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Here it is Monday night.  May 28, Memorial Day here in the US.  Traditionally, the start of Summer in everyone's mind if not quite on the calendar.  I remember Memorial Day BBQs when I was a kid when the temps were not so warm but if a pool was handy, we went swimming.  Memorial Day meant swimming.  Now, it means time.  We try to use our vacation time to stretch the weekend out.  And it means taking the time to remember all those who have served our country.  PK is a vet but he doesn't make much of it.  We weren't officially at war when he was in the Navy.  It was the time when our embassy was overrun in Iran and our people were held hostage.  It was a tense time and with no email, skype or cell phones, our contact was limited to letters.  I waited for those pieces of paper that let me know he was ok.  I still have a few of them and they bring fond memories of a much younger us.

So, we stretched out our weekend.   Peter Kevin and I took Friday off and we took tomorrow off…
What a good weekend this was. 

Let's start with Friday.  The Handle with Care class went well.  I only had to take down my partner twice but I allowed someone to restrain me and my shoulders still felt it this morning.  It's not a comfortable position (but then it's not supposed to be).

Pk and I went to see the Avengers at 4:15 and liked it so much that we picked up Elanor, Kate and Patrick, got some Chinese food for dinner and went to see it again.  That Capt America fills out the spandex in a spectacular way. 

Saturday, Pk and I got up and ran errands which included looking for a space heater for under my desk at work since the a/c tends to be a bit much.  No joy.  Wrong season for heaters. We bought a birthday present for Patrick and then picked up prescriptions, did the grocery shopping and got all the laundry done.  I also baked a cake for Patrick's birthday and we went to Kate's house for dinner.  A busy but productive day.

I love spending time with my kids…
Your jury service for this term has ended. You are no longer required to report as previously instructed and need not check for any further instructions. We thank you for serving as a juror in the United States District Court.

Well, that was an interesting two weeks!  Since May 4, I have been checking in at the District of NJ website to see if I needed to report for Jury Duty.  Each day, it would say something along the lines of  "no thanks, not today but check back tomorrow".  Today,  the message above came up.  So, I have done my civic duty and didn't have to leave the comfort of my home. 

This week has been a tough one at work.  I had two women call and tell me they were feeling suicidal.  Both because of family members.  I talked to them and we came to the conclusion that they really didn't want to die, they just wanted not to feel bad. 

Family is amazing and wonderful and awful and hurtful all at the same time.  I like to think that I helped them realize that the…
Mother's Day.  I have mixed feelings about this day.  I am forced for at least a few minutes to confront my own conflicting feelings about my mother and our relationship (or the lack thereof).  There are things I am sorry for and things that I had no control over and I have decided to let myself off the hook.  Do I wish things had been different?  You bet.  I tried but somehow I was never good enough. 

I miss my 'other mother', my Aunt Joan.  I have yet to delete her number from my cell phone because I like the thought that she's out there somewhere waiting for my call.  Now there's an idea for a story.  A magic cell phone that stores numbers of dead loved ones and we can call them.  Stephen King could turn it into something fascinating and horrible but for me, it's slightly comforting.

For myself, Mother's Day is odd.  I'm used to being the one doing the 'taking care of ' and having Pk and Elanor downstairs in the kitchen making me breakfast i…
Whew.  THAT weekend flew right by.  I swear I blinked my eye and it was gone.

We got up early on Saturday and left the house by 7 to pick up Kate and head down to MDSW.  After a stop for breakfast (at McDonalds.  I have an unnatural love of their pancakes), we were on the road.  It's a straight shot down 95 until you get to the Beltway.  We take the roads that go around instead of through the major metropolitan area and were soon waiting in a rather long line to get to the fairgrounds.  I don't remember a long line last year but this year it was impressive.

I went to this thing with one thing in mind.  I didn't want to spend money on something I could get at home or very easily online.  I wanted something that was special/different/unique/unavailable.  Fiber festivals are not the places for cheap/low/bargain prices, at least not in my experience.

We pet sheep when they let us, we talked to sheep breeders.  I learned way more than I really wanted to know about artificial in…
May the Fourth be with you.
Happy Star Wars Day!
I can remember the first time I saw Star Wars in the theater.  It was June 1977.  I had just gotten home from college and my best high school friend called and said, "We should go see this movie.  I hear it's good".
"Good".  It literally blew me away.  We waited in an unprecedentedly long line and had to sit in the front (which I hate) but Wow.  It was such an impressive movie.  I think I went back and saw it 26 times in the theater (yes, children, this was in the days long before vhs).   It remains one of my very favorite movies ever.  Something about the good guys winning against incredible odds.
My sinuses have been giving me fits all week as our weather teeters between damp/cold and rainy/warm and sunny.  All in the same day or two.  Today it's that wonderful kind of misty day.  If you stand outside for any real length of time, you'll be wet but it just feels like walking through the clouds.  The fog o…