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I was going to say "a few months ago" Susan (who is known as catsmum and writes the blog Susan in Stitches) wrote a pattern for a headwrap.  However, when I looked at the email she sent me with the pattern, I see it was almost 2 years ago!

So, two years ago, Susan developed a pattern for a headwrap.  It's crocheted and I really liked it.  It immediately thought of a woman I work with who has dreadlocks that go all the way down her back.  She wraps all manner of scarves around her head and wears hats of some sort all the time.

I finally got around to making "that headwrap" for Vernell.  It's made with cotton yarn that I bought for dish cloths and had leftover.  I changed the pattern a little.  I only did 4 repeats and not the 6 she wrote. 
I used a button Pk made and whipped the whole thing up in a few hours while watching Firefly on Monday night. 
It's easy as pie and looks great.  I gave it to Vernell today.  I told her I just thought of her when I saw …
How was your weekend?  Ours was good. 

Friday night we took El to the store to purchase the gift cards for the online game she loves (World of Warcraft) and some underwear (me) and work pants (Pk).  Everyone was tired and out of sorts so we came home and crashed.
Saturday, I spent most of the day doing laundry and working on a Christmas gift.  I felt queasy and headachy and just plain eh.  Pk did some odds and ends in the garage and then sat around in his underwear.  He figured it was hot (it was a muggy, uncomfortable sort of day) and we weren't going anywhere and underwear is comfortable.  I didn't care as long as he stayed away from the windows.
We went out for dinner for El's birthday to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We got there at 6 and Em and Jim hit some traffic and got there at almost 7:30.  While we were waiting for them, I texted Patrick and asked him why he wasn't coming.  I got a message back asking "who is this?". Silly me, I assumed if I had …
I think there is a bug going around.  People at work are all complaining of the same things; sore throat, congested head, woozy feeling and really tired.  I thought it was just fall allergies but now I'm not so sure.  My very enabling husband brought me my phone as I lay in bed trying to decide if I wanted to get up saying, "go on, call out.  You know you want to".
Of course I want to.  But I didn't and now here I am at work.  I actually feel better than yesterday so whatever it was, it's not a strong bug.  I have a lingering sinus headache and massive congestion.  Not enough to justify using a sick day.
I figured out why all the thoughts of childhood are forcing their way to the front of my brain.  Monday was the anniversary of my mother's death.  (yea, El's birthday.)  I think I am still trying to come to terms with this and with the way our relationship was at the end.  It's not a regret thing.  I know in my heart that I couldn't have changed thi…
Meet Bud.  Bud the Banana.  You know how your kids give you things when they're little and they become part of your daily landscape?  Well, Bud has been part of every drive I have taken since Em introduced him to me when she was in 8th grade (about 10 years ago).  If I remember correctly (and that is a BIG assumption on my part), Em won him at an amusement park on an 8th grade field trip.  Bud has faded somewhat over the years but is still good company.  He hangs from the fan switch and watches me drive. 
I've always wondered why someone thought a stuffed banana was a good idea but I like having him around.  When I was in college, my brother (who is 10 years younger and therefore was 8 or 9) gave me a little Lego spaceman to put on the dashboard to keep me company while I drove back and forth to school.  I loved Spaceman but lost track of him long ago.  I don't know why people seem to think I need company in the car.....
I don't usually talk about things that happened …
We finally got some rain this week.  This was the view out my front door when the rain started.  It was an all-of-a-sudden downpour and lasted just a few moments.  But, oh, those few moments were spectacular.  The smell of warm, wet asphalt is such a summer smell and I knew it was one of the last times we'd smell it until next year.  The rain kept falling gently on and off over night and by Friday, it was clean and clear and just the perfect weather to start the weekend.

I spent Friday in a workshop on Domestic Violence.  The woman speaker was dynamic and passionate and very good.  The subject is devastating to listen to.  I don't know if I ever told you all, but I am an abuse surviror.  Before my mother and father married (he's really my step father but we didn't use that word in our house.  He was/is my father.), she was a single mother working 3 jobs with two small children.  She had her cousin babysit and we'll just say he wasn't an appropriate choice for th…
Grace in Small Things

* cooler weather (statistically, this past summer had the 2nd hottest August and was 3rd overall)
* Puffs tissues (allergies make them a necessity) * "Vampire birthday" short stories on the mp3 player * mandalas
* Selsun Blue shampoo

I was working on the Happy Socks (that's what I call the colorful socks in my mind) and Pk asked me "how long would it take to make a pair of booties?"  I thought that someone at work must be pregnant and said "a few hours".  He asked me to make a pair to take with him on Sunday.  He's going to York, PA to spend the day with a man who has a blacksmith forge.  They are going to do manly things and the man and his wife just had a baby.  Pk wanted some way to thank him for his time. 
I have finished one baby sock and am mostly finished another.  They are adorable just because they're small.  If I have time, I will make a hat to match. 

