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Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.
~Dalai Lama

I wish I could live by the rules that the Dalai Lama lives by.  I'm not that good.  I am not always kind.  I try.  I think I do a fair job most of the time. 

But what does it mean to be kind? give this:

adjective,-er, -est.

1.of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person: a kind and loving person.

2.having, showing, or proceeding from benevolence: kind words.

3.indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane (often fol. by to): to be kind to animals.

4.mild; gentle; clement: kind weather.

5.British Dialect. loving; affectionate.

In my mind, I define "kind" as being nice, considerate, helpful.  All the things I was taught to be as a small girl.  I can't count the number of times I heard "Be nice" when I was growing up.  It usually involved letting someone else have their way and giving up wanting my own.  As a result, I don't often insist on my own way and o…
We've had a rainy few days here and I noticed something on Monday on my way down Locust Street.  Locust St. is an old street as are most of the streets in Center City Philadelphia (not European old which is measured in centuries but American old.  I mean Dublin is really OLD), and the sidewalks are not very wide and they are brick instead of cement.  I think this is supposed to enhance the feeling of oldness but in reality it makes walking an adventure as the bricks have a tendency to shift and the walking surface can be uneven and twisted ankles are common.

Anyway, I was walking along with my one person umbrella to keep my head and most of my body dry and am confronted by several people carrying umbrellas that are big enough to cover entire small countries.  They almost spanned the width of the sidewalk.  I think they were originally golf umbrellas (they have no metal pieces to keep them from being lightning rods on a flat golf course) but I've noticed more and more people ar…
Yesterday, I got up at 8:45, took a shower, gathered the laundry, had some breakfast, made a cup of coffee, grabbed my knitting,  and sat outisde in the sunshine.  It was a spectacularly beautiful Saturday and I could NOT make myself do chores indoors.  I did the laundry (the importance of clean underwear cannot be overrated) but the rest of the morning and afternoon, I sat in the chair and worked on my shawl and Pk's socks.  I had some  company.  Hobbes decided he had to lay on top of the bag that holds my shawl.  He likes it when we sit outside with him.  I think he likes the company,too.  I called Kate and she came over and we knitted together peacefully, just soaking up the rays.  (I actually soaked up more rays than was good for me and have the sunburn to prove it).
Pk went to a tool auction in North Jersey and bought a compass plane.    It's a plane that's used to shape convex/concave shapes.  Like, say, a spinning wheel.  It's a cool looking tool.  He was thrille…
Today is a double "holiday" here in the US.  Well, maybe not holiday, but "day of note".  First, it's Earth Day.  Sometime in the 1970's some people decided we should have a day to celebrate the Earth.  I think of it as the ultimate Mother's Day.  (I think of the Earth as a warm, nuturing female.  It would never occur to me that Earth might be male)  When the girls were little, we celebrated Earth day each year by taking the day off.  The five of us would make a lunch that used no disposable products.  All food was packed in reusable containers and cloth napkins were used.  We took a picnic in the woods and picked up trash.  We would drive our favorite trails and pick up bags and bags of trash.  We told the girls that the woods weren't really free and this was the price for enjoying them all the rest of the year.  Some years we picked up 4 or 5 large trash bags full in a short time.  It felt good to be doing something for a place we loved.

My girls …
Someone asked me a little while ago how I've managed to stay married for 28 years.  My (witty) retort was "I didn't get divorced".   Although that answer was facetious, it's true.
We could have the Love discussion and talk about "soul mates" and things like that.   I believe in Love and also in love.  I love my husband, probably (no definitely) more now than I did when we got married.  I love him more because I know him better.  And I hope this trend continues.
But staying married is about more than love.  It's about getting through the day. Day after day.  Most of our days have a simple routine:  We get up.  We shower, eat and go to work.  We come home and eat and hang out and then go to bed.  We get up.  Day after day and the days add up so very fast. 
It's remembering that everything passes.  Bad things happen but they pass.  Good things happen but they pass, too.  Most of our time has been spent somewhere in between.  We try to notice when thi…
I saw this on a blog I was reading( Nora's blog.)  I went to the site and plugged my blog address into the words option to see what would come up.  This is a selection of words from my blog chosen randomly.  I found it interesting.  It's here if you want to try.
Did you know woodworkers have stashes, too?  This is the log that Pk brought home after helping his friend take down the tree.  It's cedar and it's too bad blogger doesn't have smell-o-vision because the smell is wonderful.  If you look at the left side of the log, you can see the hose holder that was nailed to the tree and the tree started to grow around it.  Pk will have to remove it carefully.  I have already put in my request for bags of the shavings to put in with my yarn. (the end is painted white to keep it from drying out)
That other wood there in the photo is from some of the trees that have come down in our yard.  Pk's stash. 

Sunday was such a lovely day.  I sat outside in one of the best designed chairs.  I think of it as my knitting chair.  It's really just a folding quad chair but it has cup holders which miraculously are just the size to hold a cake or in this case, a cone of yarn.  That's the Evenstar shawl reclining in the sunshine.  I'm ha…
Pk and I went to the gym this morning.  We were beat last night and decided to put off the workout until this morning.  We were there by 9 and had some breakfast and then he went to help a friend take down the rest of a tree lost in one of the winter storms and then to my brother's to look at another downed tree.  I colored my hair and then I did the laundry and cleaned the bedroom.  The interesting thing here (at least to me) is that the workout has become part of what we do.  While I can feel my muscles (I added some weights this morning), I don't feel all done in.  I feel able to go about my day and do my stuff.  That's a shift.  I've also noticed that I am more careful about what I eat.  I declined desert at one of my favorite Italian restaurants last night.  Tiramisu!  I love tiramisu but didn't want it.  I had a brief thought of all the sweating at the gym and suddenly the million calories didn't seem so appetizing. 

I finished my clue 4 of the Evenstar …
I'm sitting at my desk waiting for our last appointment of the day to show up.  He's not ususally late so I expect him to be here any time now.

The really cool thing is that my office is on the second floor and the window has a tree branch outside it.  The tree is an ornamental pear which has  lovely delicate blossoms all over it right now.  For about 3 days each year these trees look like large snow balls and then the tiny petals start flying all over. 

Since my window is tree level and there is a breeze, the little petals are flying into my office and every once in a while I get showered with them.  The first time, I looked up puzzled and there were all these petals in the air around me.  How cool is that?  Now they're all over the floor and chair by the window but since I'm not the one who vacuums, I don't care.  I love seeing them float all over.  It was just a little bit of whimsy in an otherwise busy Tuesday.

The temps here are summer-like and we're not …
April is the month I started this blog.  According to the blogger stats, I've written 569 posts and 9739 people have visited this site since April of 2007.

Three years since I sent those first posts flying out into internet space.  I've met some really great people and learned some new craft techniques with the help and encouragement of those people.  I have shared the triumphant and not-so-triumphant moments of my life and have leaned on the words and support which were offered.  I've shared your good and bad moments and hopefully been of some support with a word where it was needed.

One of the women at knit night said she never posted.  She is on ravelry but has never posted anything because she doesn't like the idea of her words going out into the world.  I get this.  One of the things I learned as a young person is that while you can take words back and people may forgive you, you can't unsay them and people often don't forget.

Short story.  When I was you…