful man, but his Dr. was a bit cartoonish. Matt plays the Dr. much more like Davidson and Baker...with an arrogance and madness that a 910 year old time lord should have!! Watch THE LODGER and after that - tell me you don't ADORE Matt Smith. :)
Jejune said…
Icicles! It's around 35º here too, but Celsius (95ºF)!

You know, I hadn't heard any of the dramas about Ravelry, so there you go ... I avoid online dramas as much as humanly possible. I agree - people need to chill out and laugh more!

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