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I went to the doctor's today to hear the results of the tests. It turns out that the CT scan was absolutely normal. Not a thing evident that could be causing the pain. As relieved as I was to hear that, it was also frustrating. Because the pain can be breathtaking at times. He gave me some samples of Nexium ("the purple pill") which may help with the pain. It'll help if the problem is acid reflux. And now I get to go and see a gastroenterologist (digestion doctor). He might want to do an endoscopy. I looked at my doctor and said, "Why don't you just tell me you hate me? Instead of sending me to all of these tests and doctors who order nasty tests? I can take it, tell me to my face." He laughed and said hopefully the Nexium would help but it takes a week or so for them to take effect. Cross your fingers.

Here is a finished Lily of the Valley sock. When I put it on, it's so lacey. I wasn't sure I would like it but I really do. It's an easy pat…
Ok, so how's this for odd? Yesterday the Director of my building asked if she could talk to me. We went into an office and sat down and she said "I owe you an apology". Confused, I said "For what?". She went on to say that she thought that I got 'caught in the crossfire' of a management issue. I had no idea what that meant so I waited to hear what she would say. It turns out she was trying to make a point about professional image and managers enforcing the same rules in the same way in the building. Somehow, my knitting came up. She then said, "I thought about this all weekend and felt bad that you would feel singled out. That was never my intention. I don't care if you knit during meetings. However, I don't think it's a good idea to knit in the presence of clients." I almost fell off my chair! She continued to explain what happened in the meeting and what point she was trying to make, which did not include me or my kni…
Meme time. Amy lane tagged me and so here goes.

. Ten years ago I was...

Ten years ago I was living in the same house with the same wonderful man and had the same job. My children were 14, 12, and 9. Life was filled with school activities and teenaged drama. Now, things are more peaceful. I can come and go as I please without worrying about whether the kids have food or someone to cook it for them. PK and I are enjoying this freedom. Ten years ago I was just entering my 40's and sure that I was finally a grown up and knew some of the answers. Now that I am in my 50's, I realize I know far fewer of the answers but it doesn't matter as much. I am more contented with myself now than I was ten years ago. I am also more forgiving of myself and others.

. Five things on today's to do list:
Since today is part of a holiday weekend, there is no to do list. I have already fixed brunch and gotten a pedicure and a manicure. I am going to practice spinning and do some …
With all the rain we've had, it had to happen. Rainbows. Two of them. For a little while Thursday evening it was dark and cloudy out back of the house and blue sky/sunny in the front. It was like one of those weird sci-fi movies. Then the sky got all yellowish, (I kept thinking "oh my god, we're going to get a tornado!") but instead we got these beauties. I've seen double rainbows before but never so clear and bright and complete. It's too bad the electrical wires are in the way. Our development dates back to before they buried the wires. It was wonderous and we stood outside for a long time admiring the beauty. Kate took these photos.

That was a lovely way to end a crappy day. They are rennovating the offices on the second floor of my building and we have to move to other spaces to get out of the way. We spent the past two weeks packing up and cleaning out our stuff. After 14 years I have accumulated lots of stuff. Some of it is good resource material and som…
I have been working on the plain striped socks while on the train and they are coming along nicely. No charts to read or directions to follow. Nice, simple stockinette. But at home it was getting boring so I started The Lily of the Valley socks from Knitpicks. They suggest using their Bare yarn (wool/silk blend) but I am using Patons Kroy Sock (wool/nylon blend). The suggested needle size is 2.75. Now I know I have more than one set of this size but could I find them on Sunday when I wanted to start this pattern? No, of course not. I had to run out to the craft store and find some. They are Susan Bates and only come in sets of 4 so I had to buy 2 sets. Now I have 8. I will probably never lose one again. I tried this pattern about a year ago and got disgusted with it and put it in time out. For some reason, it felt right to pull it out and try again. I think a smaller size needle would be better but I'll keep on using these for now. They do give it a nice, lacey feel and look to th…
Monday morning is not a usual post time for me. I am usually trying to get my act together for two medication clinics and deal with any problems left on the voicemail over the weekend.

However, today's inspiration was one I thought was right on target for today. And by today, I mean right now in our history as we face another contentious (and seemingly endless) election season.

Change is not something that we should fear.Rather, it is something that we should welcome.For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be.

Thought provoking? I thought so.

Have a good day all.
Pete, Kate and Donna Lee's Most Excellent Adventure! We have been blessed with an abundance of rain this spring. I say blessed because I know there are parts of the country/world who are not being so blessed at this time. In fact, they are downright dry. Our world is very green and overgrown at this point in time. A fact that PK is trying to rectify by mowing the front and then the back 40. I say trying because everytime he decides he has time to mow, it rains. And rains. And is windy and rains.
Today was a day of epic spring wonderfulness.With a sky as beautiful as this, who could stay inside? (This is a church in Woodbury that has gargoyles! Who knew the Methodists had a sense of humor?) It was cloud free most of the day (and when it did cloud over, they quickly dispersed) and comfortably warm. So, did we spend the day outside working on our verdant overgrown property? No, of course not. That would not be an Excellent Adventure!

Instead, we went to here. Can't read the sign?…
It's a little demoralizing to have surgery to take away pain and have the pain still be there. But indeed it is true in my case.

