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The rest of the week passed quickly and warmly.  The ornamental pear trees are white puffs and I never noticed before but they have a rather unpleasant smell.  I kept hoping for a quick burst of rain this weekend to wash the pollen out of the air and to wash the blossoms off those trees.  No such luck.

Instead we had a "partly sunny" weekend.  Actually, there was little sun visible but also only a little bit of rain here and there.  The temperatures did drop (but not to the freezing point, Roxie) and we are wearing socks and sweatshirts again.

Saturday morning we all got up early because we had PLANS.  I was dropping Pk and Elanor off in the woods with Em and Kate and Kobold so they could hike.  First we dropped Em's car off at the end of the trail and I left them about a half mile from Apple Pie Hill in the Wharton State Forest.

As you can see, the sun is out.  Kate bought Kobold a backpack of his own that carried his water dish and water. 

I kissed everyone (but the d…
I am home today because, well, because I could.  We were expecting a delivery of a large and heavy piece of equipment.  It's a woodworking thing and since it's made of cast iron, it's weighty.

At 10 o'clock this morning, this pulled up out front.  I think it's the largest delivery truck that isn't delivering a house full of furniture that I've ever seen.  When Pk ordered his machine, he paid for delivery.  They sent an email saying that we had to pay an extra 34 dollars for the driver to put the package onto the liftgate and lowering it to the ground. 

He was incensed and called them and said we would cancel the order and buy it from someone else.   They relented and the driver lowered the large and heavy box to the street. 

We put it onto wheels and dragged it to the garage and he's been happily unpacking and putting together parts all day.  It will be a jointer (and I have no idea what it does but it's a pretty green color)

I spend most of the da…
Look at this beautiful purple and white crocus.  Our crocuses (croci?) have finally fought their way out from under the daffodils and are showing their faces to the world.

This has been an interesting week here in southern new jersey.  Besides the fact that the days are about 20 degrees warmer than they would normally be, the pollen is also starting to float along in the air making everyone miserable.  We don't usually have to worry about this for a few weeks yet. 

The not-really-scary-but-disconcerting-nonetheless thing was the car stalling and not restarting yesterday at the train station.  I got there before Pk so I got the car and pulled out of the lot to pull in front of the pickup area to wait for him.  This is standard procedure for whomever gets there first.  I got out of the lot and was working my way around the bend and the car stalled at a stop sign.  We have a stick and stalling is not a common event but it's not unheard of.  But this time, the car wouldn't re…
Daylight Savings Time.  It's almost 5:30 and the sun is still fairly high.  It's a good thing that our electronic devices are smarter than we are because for the first time, we actually forgot.  One of the bad things about this is that I'm used to cooking dinner when the sun is going down.  Since that won't happen for at least another hour, I have to retrain myself or dinner will be very late all week!

We found out that our local grocery store is closing in about 6 weeks.  I have almost literally never shopped anywhere else.  Today was probably the last time we'll go there since Pk is afraid they'll stop stocking the shelves and I'm not sure I want to watch it slowly close down.  Almost 30 years and now I have to find a new regular store.  There's another one not too far but they're more expensive and the selection is not as varied. 

These lovely ladies are adding some color to the brown that is our front yard.  They've bloomed before most of th…
I've been feeling kind of under a cloud this week, in a sort of holding pattern.  This is not usual for me.  I am generally a cheerful, optimistic, "look for the good things" kind of person. 
I know where this feeling is coming from and I just have to feel the feelings and wade through the grief.  A long time (17 yrs) client passed away suddenly (but not suprisingly) last week. 
I found out on Monday morning, too late to make arrangements to attend the memorial.  This was a woman I had known and worked with and whose company I enjoyed for a long time.  She was sick on and off for a long time so this was one of those "blessings" people speak about.  But it still hurts.
I was busy busy busy on Monday and most of Tuesday and it wasn't until yesterday that the weight of the loss settled on my shoulders.  Today is a bit better but the heaviness is still there.  In group yesterday we talked about grief and dealing with it and feeling the feelings and I have to fo…
We are coming off two days of rain and the sun has finally come out.  It's 61 degrees here (16C) which is (once again) not at all normal for March here in South Jersey.  One of our daffodils has bloomed and there are several more that will burst forth with just a bit of sunshiney encouragement. 

We are usually just getting our first crocuses and the daffodils are not usually seen until later in March.  My hyacinths have come up and I can see the flower heads down in the leaves.  Those normally come up in April.  It's all very weird.  Maybe they all believe the Mayans and want to bloom early before the end of the world.
Peter Kevin's birthday present came on Thursday.  It's a lathe.  Here it is with a block of ginko that will hopefully become a mallet.  We took Friday off so he could play with it and he's been outside all day yesterday and today (so the warmish temps have not been a bad thing) making shavings.  He's in love.

I spent Friday carding and spinning th…