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Our lovely summery weather is over and we are back to hot and humid.  We had a few absolutely picture perfect summer days in between these nasty heat waves and we took advantage of them.

On Wednesday, we left work, picked up Kate, called in an order to our favorite Chinese restaurant and headed to the river to enjoy dinner outdoors.  We had some sesame chicken and dumplings and fried rice.  Absolutely delicious and the breezes off the river felt wonderful. 

A huge tanker came down the river as we sat there.  It was riding high so we assumed it was empty.  There were several pleasure boats out there but none of the very annoying ski doos (you know those small motorized things with the whiny motors).

The ships had to share the river with these guys.  The tide was out so there was land for them to waddle onto.  They seemed to have no fear of the boats and swam around them. 

We sat and Kate and I did some knitting and we actually had to pull on a sweater.  We sat until it was time to clos…
Here it is almost a week later and life is just going along normally.  You'll get no complaints from me on that account.

Handle with Care on Friday was a challenge.  The room we held it in is in the oldest part of the hospital (Pennsylvania Hospital is the oldest one in the US, started in 1751 by none other than Ben Franklin) and is not insulated very well.  We did have a/c but after the room filled with 18 bodies, it was only cool if you sat still.  And since this is about how to both verbally and physically handle aggressive patients, some movement is necessary. 

It was a good group (except for one person who was bound and determined to let us know how much she resented being there, I've never heard so many sighs).  We had a decent discussion about incidents people had witnessed or been involved in and how they could have been handled better.  After lunch, we decided to finish up in our building because our a/c is usually high.  Not that day.  The engineering wizards came i…
You know what I've noticed?  Heat makes people cranky.  Yep.  I can attest to that, being a cranky person myself right about now.  We were going to grill some meat for dinner but opted for sandwiches instead.  I didn't have the heart to ask Pk to stand in front of a grill in this heat.  It's 100 degrees out there.  I have a feeling we'll have some different kind of sandwich tomorrow.

Saturday I'm going for my mammogram and the pelvic ultrasound.  It's an odd feeling to lay on a table with your legs in the air while a stranger manipulates a wand inside your vagina.  The last time I had one done, I told the technician they owed me a meal since we were being so intimate.....
I got the blood tests done this week so I should have some results on what's going on in the female parts of my body soon. 

I have noticed that there are very few colorful flowers in our neighborhood this year.  Right after we planted two flats of brightly colored impatiens out front (fig…
It's almost bedtime here and I'm writing with the hum of the a/c in the room.  Why a/c?  Because even now at 10:30 at night, it's 82 degrees (28C).   We are in the beginnings of what looks to be a vicious bit of weather.  Tomorrow and Wed are supposed to be in the mid 90's and Thursday and Friday are supposed to be close to 100 degrees.  Ew.

Our weekend didn't turn out quite like we expected but it was a good one nonetheless.  Friday night, we went and bought the coffee maker.  It's different and since I can use my own coffee and not have to depend on their rather expensive little pods, it's not as expensive to use as I was afraid it would be.  We bought a selection of their little pod/cups of coffee and they're ok but we also bought a teeny tiny filter basket (no, really, it looks like it might be made for a hobbit) and I can use my favorite brand.  I set the timer to go on at 6 in the morning and when I get downstairs, it's ready to brew.  I put m…
"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Pk and I ride the train together into work everyday and we often look at the people around us.  Very rarely do you see a smiling face.  Now, I know that most of these people are going to work but wow, they look miserable.  I am a smiler.  I smile at people all day (secretly, I think that if I smile at the train driver, he'll stop the train so that the door is right in front of me).  I don't think people pay attention to what their face (expression) says about them as they walk through their day.  Mine says "here's a goofy woman.  Talk to her"

We finally broke down and put the a/c in the bedroom windows on Tuesday night.  After a succession of days when the temps crested in the high 90's (35C) and the humidity was unbearable, we caved.  I took a mental health day on Tuesday.  I just couldn't make myself go to work so I stay…
We had another power outage at work on Friday.  At 3:15.  There was a loud bzzzt and then nothing.  I was just finishing up some stuff and getting ready to go home anyway so it wasn't a big deal to me.  Until I walked downstairs to go outside and could see the rain pouring down.

And of course I had on sandals.

It rained hard off and on all night and Saturday was a sunny but humid day.  Pk mowed and I cleaned and we sat around and were sweaty.  We decided that Sunday we'd attempt another day at the lake.

We got up early and headed out the door by 9.  We stopped and bought some sandwiches and ice and got to the lake at 10.  We set up umbrellas and chairs and plopped ourselves down.  Of course there was liberally applied sunblock.  The building behind us there is the bath house.  There is a snack bar in which they cook french fries.  This is a fiendish plot to make people hungry.  And it works every time!

Look at how clean the beach is. The sky was as blue and cloudless as it can b…
I think the person who invented window fans is a pure and simple genius.  As long as the temp goes down somewhat at night, it keeps our rooms cool and we've been able to avoid using the a/c.  We haven't even put them in the windows.  It's been a warm week but that's what passes for normal here on the eastern coast of the US in July.  

I like July.  I like summer in general.  There's something unrushed about the long days and soft sultry nights.  The mosquitos have been awful this year so sitting outside is not something we do often.  We sat at the park on the Fourth (no lake joy for us.  We got there at 9:30 in the morning to be told it was "at capacity".) and my feet are still itchy.  There were tiny little bugs (could have been sand fleas) that made sharp little bites which turned into large itchy welts.  I've been putting ice and some spray on them but all I want to do it scratch.  It's hard to ignore but I'm trying.  I've already scr…
Happy Fourth of July! Today is only the third but people are celebrating the entire weekend.  We've been listening to fireworks for the last two nights.  They sound an awful lot like pop corn popping in the pan.

Our town cancelled the fireworks for tonight.  "budgetary constraints".  We have opted not to travel to find some locally.  A few small towns around here will have displays but it's difficult to get there and home without sitting in traffic for well over an hour.

We took a few days off this past week.  We had some vague plans and then Pk wrenched his back on Sunday.  Nothing serious, just painful.  He had trouble standing and walking.  We have a massage pad and a support belt and some pain patches and now he's moving easily. 

Unfortunately, we had to abandon some of our plans.  We had hoped to go to the lake today but it was raining this morning and there was a 70% chance of rain all day.  We're going to try to go tomorrow.  I say "try" bec…