Shortly after the surgery, I was having some pain and figured it was gas because they told me I would feel gas pain. But it's not gas and evidently it was not all my gall bladder because it is gone and the pain is still here. The surgeon mentioned pancreatitis. That is a possibility but it mostly affects alcoholic men. I am neither.

Today I went to see my doctor. He ordered another blood test (done) and a CT scan and an Upper GI series. Whooppee. I have had CT's before but the thought of drinking barium is nauseating. I have to wait for an insurance code to make the appointment but hopefully it will be soon. And I have to just live with the pain until we figure out what's causing it. Pain killers make me sleepy/sick so I'll just have to deal.
So, some non stressful socks. I gave up for now on the yarn Kate gave me because it makes a camouf…
I have decided I could easily be a woman of leisure. I have enough interests to keep me busy and I love bon-bons. But it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.
So, I went back to work today. It was pretty much as I expected, 2 weeks worth of email to pretend to read before I hit 'delete', 12 messages on the machine (12 people who didn't bother to listen to the message that said I wasn't there), and a mail box full of papers and memos and vouchers and stuff. It was all pretty normal and boring.
Except for two things. The first thing was a package from one of the student interns that I supervised this year. She sent me an exquisite box of chocolates as a thank you for sharing my "wisdom and caring and compassion" with her. I wish I could show you a photo of the box because they were beautiful. But I can't. They're gone. All gone. PK and El helped me finish that sucker off as soon as I got home.
Thing the second. In the mail box attac…
Happy Mothers' Day! I've always felt a little strange celebrating this day. As I said, my family is good to me and I don't feel unappreciated or in need of a day to be patted on the back for giving birth. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the day off. I like having someone else cook dinner and worry about other household chores. But, I get those things when I need them. I just have to say "I don't feel like (fill in least favorite household chore here)" and usually Peter Kevin will say, "I'll do it" or one of the girls will take care of it. Kate is especially good at cleaning the cats' boxes (ewww) a chore I despise but recognize the importance of! The only chore I usually can't get out of is laundry. I guess it's the control freak coming out but I like my laundry done MY way.

Do we need a day to tell loved ones they are important? Maybe. Maybe we should all take the time to tell them every day, or at least more frequently than onc…
The internet service keeps cutting out today. Maybe it has something to do with the wind. I imagine it blows those electrons around pretty well when it wants to. So, I'll hold my breath and blaze on through.
Today is my last day of vacation. The weekend holds laundry and grocery shopping and other chores. Peter Kevin will take care of most of the chores because it's Mother's Day weekend and I am supposed to be taken care of. Today is cold and windy and raining. Yuch. I think I'll curl up here on the bed with some hot chocolate and finish El's entrelac sock. I am tired of doing all the little squares and just want them to be done.
I finished the Kaibashira socks in the Noro yarn. As I said, the yarn is unevenly spun and there are lots of slubs in there. Lots. It feels scratchy but will hopefully wash up softer. I have to say that I have come to love these socks. I never thought I would and that they would go into a box for gifting sometime in the future. But I love t…
I have tried to photograph this sock in progress in every kind of light. In natural afternoon light, in natural morning light, in unnatural nighttime light with a flash. I cannot capture the colors. This is the Noro Kureyon sock yarn in a Kaibashira pattern. I can't link to the pattern because I got it on Magknits and we all know what happened to them. I love the pattern because it is subtle and does not fight with the colors in the yarn. These colors are much more intense than my camera can record. That blue is really a deep purple and that bit of green at the botom is almost an acid green. These are not colors for the faint of heart! The yarn itself is rather scratchy (although I have read that it will soften up when I wash it) and it is very unevenly spun. If you're uncomfortable with that, this is probably not the sock yarn for you, despite the colors.I spent yesterday working on this and listening to Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. One of my allt…
I opted to do the smart, adult thing and stay home this weekend and let my body heal. I was originally planning to go back to work tomorrow but I called the doctor's office to make my follow up appointment and they said, "NO. Not yet". Ok, I can deal with some more time off, especially as I can move around a little easier. I see the doctor on Wednesday and will probably go back to work on the following Monday. I already let my supervisor know and he was understanding. The center will not fall apart without me there. My clients will have to take care of themselves for a little longer.

I finished the Sockotta socks yesterday. A pair of socks in one week. Never happened before. See what lots of time sitting still will get you? They were perfect because stockinette stitch is so soothing. I like the socks and even got the stripes to match. Of course you can't see that because I am standing on one foot with my sock in the air trying to catch some of the sparse light on t…
Here it is Thursday already. I'd ask where the week has gone but I'm pretty sure I've slept it away. Today I have weaned myself off the codeine and onto plain ibuprofen tablets. This has helped me stay awake for most of the day. I still feel tired. I guess it takes a lot of energy to heal. PK and I went to the local diner for dinner. First time I've been out of the house all week and now I am ready for bed.

I have four incisions. Three little x's (one in my belly button and two on my right hip) and one straight line of about 2 inches under my right breast. That is the one that hurts. All of the incisions have bruises around them and all are glued. No stitches, just a cyano-acrylic glue. Yep, crazy glue. The stuff that holds grown men onto I-beams by the helmet is holding my skin together.
The soreness is much lessened today. I can move around and not hurt. It hurts if I forget and reach for something or pick up something or laugh. Oh god, it hurts to laugh. And we …