Here it is Monday morning already.  Last week went by so quickly.  I felt so tired all week.  I know I worked and I know I cooked dinner and I think there was some light knitting done but really, not much else.

Today, I am surprisingly awake.  I say surprisingly since I had a bit of insomnia last night and remember looking at the (new) alarm clock repeatedly during the night and the time seemed to be moving along slowly.  And then this funny little melody started playing.  We needed a new alarm clock since the radio on ours had just about died and the morning news on national public radio is where we get the majority of our news and information.  We were looking for a while to find one with dual alarms.  Pk's alarm goes off at 5 and it's always been a buzzing noise.  Now it's a delicate beepbeepbeep.  He's always been alarm A.  I've always been alarm B and it's always been the radio. 

Our new clock has different settings and Alarm A has a radio and B does not.  So, I have to play around with it and make Pk alarm B and me Alarm A.  And I have to see if the beepbeepbeep has a volume.  It needs to be louder.

I managed to finish the first pair of holiday socks last night.  I'm halfway through the second pair and the third pair is started.  The fourth pair is still in the planning stages.  All socks all the time until they're done.  I've spoiled my family into expecting new socks for Christmas.  It's completely doable as long as I remain focused.

I started a scarf from the Estonian Lace book.  It's the Rhaina (sp?) scarf.  It's thin and is only one pattern repeat across.  They used a cashmere/quivit blend.  Way too rich for me so I am using the loosely spun and luxuriously soft alpaca I bought at the GS sheep show.  It's not great for perfect stitch definition but the pattern shows and it's coming along nicely.  I worked on it a bit yesterday. 

Our weather was horrendous over the weekend.  Humid air and temps in the 80's.  If you sat still and had the fan on, it was cool.  But one movement and the sweat just broke out all over.  And not delicate lady perspiration.  Lumberjack sweat.  We got up and went to the gym on Saturday and then ran some errands and did the grocery shopping and that was about it for the day.  Pk put some kabobs on the grill and we tried not to move too much.

Yesterday was such a lazy day.  Laundry and napping was about it for the day. I made a pot of chicken and dumplings for dinner.  It was wonderful and filling.  Comfort food. 

My knitting group has grown to 7 people.  I went and got some new supplies Friday night.  I bought some crochet hooks, a few knitting needles and some nice soft yarn to start with.  I also bought a few small counted cross stitch for the few women who mentioned they wanted to learn.  We have a variety of projects going, a baby layette, a ruffled scarf, a freeform scarf, a baby blanket and of course some socks.  I have a woman who wants me to teach her to make socks.  I told her what to buy and we'll try this week.   I'm just pleased there are folks who show up.

And now, I'm sitting at my desk, playing Words with Friends with Bells (she is once again kicking my ass), getting ready to start my Monday morning.  I have to go get the charts and get ready for the start of the clinic.  We're in for more rain and grey skies for at least the next two days.  People will be cancelling left and right since no one likes to come out in the rain. Or the snow.  Or the cold.  Or the heat. 

Have a good week everyone.  I hope fall (spring) is treating you well. 


amy said…
Isn't this humidity crazy this late in September?!

My oldest's teacher is looking for parents to teach kids to knit. I've been waiting to be asked for three years now. ;) I knew your group would grow, given time. Everything worthwhile does.

Have a good week, Donna Lee!
KnitTech said…
Glad to hear the knit group is growing.
Sheepish Annie said…
I never sleep well when I get a new alarm clock. I just can't trust it unless it has been tested at least six times!

Also not loving the humid weather this weekend. "Lumberjack sweat" was about the best description ever!
Galad said…
Spreading the fiber love :-) Glad your group is growing
Roxie said…
I hate it when my alarm clock is smarter than I am. And it is. I turn off the alarm (radio) by turning down the volume all the way.

Hooray for your handwork group! Is there a Joanne's near you? I will send you a gift card for them if there is. I'm eager to support the arts! ;-)
Anonymous said…
the weather is crazy here too. we had this one week of glorious mid summer temps and now we are back to rain and drizzle and cold and gale force winds. what the? im so pleased your group has grown and im not surprised, given the effort you put into it.
bells said…
i don't mean to kick your arse! But God so many people kick mine - I get a bit of a kick when it does actually happen to me!

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