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So, as I'm sure as you all know by now, we got a bit of winter precipitation last weekend.  We got about 18 inches.  It was enough to make it fun to sit by the window and watch it fall.  We were not the only ones who wanted to stay inside.  These are the footprints of all the birds looking for shelter from the blizzard.  We have a bird feeder and Peter Kevin has been enjoying watching the power struggle as the little brown birds push the much larger birds out of the way.   Our stars were mostly buried and you can just see the lights from our snowmen there.  Yes, our Christmas lights are still up.  The weather was too wet to put the ladder up under the window to take them down.
And then Pete's sister died.  She has been fighting cancer for over 20 years and suffered two strokes late last year.  Her poor body just had no fight left in it.  Her memorial is this Friday.  She was what my grandmother would have called a "gutsy broad".  She was funny and smart and one of the …
Happy New Year!! I think my pre holiday post was prescient.  I actually had time to post but didn't have energy or the will to do much more than stare off into space and watch old videos.  Yes, we had the Holiday Plague here.  Pk started it in early December and managed to spread it to me and Elanor just in time for Christmas.
It wasn't helped by the fact that it was 75 F on Christmas Eve.  We went outside around 9 pm to see Santa ride by and we were in t shirts and quite comfortable outside.  Quite a shock to our systems since we are usually bundled in all the sweaters.
So, most of our holidays were spent in pajamas.  I knit a small bit but not enough energy led to many days of just sitting and sleeping.There were amazing handmade presents. Peter Kevin made this ball winder for me.  What's that you say?  It doesn't look like a ball winder?  Well, it's one of those wooden ones that makes large cakes of yarn.  It's in pieces because one of the gears broke in the pr…