"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."
~Thich Nhat Hanh
Pk and I ride the train together into work everyday and we often look at the people around us.  Very rarely do you see a smiling face.  Now, I know that most of these people are going to work but wow, they look miserable.  I am a smiler.  I smile at people all day (secretly, I think that if I smile at the train driver, he'll stop the train so that the door is right in front of me).  I don't think people pay attention to what their face (expression) says about them as they walk through their day.  Mine says "here's a goofy woman.  Talk to her"
We finally broke down and put the a/c in the bedroom windows on Tuesday night.  After a succession of days when the temps crested in the high 90's (35C) and the humidity was unbearable, we caved.  I took a mental health day on Tuesday.  I just couldn't make myself go to work so I stayed home and spent most of the day just sitting still since it was so hot.  I put dinner in the crock put and made some rice early in the day so I could just reheat it at dinner time and not have to cook when it was so hot.
Pk came home and put the window units in and it was bliss.  It's so much easier to sleep when you don't stick to the sheets.
We have one of those weekends coming up when there is fun planned but no time to get the chores done and no down time.  While I like being busy, I crave downtime so it'll be a challenge to find some.  Friday night we have to do the grocery shopping and buy a new coffee maker (Pk broke the carafe to the old one and it's over 10 yrs old and irreplaceable).  We have been doing some research and are probably going to buy a Keurig.  Someone told Pk how much they love theirs and he was intrigued by the "cup of coffee in one minute" part.  As long as it's a good cup of coffee, I don't really care.
We also need a new clock radio.  This proves to be a challenge because we need two alarms and they don't make many models that have that feature.  Our current one is dying by inches and it's gotten to the point where I can't stand it anymore.
Saturday we (Pk, Kate, Patrick and I) are going to a fiber/yarn/knitted goods trunk show put on by a local indie dyer.  We thought we could catch the train into Philadelphia, have lunch and Pk and Patrick could walk South Street for a bit while Kate and I check out the yarny action.  I just got the most amazing wrap pattern called Isengard (Susan Pandorf) and I need some fingering weight yarn to make it.  It's a charted pattern and I am hopeless with them but I'm willing to try again.
Saturday night we're having dinner with some friends at a Moroccan restaurant complete with belly dancers.  Pk and I have eaten there before and the food is tasty (except for the chicken in pastry that had a quarter inch of powdered sugar and cinnamon on top-that was just odd) and the entertainment was fun. 
Sunday is Women's World Cup.  Pk has been watching the games (loudly and vigorously) and was excited to watch the US women's team advance to the finals.  He mentioned to one of his coworkers that she should have a world cup party on Sunday and she took the bait.  So, we may be heading over to Pennsyvania for that. 
Somewhere in all of this, I have to find time to do the laundry, change the bed, clean the bathroom, vaccum and dust and clean the kitchen.  Something has to give and it will probably be the cleaning.  I have my priorities, you know.  Clean underwear being one of them.
It sounds like a good weekend.  I can take some knitting with me to the World Cup party and just sit quietly since I'm not a soccer fan.  I like Pk's coworkers so it's not a chore to spend time with them. 
So, how about you?  How are you holding up in the heat (or cold if you're in the middle of winter)? Any good plans?


Rose Red said…
What a great weekend you have planned! I vote for not doing the cleaning too, it will wait!

We are going to buy new jeans (if we can find good ones) on the weekend. Very exciting as neither of us have had new jeans for a couple of years, maybe even 4 years. And I have to buy some more yarn for my TdF knitting, won't that be a chore, NOT! Heh heh.
Roxie said…
After all, you dust, six weeks later you just have to dust again, so why bother?

Hooray for AC! Sleep is SO important. Think of the bad old days when women had to go through labor in those sweltery, steamy conditions!

Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy. And keep smiling!
colleen said…
I secretly think the same thing about the train driver!LOL
amy said…
I try to make a point to say "Good morning" and "How are you?" and things like that, to the people I come across. I know I often look tired (hello, three kids! including one transitioning to her own bed) and people mistake that for grumpy. Sigh. I can't help looking tired, really.

Tuesday was beastly. I scrapped my dinner plan (I'll make that meal tonight; it's dry and cooler today) and we had raw veggies, hummus, rice chips, and fruit for dinner.

My husband took tomorrow and Monday off. Tomorrow we're heading to an art museum near Boston, Monday we'll take him to the beach with us. Weekends around here can get crowded with the tourists so we'll just take it as it comes. We often stay close to home and just play around in the yard.
DrK said…
oh your weekend does sound great! i have lots of chores to do, the legacy of being away for a bit. but im looking forward to less dust and clean sheets. i do have plans to see the new harry potter at the movies though. and knitting of course. and hiding from the cold, though the sun is out today so maybe i'll take the dogs to the park. enjoy xx
Galad said…
I vote against cleaning frequently (not a problem in the short term but does lead to long term yuck)

Your blog keeps reminding me to dig out crock pot recipes for the summer. Such an easy way to fix dinner and doesn't heat up the kitchen.

We'll be watching soccer too :-) Go USA
KnitTech said…
You don't have cleaning fairies? You're very deprived.
Bells said…
it's freezing here (for us anyway) so I had a lovely day at home in the warmth, while it rained. But I'm looking forward to some sunshine and warmth now.

i notice faces too. sometimes there's not much to smile about early in the morning on the bus so I don't but I try not to be/look miserable!

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