I am listening to a collection of stories edited by Charlaine Ha…
It's been a while since I had any thoughts that I thought were worth sharing. I gave myself a computer holiday and didn't turn it on over the weekend.  At all.  It was liberating.  I listened to my mp3 player and talked to my family and read some books.  A lovely peaceful weekend.    Our weather has been nice.  Sunny and dry and a little cooler.  Just about perfect.  No drama , which is good but doesn't lend itself to interesting blogging.

We had a good weekend.  It started on Friday with a movie (Resident Evil: After Life).  I have really enjoyed the Resident Evil series of movies.  When the zombies come, I want to have Alice on my team.  She is way cool.  The producer/director/writers of this movie should be ashamed of themselves.  There was little or no advancement of the plot and they left the good guys in danger of losing their lives at the end.  (We know they were the good guys because they were wearing white; the bad guys were all in black).  I give zombie movies a …
Good Morning and welcome to the Autumn edition of what you think on grows.  Just some cosmetic changes for the new season.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn doesn't officially begin until September 23rd but in my heart, I know it's here.  I can feel it lurking behind the warmth of the sunshine.  You know what I mean, that tinge of coolness in the air.  Suddenly my white skirts and shoes and jeans are feeling a little out of place.  I'll probably wear them one more time this week while the temps are high.  After that, they just feel funny.

I don't care if other people wear white things all year long.  I'm not a fashion cop.  I just have strongly ingrained ideas of which clothes are seasonal.  It's kind of like wearing a ski sweater in April even if it's cold.  Just doesn't feel quite right.

I have been trying to live up to the Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz) this year.  They are

Be impeccable with your word
Don't take anything personally
It had to happen. Here it is, the end of our holiday weekend.  What a glorious day it was!  Look at that sky!   It goes on forever even if the weekend dosen't.

We spent a quiet weekend at home.  Pk and I were planning to have a Star Wars marathon but we lent out our boxed set of the last three (#4,#5,#6) movies.  Not to be deterred, we went to Best Buy to get 4 and 5 (because I picked up 6 at a used cd table) and get ready to sit back and enjoy a large bowl of popcorn and some space opera fun.

Imagine our surprise when we got ready to watch 4 on Saturday and discovered that we didn't buy 4 and 5, we bought 5 and 6.  So now we have 1,2,3,5,6,6.  Not terribly helpful since we really wanted to start with 4.  Fortunately, Best Buy will allow us to return our extra 6 and get a 4.  The marathon is postponed.

(In the meantime, I am caught up in watching Torchwood.  What a strange series but oddly compelling.  Pk is a few episodes ahead of me so we're not watching it together but …
Well, we're done with "Earl watch".  We had some ragged looking clouds all day yesterday and humidity you could suck out of the air with a straw but no rain.  The grass is crunchy again and the plants are curling up but I am against watering the lawn so crunchy and brown it will stay.

Here are some of the things I'm working on at the moment.  This is the Knitpicks pattern with the bamboo sock yarn from last months' club selection.  I love the colors and am enjoying the toe up pattern.  Only problem with it is that every row is a charted row and there are just enough different rows that I can't seem to memorize it.  It means that no movie watching while I work on these.
This is a skein of self patterning yarn I can't remember buying.  It's Jawoll superwash.  I started a small pair of socks for my  niece.  They're on 2mm needles and the fabric feels bullet proof but that should hold up to an active 10 year old.  I just love self patterning yarn.
This i…
I stopped in a convenience store today to use the atm and to buy a lemon pie for desert for lunch (I have a real weakness for lemon pies!).  As I was paying, the clerk (an older gentleman) greeted me and asked how I was.  It was a pro forma, How Are You?.  I said "I'm terrific.  How are you?".  He stopped and really looked at me for the first time and I saw the genuine smile grow across his face.  He said "I am very well, thank you".  We both smiled and I walked away.
This was not a major interaction but it must have made an impression because almost an hour later I'm still thinking about it.  It was one of those things that make you stop and look at how you relate to people every day.  I have to do this every once in a while because I know my interactions become rote and routine.  Because I am in a "helping" profession, I think I am maybe more aware of my daily interactions but I still just stumble through some of them not really paying much atten…