This was an eventful, productive weekend for us.

Biggest event for me?  I finished Em's dress.
This is it, unhemmed and relaxing on a chair.  The material wasn't as difficult as I was afraid it would be and it came out very well.  She tried it on Saturday and it fit just about perfectly.  I made the alterations and did the hem and pressed it just a bit and now it is ready for her to take it off my hands.

I think she likes it.  (it's not as shiny as it looks but it does reflect the light in a pleasing manner).

Women XR Sleeveless Solid Cotton Modal Fit and Flare DressI got a dress for myself from LandsEnd.  I love them.  Their clothes are comfortable and they last.  I ordered this dress on clearance for 20!  It was a bit big so I put in a couple tucks and now it fits perfectly and is so comfortable.  It's a bright pink color and perfect for a casual beach wedding (and will get worn after).

On Saturday, we took my niece Maggie to the russian market. 
 There's Pk standing in front of a portion of the smoked meats area.  The Eastern Europeans seem to really love their smoked meats. The actual counter is about 3 times that size in length.  And everywhere around you hear people ordering in (what I think is) Russian. 
We bought honey with crushed nuts but if you look at their label, it says Crushing Nuts.  I wonder how heavy these nuts are when they come out of the jar.

We also bought breads.  Oh my goodness.  Freshly baked bread has to be one of life's greatest pleasures.  It pleases all the senses.  It's warm to the touch, it smells amazing and of course it's delicious.  One loaf we bought, some "peasant bread" is heavy enough to use as a door stop but Pk insists it's wonderful.  He ate it with his sauerkraut and kielbasa on Saturday.  The kraut was a bit more shall we say, "pungent", than what we usually buy and the house smelled interesting all afternoon as it cooked in the crock pot.

We have not had a television in our house for over 10 years.  No one was watching it and I had the cable turned off and gave away the set.  This has not felt like a loss to us.  We can usually find our favorite shows online or we wait for them to come out on dvd or stream them.  (I am still waiting for Dr Who's season 7).

Well, as you may or may not be aware, next year is a World Cup Year.  Pk has watched most games through ESPN3 online a few days after they are played.  This is getting harder to do as more and more outlets have exclusive deals and the games are not as available online.  And while he is not a sports fanatic, he does enjoy watching soccer.

The solution was to call the cable provider and get cable sent into our home.  We thought we could avoid buying a television because there is a device called a Slingbox that the BestBuy employee assured us would allow us to bypass the television and watch tv on any wireless device in our home.

This is not true.  A tv is necessary.  Our next step was to go to the local Goodwill store and buy a small, used tv for 20 dollars.  This did not work becasue Slingbox only recognized HD tvs.  So, Mr Slingbox went back to the store and we bought a small television.

At first, we were automatically going to put it into the bedroom since that's where the other electronics live.  Then it dawned on me.  This is a TELEVISION and I don't want it in the bedroom.  Pk crawled under the house and hooked the cable up to the brand new television in the living room. 

He got to watch the English Premier League games and we have a Sports Package so he can get all kinds of games.  I sat there yesterday and flipped through channels and couldn't find a single thing worth my time so off it went.  No wonder we didn't miss it all those years.

I got my toes done so they're pretty and neat and I can show them off for the next week.  We have a new dress code at work and it's a bit restrictive (but not really draconian).  While they don't forbid open toed shoes, they discourage them.  And NO denim (I don't even think my denim skirt will pass).  But most disturbing for me is the NO VISIBLE TATTOOS.  Since the one on my ankle is covered up most of the time, it's the one on my wrist I have to worry about.  Most days I have long sleeves due to the frigidness of the a/c so it won't be a problem.  I haven't heard whether I'll have to cover it up with a bandage or some such but I'll be bringing it up in supervision tomorrow.  They're trying to create a 'professional environment' and I get it but it's a pain.  I like wearing jeans to work and always look neat even when wearing denim.  Now I'll have to go and purchase some work pants.

And now we're back at Monday morning.  Pk and I have 3 short weeks coming up.  We took off this Friday and Monday is Labor Day so that's two.  The week after that we took off the Friday before Em's wedding.  Three short weeks is good but today is still Monday and I have a busy one so it's off to the races for me!  Have a great day everyone!!


Galad said…
The dress is beautiful and I'm sure Em will be a radiant bride wearing it!

I would love to get rid of our satellite contract but we have the sports issue too.

Your long weekends sound lovely - enjoy.
Saren Johnson said…
Em's dress is lovely!!

We went from a business casual to jeans. Some people really push it. I'd be hosed with the no tattoo's also.
Roxie said…
The dress looks stunning. You so totally rock! You are SUCH a virtuous woman!.

I love my land's end clothes, and am wearing some for 20 years.You got such a deal!!

Good TV solution.
DrK said…
that dress really is the most amazing colour. she must look fantastic in it! only two weeks to go! i'm looking forward to the photos. i admire people who survive without television, i have two but then i live alone so its usually just background noise, and i mostly use it to watch things i download, because theres nothing on. but i do often think of getting cable during big sports events...i love the world cup so i might have to think about it. my dad is Polish, my lunch box at school always smelled interesting and my bread was never white and sliced either. all the best food smells weird (you eaten that vegemite yet?!)
Rose Red said…
I have become woefully behind on blog reading and have just read your last 11 or so posts - back to the start of July (oh dear!).

I'm glad you've got Em's second dress done, what a gorgeous blue. I'm glad you found a dress you like as well. September is the month for weddings, my o,dest nephew is also getting married this month. I have a dress I can wear but I am going to look around for something else a bit more special, I think. It's made more complicated because it needs to be a maternity dress (!) but also I hope something I can wear after as well. I look forward to seeing pictures of you all.

I hope the tattoo is not going to be an issue. It's interesting, as I was just reading in the paper how tattoos are so common now (all our professional sportsmen especially seem to favour the full sleeve type) that no-one seems to worry about them any more. I hope David Beckham never wants a job with your organisation!

I'm sorry you had to make that difficult call about your client's child. I hope she manages to sort out the issue and that she understands you were just doing your job.

Hope you've had a good weekend.

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