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As proof that I can still finish things that I start knitting, I give you the last two pairs of socks I have finished.  And both are mine. Both are made from Roxanne's Art Walk Sock Yarn but both are different.  The one on the left with the leaf design (still one of my favorite patterns to wear and to knit) is what she calls "smooshy" yarn.  And it is smooshy.  The cakes are bigger than the non-smooshy ones of the same yardage.  It's a bit more orange/brown than the photo and I love it. The blue one is a simple lace pattern made with a cashmere/merino blend.  It feels so soft and nice to work with.  I really love it and despite the fact that I seem to have a lot of blue clothes, I don't make blue socks very often.  These are not very tall socks so the picot cuff works.  I like the way it looks and don't know why I don't think of using it more often. I forgot.  I finished another pair!  I made Pk another pair of what he calls Fire Socks (since they are mostly…
Here we are at Tuesday morning already.  Our weather has been bouncing back and forth between cold and balmy.  When we leave for work in the morning, it can be cold enough for mittens but coming home, it's warm enough for just shirt sleeves.  It's a weird time of year.
Sunsets are short but intense.  This is out the back window of my house just about dinner time (around 5 pm).  The days are getting shorter so quickly.  In another few weeks by 5 it will be full on dark.
I ripped out an almost finished (all but the last half of the foot) sock because it finally dawned on me to try it on and it was a bit too small.  Since the sock was for me, it had to be ripped.  It has been restarted and the larger needles are making just enough difference.
I have been using some Noro that Kate gave me for my birthday for another pair of socks for me (if someone gives me some yarn, I almost feel honor bound to make something for myself with it).  This pair was too large and I had to rip it out…
If you can stand one more photo of fall foliage, this is the tree outside our bedroom window.  I woke up Saturday morning and the bedroom was suffused with an orange glow.  The sun had just made it over the top of the house and hit this tree.  It reflected all that orange out into the air.  It was glorious.  We have been really blessed this year in terms of fall color.  It seems like everywhere we go, there is a tree that is showing off.
After two major storms in two years (although nothing to rival what went on in the Philipines last week.  Those poor folks are devastated), this is our first real Fall in a while.
When we went to Rhinebeck we bought some souvenirs since it was our first time.  I bought a t shirt with this year's logo on it.  I followed the washing instructions and this is what it looks like today.  You can just see the word Festival in yellow.  The rest is supposed to be a Jacob Sheep but you'd be hard pressed to know that.
The thing that bothers me is that …
It's been a while.......

And I have no idea why.  We are deep into Fall now and the weather has been glorious.  Life is blissfully dull (and I mean that sincerely).  We have been eating popcorn which I made on the stove in the heavy aluminum pot.  I always put too much in the pot and the lid always pops up. 
This batch was consumed while watching Star Trek: Into the Darkness which has become one of our favorite movies. (even if Mr Cumberbatch has a tendency to open his mouth very wide and enunciate in a big way).
No major storms have come through so we have had some beautiful leaf displays.  The last two seasons both Irene and Sandy have cut short the fall display but this year, as if to make up for that, the leaves have been hanging around longer and turning such beautiful colors.

 Hallowe'en came and went.  I wore my t shirt with the bats and houses on it and my ghost headband to work.  I've had the headband for years but since I only wear it one day a year, it has lasted…