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It is New Year's Eve, the time for reflection and goals. I am not too keen on resolutions. I don't need the guilt when I don't live up to my own expectations. A local author, Lisa Scottoline, said in an article that she is giving up the word "resolution" in favor of "aim". I kinda like that. If you fall short of your aims, you still have achieved something. So, you never really fail. Maybe we should all aim to be kinder to ourselves this year. I am going to try. This is a "reflection" of the cedars on the Mullica River that I took on Saturday. It was so peaceful and calm. Good for the soul after the Christmas rush.
I only seriously started knitting just over 2 years ago. I was a crocheter in my younger days and one day just bought a "teach yourself to knit" book and kit and I taught myself. I have made 5 sweaters. They are all made with acrylic because I didn't know any better. They are serviceable and the recipients wear them s…
Talk about decadent. I am sitting in my pajamas (showered but in my flannel pjs) on my bed enjoying the delicious smells from the kitchen. Peter Kevin declared today pajama day because he has to go to work tomorrow. He is down in the kitchen making omelettes with sausage, cheese and vegetables. I went down to help and he shooed me back upstairs saying "I'll bring it to you when I am done". Breakfast in bed! I have an insulated mug full of chocolate peppermint coffee and a sausage omelette and the Sunday comics. And I didn't have to leave the bed! Lucky me. Oh, and my favorite Christmas ornament. This little lady is one of 4 china angels we inherited from PK's grandfather. They just don't make them like they used to.
I am up to row 9 on the Shaw. It looks like a mess of yarn on a string. I think that's what it's supposed to look like. I have never blocked anything this big so it will be an adventure. I figured out it's about 53,223 stitches. !!! …
Here is the holiday china pattern that I got for Christmas. It's called Holiday Traditions by Mikasa. It is so lovely and I am already plotting to use it on any holiday I can possibly stretch to include holly. I have china that was my grandmom's that I use for other holidays so this will probably become the christmas/new year china. How decadent is that?

Last night we picked Kate's friend Holly up from the airport. She flew in from Missouri. It was not a smooth trip due to the snow storm in the midwest. They cancelled her original flight and moved her to another one. Fortunately, she got here safely. She also said that after Jan 1, you will no longer be able to take batteries on US flights. Pretty soon, you will have to fly naked so that your clothes can't be used as a weapon.Today, we took Holly to travel through the woods. This is Kate and Holly standing in a precarious (to me) spot to take a photo. They stopped and took may photos today but I didn't mind. We dro…
Christmas has come and gone. I always seem to reflect on how much preparation goes into one day. But it's all worth it. The tree got decorated on Christmas Eve and looked lovely in all its holiday finery. There are some ornaments and baubles that belonged to PK's grandfather that we still treasure. Like these glass beads. You can just see them hanging there under the ornament. We cleaned up and put the presents under the tree and then let Em and Kate open a gift, the swifts that PK made for them out of the Lacewood. They are beautiful. The picture is a little burry but you can see how pretty the wood looks. They were so pleased with them. Now, he will start work on one for me. We thought that the wood was giving him a rash when he first started working with it but it turned out to be the lily of the valley (which is a poisonous plant) that he had been separating in the garden beds. The girls got the gifts they asked for and I , enabler that I am, got Em and Kate both drop spin…
There will be cookies in our household for Christmas. I baked 3 varieties this afternoon and will attempt two more after dinner. Thanks to Elanor and Peter Kevin, we will have pizzelles. And as I finish baking cookies after dinner, Pk is going to string popcorn and cranberries for the tree.

Calvin, who is helping in his usual inimitable way, and I and the rest of my family wish you and yours a safe, peaceful, joyful holiday. May it contain laughter and friendship and love and it goes without saying, Knitting!
I started off today running. I got up at 6 am (on a Saturday!!) to shower and take Kate to work. Since I was up, I decided to go shopping and by 7:15 I was in Lowe's (a home improvement store) and 7:45 I was in Home Depot and by 8 I was in Pathmark to do the grocery shopping. I stopped by the liquor store for rum for the egg nog and some beer for Pk and was home by 9:15 A.M. After we unloaded the groceries, I put the perishables away and sat and played on the computer for a bit. I needed a little rest. The house got cleaned and all the presents are now wrapped and the laundry is done. I have decided to give myself a present. I am taking all of Pk's dress shirts to the laundry and letting them iron them. I hate to iron and I don't want to spend any of my precious vacation time ironing shirts. There are about 10 dress shirts to be done so I figure it will be money well spent.

