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This was an eventful, productive weekend for us.
Biggest event for me?  I finished Em's dress. This is it, unhemmed and relaxing on a chair.  The material wasn't as difficult as I was afraid it would be and it came out very well.  She tried it on Saturday and it fit just about perfectly.  I made the alterations and did the hem and pressed it just a bit and now it is ready for her to take it off my hands.
I think she likes it.  (it's not as shiny as it looks but it does reflect the light in a pleasing manner).
I got a dress for myself from LandsEnd.  I love them.  Their clothes are comfortable and they last.  I ordered this dress on clearance for 20!  It was a bit big so I put in a couple tucks and now it fits perfectly and is so comfortable.  It's a bright pink color and perfect for a casual beach wedding (and will get worn after).
On Saturday, we took my niece Maggie to the russian market.   There's Pk standing in front of a portion of the smoked meats area.  The…
Two weeks ago, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror at 6:30 (as you do) and decided my hair needed a cut right NOW.  No, it couldn't wait for the afterwork time when I could see the stylist.  I grabbed the scissors and cut about and inch and a half off the bottom.  Just whacked it off. 
I kind of liked it so I went and had the stylist adjust the other layers proportionately and now it looks good.   See, adorable, right? It waves and curls and is bouncy.  I really like it. 
 That's my office mate's corner.  He is of the opinion that any flat surface could be a shelf and so it becomes a shelf.  He keep promises to clean it off but I'm not holding my breath. The fabric came for Em's dress.  What you can't see in this photo is how silky it feels, like cool water running over your skin.  That very quality is what's going to make it hard to work with.  I have been reading up on silk charmeuse and I'm in for a challenge.  I have everything I need b…
We had some of the most beautiful weather this past weekend (and I say this as I look outside at the very dark day (and it's only 7:45 AM) where it's raining. Again.).  Everything around here is green, green, green.  Usually by this time in the year, it's quite brown and crispy.  I know it's green because the blood tests I had done recently showed that my allergy markers were almost 700 (average is 30).  

  But it is gorgeous to look around and see everything still fresh looking and growing.  Especially the plants in the garden.  Our tomatoes are delicious and our cucumbers have been prolific so this weekend I took several of them and made some pickles.

   These are bread and butter pickles (made with white vinegar and apple cider vinegar and spices).  They are refrigerator pickles so after the hot brine is poured over the cukes, they are left to cool on the counter and then put in the fridge. 
  You are supposed to wait 2 weeks before eating them but I h…
August 5.  Today Kathryn Margaret, my baby, is 24 years old.  She has grown into such a lovely young woman.  Kate has a charm that draws people to her and she lights up a room when she smiles.  She is smart and funny and endlessly creative.  Can you tell I'm proud of her? so
Happy Birthday Katie baby!!!
Patrick had a bbq for her yesterday and we spent the afternoon at his mother's house eating good food and laughing.  Instead of socks, I made Kate these mitts.  They are Christina's Mitts.  A simple pattern.  I changed the edging (which was originally 3 rows of purl stitches which rolled) to a few rows of 2x2 ribbing.  I like it so much better.  I'm making a pair for one of Pk's favorite coworkers next.  We also ordered her some cones of angora and cashmere for her loom.  She needed large quantities of yarn to weave with so I headed for Colourmart and found some lovely tourquoise and another blue color.  She'll put them to good use.
And here are three red things…
"All situations teach you, and often it's the tough ones that teach you best."

~Pema Chödrön

Ah, the all important thought for the day.  This one is so appropriate for today.  Let me recap the last 24 hours for you. Not a bad day at work yesterday, although to be truthful, I didn't get much work done.  I figured out how to use the ShopRite "order your groceries and pick them up at the store" feature (which took an embarassing amount of time).  I finalized it this morning and we'll pick the food up (and pick out our meat products-I wanted to pick out my own) this afternoon after work. Pk and I had dinner with Jim's folks, Jim and Terry.  We met with the caterer who we engaged to provide the food/service for Em and Jim's wedding in September.  They want BBQ styled food and we got them everything they wanted plus some more.  It sounds like it will be delicious. I am making potato salad and providing a cheesecake (Jim asked for this and the c…