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So, Rhinebeck.  I'm not sure what to say. It was a fun trip (mostly because I was travelling with my best friend) but not at all what I expected. 

Our adventure started on Friday when we left work early.  We stopped for snacks on the way home and then changed our clothes, put our suitcase and cooler in the car and headed north.

NJ Turnpike is usually a good ride if you want to get from here to there quickly and without a lot of fuss (plus regular places-to-pee for those of  us who take blood pressure meds with diuretics in them).  This weekend it was not to be.  They are rebuilding (or maybe adding lanes?) and the traffic was stop and go for a good bit once we got into central Jersey. 
And then the Garden State Parkway.  This is just craziness in asphalt.  It is such a congested road and maniacs drive on it.  It too was a bit slower than we had imagined.  We took it up and then went well west of New York City (we are not crazy enough to drive through the city on a Friday rush ho…
Look at that handsome face.  Even after 32 years of marriage (and 6 years of dating before that), he can still manage to surprise me.
Tuesday night I mentioned in an offhand way, "this weekend is the NY Sheep and Wool".
"What's that?"
"Oh".  Now, he knows what that means because we had vague plans to go this year.  There is an aerodrome in Rhinebeck that he wanted to see and we were going to make a weekend of it.  But family takes precedence and Em and Jim got married and Kate and Patrick are planning a wedding for next year so I put it out of my head.  Really not a big deal.  I knew we'd get there one day.
30 minutes later, as I was cooking dinner, Pk comes down and opening his ipad says, "So, it's 190 miles, about 3 and a half hours.  We can leave from work on Friday, drive to Newberg, about an hour away and stay somewhere and then get up early on Saturday morning and hit the festival.  We'll walk around unti…
We are in the middle of a predicted stretch of wet, cool days.  I don't mind them.  They're conducive for getting indoor chores done.  We have a tendency to blow off chores on weekends that are nice and to go out and play.
But, with the weather cooling down, it makes me want to start to batten down the hatches and get ready for the winter (which as we all know is coming).  It's time to put away the garden and collect all the green tomatoes and put them into brown bags to finish ripening.  We have some mushroom soil left to mix into the beds so that come spring, we'll be ready to plant them all over again.
Last night for dinner I used a quart bag of tomato puree from the tomatoes that we grew this year.  Romas.  I  emptied the bag into a large, heavy pot and let it boil for about an hour.  This reduced it by half.  It was still thin but getting thicker so I put the meat balls and bits of sausage into the sauce along with some seasonings and let it finish cooking down.
Autumn has finally arrived here with all the gorgeousness that comes along with it.  What makes some leaves turn before others?  Why do some leaves cling to the branches while others quickly give up and fall to the ground?
Inquiring minds want to know (and will probably have to spend some time later looking it up).
This has been a toothfull week for me.  Last week, I got a call from Kate asking if I could take her to the oral surgeon.  One of her wisdom teeth broke and they all had to come out.  Thursday afternoon I sat in the waiting area while they pulled her teeth and then took her home and gave her some smoothie and frozen veggies for her face.  I couldn't take her home to her house because the dog is there and I think she would have punched him in the head if he had tried to give her some love.
She was in some pain and sick from anaesthetic but otherwise fine.  She's even better today.
I took Pk to a different oral surgeon yesterday to have a wisdom tooth pulled because …
"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself."

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Easier said than done, no?  I can't tell you the number of times I've said negative things to myself that I would never think of saying to someone else.  I wonder why we can't be as good to ourselves as we are to other people? 

Things around here have been quiet (this is not a complaint!).  Our mornings are darker and we are leaving the house just as the sun comes up.  This is painful but it allows us to see some beautiful sunrises.  There are bits of yellow and orange appearing on the tips of the trees and bushes. 
Fall is well and truly here but today and tomorrow our temperatures are supposed to top out at 85 F (29C).  The mornings start out around 55 F (12C) so the difference is around 30 degrees.  I was going to make the clothing exchange last weekend and put the summer clothes away but it suddenly got too nice to spend the day …