For the first time in years, and I mean Years, I had help wrapping the presents. No, not Calvin, al…
I made a stunning discovery today. Now, all of you out there who have already made this discovery, don't make fun. I learned that knitpicks metal needles get very cold in the winter. I know this is a no-brainer but I hadn't thought of it. As I stood on the platform waiting for the train, my steel needles in my little sock bag, it didn't occur to me that my needles were subject to the same sub freezing temperature as the rest of me. Maybe I thought that some mystical knitting force field would keep them warm. They are wrapped up in a wool sock so that should count for something. I sat down and took out my mp3 player, found my place in my recorded book and then opened the knitting bag and brrrr. Those suckers were cold! My hands were reluctant to unwind the sock and pick up the cold metal sticks. Maybe I'll have to go back to bamboo needles until April. I am finally working on the toe of the embossed leaves sock and the thought of one finished sock was enough …
I said there was no holiday knitting around here but when I saw the puppet in IK's holiday gifts, I had to make it for my niece. Pink and purple are her favorite colors. I got some Caron Simply Soft and it feels rather nice and has a little bit of a sheen to it. How cute is that?
I changed the pattern a little. I like my red felt tongue better than their red yarn "fire". She doesn't have a name, I'll let Maggie name her. Kate is making one for Maggie's brother Daniel. He is only 2 so his will be a baby dragon with bright primary colors.

My holiday preparations are moving along slowly. I have all the ingredients in the house for making cookies but no inclination to do any baking today. It is raining, hard and cold rain. I took El to work at 8 and will pick her up at 4. I have some bread rising for a soup and sandwich dinner and all I feel like doing is working on some mittens to go with the scarf that Em made for Maggie. Instead, I have spent the entire aftern…
You Are a SnowmanFriendly and fun, you enjoy bringing holiday cheer to everyone you know!What'>">What Christmas Ornament Are You?

For some reason blogger won't let me just copy and paste this. The place to find the quiz is
After reading Bells post about how difficult Christmas can be, I have been thinking how lucky I am to have the family I have. And I wanted to share this heartwarming story. Get out the tissues, this is a tear jerker.

When my PK and I got married, my dad didn't attend the ceremony. ( He didn't want me to marry PK. I have never been sure why and he wouldn't tell me. ) Nor did he visit us in our home (well, once in 26 years and then for half an hour). When we came to his home, he would find something to do to occupy himself in another part of the house. This went on for years. I would take the girls to my parents' house on Christmas morning for a short visit (my dad was usually "busy"). PK would stay home because he felt unwelcome. After a few years of this, I decided I didn't want to go to their house if my whole family was not welcome so I stopped. I continued to have somewhat of a relationship with my parents but it grew less and less as the years went by.…
A week has gone by. The only way I can account for it is that I have entered a time warp. I am sure you all have felt it. I can't be the only one who is losing time. Personally, I blame Christmas. It distorts all sense of time this time of year. Adults, like me, lose time at an alarming rate. Where does all this time go? To children, of course. Who doesn't remember how Christmas seemed to take forever to get here? I have solved the problem. That time belongs to us adults and they should give it back right now!
Evidence that the speeding freight train that is Christmas is almost upon us? The tree that now stands in my living room blocking all sunlight from entering. It is a perfect sized tree. It fit into the lliving room without needing to have 2 feet chopped off. You can see the rocking chair for scale. My family thinks it is "anorexic" and "small". I think they are crazy. The tree will stand naked until Christmas eve when we will decorate it with ornaments…
SNOW!!!!We got SNOW!!!!!
Ok. We got a light dusting, less than an inch really, but it's still pretty and it's snow. Being on the coast and situated where we are in New Jersey, we don't often get snow of any appreciable amount. We get excited by even just a little. There was one year that we got a blizzard and 3 feet of snow fell in 24 hours. That was something. It snowed a lot that year. I seem to remember having more snow when I was little. Now it makes me feel like a kid. Here is the holly tree in our yard. It's a male tree and therefore doesn't get berries. It looks pretty in the snow. We have to enjoy what little we get because we aren't predicted to have much snow this winter.
I didn't know it was snowing all morning because I was teaching a crisis management class. I teach mental health professionals how to de-escalate a situation and how to restrain someone safely should it become necessary. Hopefully, the verbal techniques we teach make the …
On Friday, I was thinking that I wasn't feeling particularly Christmas-y. In years past, I have gotten the containers of holiday decorations out the day after Thanksgiving. This year, that felt way too early. Maybe it's because the weather forecast has been including 71 degree days. That is way too warm and balmy for me to think about Christmas.
Then, on Saturday, I realized that I did feel like getting ready for Christmas. I don't know what changed overnight, (except the calendar!) but I felt different. So, Kate and I got all 8 boxes of Christmas goodies out of the garage. For Peter Kevin, it's not Christmas until we get out the milk truck. This is left from train layouts from when he was a kid and it means Christmas to him. I look forward to bringing out a snowman candle that my uncle made when my mother was young. It is older than I am and is irreplaceable. He was a crafter and make all sorts of things out of wood and for a time (before I was born) made candles. Thi…