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I started to write this on Wednesday but it was OBE and I just haven't gotten back to it.  Let's catch up using the tried and true bullet point method.

- Our vacation was terrific, if a bit chilly and rainy.  We pursued our individual hobbies and watched Kingdom Hospital and ate tons of popcorn (we experimented with carmel corn with real carmels melted onto it.  Oh My Goodness.  It was delicious)

- The vacation started off with a trip to the dentist.  She gave me 4 shots of novocaine to drill and refill two very old fillings which had worn out in spots.  She also told me nothing much shows up on an xray of the tooth I had 2 root canals on except a small crack on the tooth that is left.  That may have some inflamation so she gave me an antibiotic and said it will have to come out if the pain continues.  A week later it seems to be better (thankfully- I didn't want to lose the tooth).  By the time she got done working on my mouth, the area around the chair looked like the se…
Words of wisdom from a cereal box.  I eat breakfast at my desk most days.  And most days it's cereal with milk (and only very occasionally a banana).  Cheerios is probably my favorite cereal.

When my girls were small, Cheerios was their first finger food and the small round bits were everywhere in our world.  Under couch cushions, on the floor of the car, in the car seats and in the bottom of my purse. 

I love their bright yellow boxes with one positive word on the back. 

I had to enable the word verification feature and disallow annonymous comments.  For some reason for the past two weeks, I have been getting some weird spam comments and I find them irritating. 

Let me tell you about the deal of the century Pk and I got inadvertently on Friday.  I wanted to update my phone and as a Mother's Day present, we were going to the At&t store after work.  As I am handing over my old phone to transfer the data, the clerk tells me I can trade it in.  I figure if I am only going…
A bit of bright color for a grey morning.  It looks like rain outside and I really hope it rains hard today.  The trees are so ready to burst forth with pollen that it's only a matter of hours before they let go.  Our car is covered in pale greenish yellow dust and I can just imagine what I'm breathing in.

I know how it's affecting the histamine levels in our bodies.  Peter Kevin almost never takes medication for anything but even he is giving in and taking allergy tablets.  A good rain shower would wash that pollen right down onto the ground.

This is the sparkly sock yarn (Summer Sky by Marigoldjen) that I bought at MDSW.  I am a bit further along and the yarn while not especially sqooshy, is fun to knit with visually.  I keep watching my hands to see how the colors pop up.  I'm making just plain stockinette socks and so far, I love them.  (the hot pink thing is my ipad cover.  It really is that pink, just not quite that bright).

And now for something completely diff…
Well, Mother's Day came and went and it was lovely.  When my family asked what I wanted, I said that I wanted to just do what I wanted and have someone else cook/clean up and do all the work.

And that's what happened.  Saturday, we put together a bag full of food for our mailman.  A few times a year, they put a brown bag into our mail box and we fill it with food for the food bank.  We try to fill it with as much nutritional non-perishables as possible.  After Ed (our mail carrier forever) picked up the bag around 11, I decided to head over to the nail salon for my self-promised manicure/pedicure.  (and was prepared to wait for them, being Saturday and all)

I was pleasantly surprised to find no one there.  I walked right in and planted my tired, worn out tootsies into a bubbling bath.  After scrubbing and cleaning, my toes are a color called Ruby Pumps.  Yep, sparkly and red.  Gorgeous with the pale, pale winter white of my feet.  (who am I kidding?  My feet will be that color…
  To help schools and organizations create a therapeutic milieu or classroom that is emotionally safe, physically safe and personally empowering for everyone in it

I just finished my Cheerios and banana breakfast (I am allowing myself one banana for breakfast each week.  I refuse to give them up entirely.  I have checked the emails and thank goodness there are no voicemails needing attention this morning. I am mentally psyching myself up for another Handle With Care session this morning.  My partner, Clarence, and I were just talking about mixing up the order we teach things to help make it more interesting for us.  We usually start off with an informal round circle discussion about safety and what's new and what's the same.  We invite folks to share their experiences.  Sometimes, this is a lively discussion and sometimes, it is so quiet and deadly dull I want to scream.  We take a break and then move into the physical interventions.  This usually wakes folks up and g…
It seems that most everyone loves bananas.  I don't have to give them up entirely, just not have them everyday.  Today I had some Special K with Red Berries-whole wheat flakes and dried berries.  It was almost as good as Cheerios with bananas but not quite.  I'll get used to not eating them on my cereal all the time. 

Friday I left work early, ostensibly to do the grocery shopping so we wouldn't have to run around on Sunday and do it but the day was so lovely, I decided to get my nails done instead.  Even if we didn't have food to eat, I would look lovely not eating!
I love getting my nails done and having them painted red (I'm Not Really A Waitress Red by Opi) but I hate the fact that they chip so soon and it's so noticeable.  I am a bit obsessive about chips in my polish and so I spend a lot of time touching it up.  I'm planning on a manicure/pedicure on Mother's Day but I think I'll have my fingers painted a pale pink.  Chips don't show as m…
I headed off to my regular 12 week bp check up at the doctors last night.  I got my blood work done before the appointment and I was all ready for her to tell me that all my numbers are looking good. 

I have been taking my medication and eating more fruits and vegetables since Pk has started making us salads for lunch each day.  He makes amazing salads and somedays he makes fruit salads with lettuce and whatever fruits we have and a citrus/honey dressing.  It is so yummy.

Imagine my surprise/distress when she told me everything looks good but not the triglycerides.  I have been taking the Omega 3 fatty oils and all the fruits and vegetables!  I know triglycerides are a measure of fat in the body.  I have cut down my fat intake! 

Well, it turns out that the fruit we've been eating (and the banana I have on my cereal every morning isn't helping) is adding to the triglyceride level.  Any fruit that you have to peel to eat counts as a carb.  I knew that fruits are high in sugar b…