I said there was no holiday knitting around here but when I saw the puppet in IK's holiday gifts, I had to make it for my niece. Pink and purple are her favorite colors. I got some Caron Simply Soft and it feels rather nice and has a little bit of a sheen to it. How cute is that?

I changed the pattern a little. I like my red felt tongue better than their red yarn "fire". She doesn't have a name, I'll let Maggie name her. Kate is making one for Maggie's brother Daniel. He is only 2 so his will be a baby dragon with bright primary colors.

My holiday preparations are moving along slowly. I have all the ingredients in the house for making cookies but no inclination to do any baking today. It is raining, hard and cold rain. I took El to work at 8 and will pick her up at 4. I have some bread rising for a soup and sandwich dinner and all I feel like doing is working on some mittens to go with the scarf that Em made for Maggie. Instead, I have spent the entire afternoon, I can't believe it's 3 o'clock already, reading blogs. I think of it as keeping in touch. I like to see how everyone else balances work, family and holiday prep. I finished shopping for folks outside the immediate family and just have to shop for PK and the girls. They are easy and I love to shop for my family. I probably won't get to it until Friday but I don't mind.

Work will be busy this week. The closer it gets to the holiday, the more anxious and distressed people become and the more needy they get. I have two more crisis classes to teach on Thurs and Fri and then I am done until January when we teach the support staff. I noticed last night that my wrists have bruises shaped like fingers on them. The man I teach this class with is a big guy. We try to show folks, especially women, that our techniques work so he holds onto my wrists hard enough to make it look real. I hadn't realize I was carrying bruises. They don't pay me enough.


The dragon is cute! I just picked up IK holiday knits on Friday, late, but I can use it all year long. very windy and rainy here too, but now at 4:30, there is a sunset to the west!
amy said…
I'm absolutely sure they don't pay you enough.

I can see how that dragon is irresistible. I wasn't planning any holiday knitting but somehow ended up making 3 hats, 2 pairs of mittens, 3 felted balls, and a scarf. I just finished the scarf this afternoon and I am promising to myself--no more "just this one last thing" knitted gifts!
Olivia said…
Yep, very cute puppet indeed!

I really admire what you do in the course of your job. It seems both so varied, and intense. No, I doubt they pay you enough. It really gets me down how Christmas is such a bummer for so many people... but it also makes me appreciate what I have.
Sheepish Annie said…
Your day sounds a lot like mine...except for the knitting, that is. I didn't get far on that. How cute is that little puppet?! Your niece will love it, I'm sure.

Thankfully, I don't have to teach crisis classes again for a few months. I may actually be recovered from last month's session by then!
MadMad said…
What a great dragon! Soooo cute. I am also not in the mood to bake... but it's weighing on me because I haven't baked a thing yet. (Usually I'm a huge baker because I LOVE to eat the goodies!) But I'm just not into it this year. Oh well.

good luck getting through the busy week ahead!
Michele said…
bruises from work - no good. must be another way to do it.

it's funny about christmas and work and people's anxiety levels. i find with my practice it's never the same each year. some years december is okay and it doesn't get intense until after the holidays. but last week was brutal - almost everyone off the rails or relapsing.
Rose Red said…
I think the image people have of the "perfect" Christmas is so far from the truth for most - and that is what makes it hard for some to cope. Hope you get some time to relax and recover from the bruises!

Love the dragon. Agree with you on the red tongue!
Em said…
The dragon is adorable, as is the model! *grin* I can see why Christmas would make some people upset, so many people make it more stressful than it needs to be. Like Rose Red said, it's never "perfect." But hey, as long as there's family and warmth (and polish butter horns), it's all good. I'm so glad I'll be home for Christmas this year.
Amy Lane said…
That's one adorable puppet--and they absolutely don't pay you enough!!!

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