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Happy Easter.

Pk and Elanor and I have just finished breakfast (omelets and babka-not my best babak, it's a bit dry).  We of course listened to Jesus Christ Superstar and now Godspell is on the player.  It's our tradition.

Yesterday, I made the beans and a birthday cake for Emily.  It's a Pina Colada cake recipe that my grandmother used to make for Easter.  It's better than I remembered. 

I realized that I haven't been updating here as often as I would like.  Partly it's due to my ipad.  Since it came into my life, I don't pay nearly enough attention to the laptop and I can't post on my ipad (or maybe I can but I haven't figured out how to yet).  I read books on it and watch videos and read the newspaper and keep up with other blogs but can't update my own. 

So, here's what's been going on for the past week and a half.

There has been knitting.  My sweater is just a few inches and a button band away from being finished.  Pk is working …
My work computer has been wonky for the past 6, no, 8 months (since before August but they replaced it in August with a new one since I seem to have done something to cause a BSOD on my other one).
It shut down while I was in the middle of writing treatment plans or searching for a group topic or reading a blog.  Just any time it damn well felt like it really.  It would reboot itself but I lost work in the meantime.  It did nothing to endear itself to me.

I dutifully called the HELP desk and they would "create a ticket" and then call me.  I would describe the problem, "it's shutting down and rebooting in the middle of my work and oh, it sounds like there's a tiny dying moose inside the box". 

That last part I'm sure got me an asterix by my name that says "she's a nutcase, just humor her".  BUT, it did sound like a tiny moose was either in the throes of death or looking for a female tiny moose to mate with.

After several months of nice, y…
"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." ~The Buddha
I had one of these moments this morning.  You know the ones?  Where you look up and the sky is the bluest of blues and goes on forever into infinity ("and beyond"!).  For some reason it touched my heart and made me laugh.  Every once in a while, things feel perfect.  There's nothing different today than yesterday.  I haven't slept well all week.  I blame DST but it could just as well be perimenopausal insomnia. 
For some reason, nothing mattered this morning.  It's a beautiful  morning and since I know a rain/snow storm is on its way, I think I enjoyed the sight of the blue sky even more.  I was walking along the train platform toward the love of my life and suddenly I had "the feeling" that all's right in my world.  I know it's a fleeting thing so I'm going to grab it and let the smile out all day. 

This could all be a pr…
This is what my poor crocuses woke up to on Friday morning.  There were just a few tiny blossoms and the inch of wet snow that fell just about buried them.  It wasn't enough snow to be much more than an inconvenience and it was wet and heavy.

And all gone by Saturday as the temps were up in the mid 50's.  Pk got to spend most of his days outside working on his tools and making smaller pieces of wood out of large pieces of wood.  In other words, he was enjoying himself. 

I spent the weekend relaxing and doing some chores.  Of course the grocery shopping and laundry got done, food and clean underwear being all important.  I spent a good bit of time working on some knitting and have almost finished one (out of 16) repeats on my Ringwraith shawl.  This doesn't give you a good shot of the stitches but the colors show up well.  I love this yarn.  It's got a bit of fuzziness from the mohair but it's not really fuzzy and it feels so soft to knit with. 

I love Sundays lik…
Pk and I were wondering last night when DST starts this year and it turns out it's next Sunday.  Already!  I am of the opinion that it's really not necessary to do this each year and I really wish we'd just leave time alone.  It throws me off for about a week until my body gets used to the different light levels. 
Today I feel good for the first time in a while.  "Good" is a relative term since I am crampy as hell and headachy but my brain is clear and my mood is upbeat.  Last week I had one of the worst cases of PMS I have ever had.  Sore breasts and bloated and fuzzy headed and just miserable.  I spent another resting weekend and today I feel pretty good.
My head is clear and I feel like smiling and when the ibuprofen kicks in and the cramps go away, I'll be hunky dory. 
Namaste emailed me to just contact them when I'm ready to use my store credit and they will take care of it for me.  I've got my eye on one of their Urban Hipster bags.  It kind o…
Before I do anything else today I wanted to share this with you all.  I told you that I emailed Namaste and told them I was disappointed in the bag?  I didn't ask for anything from them, I just expressed my disappointment in their product.

I got an email from them yesterday apologizing for the product and letting me know they no longer carry that bag.  The offered me credit in their store (with free shipping) in replacement.

I've heard it said that if you give good customer service, your customer will tell 1 person but if you give bad service, your customer will tell 10 people.  Well, I'm telling as many people as I can.  I want to buck that trend.

Namaste has most excellent customer service.  And they make good bags, too, (the strap on this one notwithstanding).

I have figured out how to work with the strap and make the bag more durable.  I am definitely in a win/win situation here.