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   Happy Friday!  Here we are with some crocuses coming up on Monday after work.  They are later than usual due to the cold weather not wanting to give up it's hold.
And here are the same two crocuses on Tuesday morning after it snowed (again!) on Monday night.  Thankfully, crocuses are hardy little things and these are still blooming. 
I think we are out of the woods as far as snow goes but I am afraid to believe it.  It's supposed to rain pretty hard all weekend so outdoor activities may be out of the question.  But we can handle the "liquid snow".
Peter Kevin continues to soldier on at work. Monday is the meeting to discuss the progress of his Performance Improvement Plan.  He's met all of the goals, just not by the deadlines set in the Plan.  Partly this is due to the changing requirements of one of the managers but I'd bet they are not going to take that into consideration.  He's been bringing home personal things a bagfull at a time so tha…
This was our house on Tuesday when we got home from work.  Those are deadly looking, aren't they?  Our gutter leaks there but the ground has been so wet/snowcovered/muddy under the window that Pk was afraid to put a ladder up to put on a new piece of gutter.  As soon as the weather clears, he'll do that.
Needless to say, the peas did not get planted.  We're hoping to get to them this weekend (no rain in the forecast). There are, however, snow showers in the forecast for later next week.  I will try to remember this in August when we're complaining of the heat.
Pk has been having a hard time at work.  One of the managers wants him gone and gone he will be.  Probably sooner rather than later.  And since PA is an "at will " state, they can fire him without giving a reason.  It's very stressful since the job market is so tight.  And we only have a year and a half on our mortgage.  It would be a good time for us to win the lottery.
He actually feels a bit re…
 Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!
This isn't what it usually looks like around here on March 17 but this is what greeted me this morning as Iwalked out my front door.  What you can't see is the snow continuing to fall at a good clip as I made my way to the car.
And then down Locust Street.  Look how much lighter it was once I got into Philadelphia.  You're supposed to plant your peas today but I don't think we're going to get there.
And in the Here We Go Again category, clothing division, I went wedding dress fabric shopping with Kate yesterday. 
This is the colors and fabric she chose.  The green will be the underdress and the lace (which has sequins all over it) will be on top.  We've made this dress before.  When Kate went to the ROTC ball in high school she chose this dress pattern and we made it in an ice blue color with a sparkly overdress.  It is a perfect style for her and this color will look lovely.  There's plenty of time until the wedding in Octo…
We made it through what will be (hopefully) our last snow storm of the season.  There are flakes in the forecast for Wednesday night but they are not supposed to amount to much.  I didn't have to take a day off on Monday so I can start accumulating vacation time for the days when the sun is out and I can get outdoors.

Here's a few of the things happening in our world here in NJ. There have been interesting ships in the river.  This is an amphibious craft docked on the Delaware river.  It looked like a giant Lego ship.  I kept trying to get a photo every day as the train went across the bridge. 
There have been soccer games on weekend mornings.  This was the reason we broke down and bought a television and Pk has been taking full advantage of it.  The English games are winding down and the  MLS games here are just starting up so it's soccer all year round.  And let's not forget World Cup this year. 
Peter Kevin gets up early and sits there in the sunshine, "photosyn…