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What five decisions are you most proud of?  I was browsing blogs at work this morning (as you do) when I came across schmutzie and this was her question (which she got from someone else).  I like reading her blog.  It's about real life and she's a good writer and a crocheter and an all around interesting person.  I was having a hard time thinking of five actual decisions I've made since it seems like I often just let things happen, which is a decision all its own.

-marrying Peter Kevin
-having children
-teaching myself to knit
-becoming a social worker

Marrying Peter Kevin.  This decision has led to the best parts of my life.  I have known such joy and contentment in my life and he is the best part of it.  When we got married, it was despite opposition from my parents and that relationship never recovered.  It changed the way we lived our lives and made us determined to prove my dad wrong and to have a good life.  I think we have succeeded so far.

Having children…
You know that Pk and I work really hard every day, right?  That's why we have time to email each other.  He found this today and I had to share.

This is a real CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website.  The beauty of it is that it will make folks pay attention to a possibly real threat by using the zombies (not that zombies aren't real)
Here it is Monday morning already.  Last week went by so quickly.  I felt so tired all week.  I know I worked and I know I cooked dinner and I think there was some light knitting done but really, not much else.

Today, I am surprisingly awake.  I say surprisingly since I had a bit of insomnia last night and remember looking at the (new) alarm clock repeatedly during the night and the time seemed to be moving along slowly.  And then this funny little melody started playing.  We needed a new alarm clock since the radio on ours had just about died and the morning news on national public radio is where we get the majority of our news and information.  We were looking for a while to find one with dual alarms.  Pk's alarm goes off at 5 and it's always been a buzzing noise.  Now it's a delicate beepbeepbeep.  He's always been alarm A.  I've always been alarm B and it's always been the radio. 

Our new clock has different settings and Alarm A has a radio and B does not.…
Fall starts this week according to the calendar (and based on the earth's rotation and position of the sun, etc) on Friday the 23rd.  I could tell even if I didn't have a calendar in front of me.  It was 49 degrees this morning (9 C) and I needed a jacket to go to work.  The sun is definitely lower in the sky and the nights are cool enough to need a blanket.

It's also Elanor's birthday tomorrow.  She'll be 28.  I remember the day so well.  I sent Pk off to work in the morning at 7, like always.  We were living in southern Maryland at the time, miles away from everything. 

I called him an hour later and told him I was in labor (it was a few days overdue) and he came right home.   Fourteen hours later, (after countless games of UNO during which Pk took total advantage of me and cheated) they pulled Elanor from my body, all 8 pounds 9 1/2 ounces of her, with forceps.  The doctor was tired of waiting.  She had good strong lungs (I could hear her all the way down the h…
Let me introduce you to my In Dreams shawl.  The color is more like the top photo.  It's a coppery color with beads that pick up the light and shimmer.

The yarn is an alpaca/silk blend laceweight (sienna) from WEBS and the beads are size 8 triangular gold/cranberry. 

I started this in the middle of February as part of a Lord of the Rings (Two Towers) kal.  It went well in the beginning, at least for the first few clues but then there was a problem and suddenly I couldn't count and my stitch count was off and I put it away for the months of June and July.

Sometime in August, (when it was hot and miserable), I picked it back up and decided to rip out the section that I was having trouble with and to start the last two and a half clues over.  I put in a life line and started again. 

And this time, we worked well together.  As the rows grew longer, I could see the pattern developing and was getting excited.  And then I could see the end and worked as often as I could so I could fi…
Before I say anything else, I have to acknowledge that today is Sept 11.  aka Patriot's Day here in the US. It's the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.  I have tried to avoid the hype leading up to this day all week.  I just can't stand to hear it over and over.  Now that the day is here, I find myself feeling choked up at odd times as I remember that day and how it felt and the awful weeks afterwards.  It was an event that changed our lives forever.  Some freedoms we took for granted have been eroded and our sense of safety has likewise been deminished. 
But, as someone who lived through it said, we can choose to dwell in the past or move forward.  I choose to move forward and to try to learn something from the experience.
This was a productive weekend for us.  We kept our promise to ourselves to go to the gym twice this week by going Saturday morning.  Pk did his regular workout and I took the aqua fit class.  It was an hour of nonstop movement …
We are patting ourselves on our very humble backs this morning since we got up on our day off and WENT TO THE GYM.  Yep.  We had no real expectations as to how well we would do and lots of expectations on how sore our muscles would be (sitting still for any length of time would be a bad thing today).  And it was pouring rain as we got ready to walk out the door but we went. 

It is our intention that this is the first of two visits this week and there will be two visits next week and then the following week, we'll work up to 3 visits a week.  We have a PLAN and hopefully will stick to it this time.  I managed to do 15 minutes and almost a mile on the eliptical machine and some abdominal exercises, thigh muscle workout and some shoulder exercises.  Enough for one day. 

We did so well for the first 10 months or so last year, up until November.  For some reason, we stopped and then sporadically made attempts to restart.  Our gym bags sat in the car most of the spring and summer but …
Welcome to Labor Day Weekend here in the US.  Started as a way to honor the working man/woman, it's become a day to have one of these.  Or to spend one last weekend sunning on the beach.  It's our unofficial end of summer although the calendar will tell you otherwise. 
The weather is supposed to be iffy, with thundershowers predicted on Saturday night and maybe into Sunday/Monday.  It would make it hard to refresh the tan.  I wouldn't go near the beach this weekend if you paid me.  It will be crowded and I hate that.  The irony is that the weather is darn near perfect at the shore this time of year. 
We are planning a picnic on Saturday.  On Wed nite, Pk said "how about a picnic this weekend?" and through the magic of texting, we had contacted everyone and made plans for Saturday afternoon within an hour.  He wanted to have fried chicken and potato salad but I objected to spending all morning tomorrow in the kitchen.  We're taking lunch meat and cheese and ro…