I was going to say "a few months ago" Susan (who is known as catsmum and writes the blog Susan in Stitches) wrote a pattern for a headwrap.  However, when I looked at the email she sent me with the pattern, I see it was almost 2 years ago!

So, two years ago, Susan developed a pattern for a headwrap.  It's crocheted and I really liked it.  It immediately thought of a woman I work with who has dreadlocks that go all the way down her back.  She wraps all manner of scarves around her head and wears hats of some sort all the time.

I finally got around to making "that headwrap" for Vernell.  It's made with cotton yarn that I bought for dish cloths and had leftover.  I changed the pattern a little.  I only did 4 repeats and not the 6 she wrote. 

I used a button Pk made and whipped the whole thing up in a few hours while watching Firefly on Monday night. 

It's easy as pie and looks great.  I gave it to Vernell today.  I told her I just thought of her when I saw the pattern and had decided she had to have it.  She was surprised and pleased. (Vernell is an Intensive Case Manager.  She is very good at her job and one of the coworkers I admire the most). 

I haven't crocheted anything in a while and it felt good.  It didn't take long for my fingers to find their rhythmn and speed along. 

Thanks Susan!

I also finished a gift for someone for Christmas.  It shall remain a secret for the time being.  I'm starting a small pile of knitted gifts for family members.  No one will get a sweater or anything large but I like to give my family something that I have made.  I remember the year I made a basket full of doll clothes for Elanor.  I sat and sewed after she was in bed.  It was great fun.  One year I made the girls each a cloth doll.  Em still has hers with the face all loved off.  I have the pattern saved for when they have children. 

Work has been busy but good.  It's time for my annual evaluation.  My supervisor said that he didn't believe in surprises and he thought everyone pretty much knew how they were doing.  He has a policy of letting you know when you need to fix or improve on something when it happens.  Much better than getting a brick upside your head in the form of a less than flattering evaluation.  So, I'm not worried about it.  It's the first time this supervisor has evaluated me but I think it'll be ok. 

We're due for some heavy duty rain tonight and tomorrow.  At least I don't mind being at work while the weather is foul.  It's hard to see the sunlight playing on the leaves and have to sit at my desk.  There's a really nice park behind our building and I like to sit in it with some yarn and needles and just bask.  I don't think there will be any basking tomorrow!


Rose Red said…
A very thoughtful gift for your colleague - good to get the hooks out every so often - especially as crochet is so quick!
Alwen said…
I love when the weather first gets chilly, and makes it so satisfying to sit inside with tea and some knitting!
amy said…
Oh, we're due that rain tomorrow (Friday). But it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend.

I've been thinking of knitting the bus driver & monitor hats. They are WONDERFUL people. I need to have the kids find out their favorite colors.
Anonymous said…
oh what a lovely little head band. i think i could do with one of those for the tangled mess growing on my head! i always have the idea of giving people hand made stuff for christmas but i never get my act together, so ive given up! and of course your evaluation will be fine. i can tell!
Galad said…
What a thoughtful gift and quite cute too!

I've always been a firm believer in reviews having no surprises - I'm sure all will go well :-)
bells said…
oh what a great idea! Really nifty. I love how when you haven't crocheted for a while that rhythm seems odd at first then comes flodding back.
Kaye said…
Beautiful headwarmer!

Lucky you getting an evaluation. I got a "preview" one from my big boss, but then never got the real one. I swear drunk monkeys could run this office better sometimes.

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