Autumn has finally arrived here with all the gorgeousness that comes along with it.  What makes some leaves turn before others?  Why do some leaves cling to the branches while others quickly give up and fall to the ground?

Inquiring minds want to know (and will probably have to spend some time later looking it up).

This has been a toothfull week for me.  Last week, I got a call from Kate asking if I could take her to the oral surgeon.  One of her wisdom teeth broke and they all had to come out.  Thursday afternoon I sat in the waiting area while they pulled her teeth and then took her home and gave her some smoothie and frozen veggies for her face.  I couldn't take her home to her house because the dog is there and I think she would have punched him in the head if he had tried to give her some love.

She was in some pain and sick from anaesthetic but otherwise fine.  She's even better today.

I took Pk to a different oral surgeon yesterday to have a wisdom tooth pulled because the tooth next to it had a cavity and our dentist couldn't get to the cavity.  His surgery went much quicker and he claims not to be in any pain today.  I think sometimes he's just stoic.  I've had teeth pulled and while it's not the world's worst pain, it's not nothing either.  I made him a smoothie as well (pineapple and coconut-our new favorite) and some eggs for dinner.  He's at work today.

These are goose neck squash.  Aren't they cool?  We saw them in shop rite last week while doing the grocer shopping.  I thought it might be fun to put a recording of geese buried somewhere in there.  It would freak people out! 

Saturday, we went to the flea market at Allaire State Park and rode the Pine Creek Railroad (a narrow gauge railroad that looks like a giant's train set). 

While at the flea market, I found some friends.  Remember these guys? 
They were (and continue to be) two of my all time favorite cartoon characters.  That's Rocky and Bullwinkle.  The dealer had the whole set (Boris and Natasha and Fearless Leader.  Dudley DoRight, Nell Fenwick and Snidely Whiplash.  Sherman and Peabody).  Sadly, my budget wouldn't allow me to bring the whole gang home so I settled for the Moose and Squirrel.

We also bought some new additions to our cookie cutter collection.  Our tyrannosaurus now has a triceratops for a friend.  And now we can have a Christmas Chicken as well.  I almost bought an axe shaped cutter but Pk thought it might be a bit much.

There were so many interesting and desirable things!  One man was selling a spinning wheel from the 1800's which worked and was very sturdy but a bit out of my price range at the moment.  And then there was this sewing machine.  It's a Singer cast iron machine but not electric.  It's the first one I've ever seen that works with a handle.  It moved so smoothly that you know it was recently oiled.  The needle moved up and down so I assume it worked.  It also had a wooden case (you can just see it in the photo there).   I was fascinated with it but the dealer wanted a bit more than I wanted to spend.  Pk was trying to enable me but I already have 3 sewing machines and really don't need another one. 

We rode the train and had a picnic lunch (right next to the man selling Fried Oreos--a BIG mistake).  The weather was perfect if a bit humid. 

And after a ferocious rain storm yesterday, today feels all washed clean.  The humidity is gone and the sky is brilliantly blue.  I can't wait to finish work so I can go outside.  The temps are low enough that it's time to wash the winter woolies and take the coats to the cleaners and make sure everyone has mittens, gloves, scarves and hats.  The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a frigid and snow filled winter for us.  They've been wrong before by why take chances? 

This Thursday Pk and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  32 years (plus 6 years of dating) we've been together.  And he's still my best friend and the love of my life. We'll celebrate next week after his mouth has finished healing and we can go out for dinner.  I think we'll head down to Atlantic City and walk the boardwalk and have dinner before the weather gets too cold.


Galad said…
Thanks for the leaf picture. I love the color change and rarely get to see it. By the time I go to Iowa for Halloween, the leaves will all be down.

Those goose neck squash are weird looking. The idea of a recording made me giggle :-)
Olivia said…
Happy anniversary for tomorrow!

I don't know about PK's level of pain, but I am here to tell you it is possible to have a wisdom tooth pulled out almost painlessly because it happened to me. I only needed one out and had it done in the chair with just a local. It came out really easily and I hardly felt anything the next day.

I tried to comment on your previous post and it was lost - why do we say things to ourselves that we would never say to anyone else? I'm working on improving thism because I do it a lot and I'd like to be kinder to myself - but I know part of the reason is because it is a release and because I can't/won't take out that anger on anyone else. In a way it's extremely indulgent.
Saren Johnson said…
I hope everyone is feeling much better.

Our leaves are turning also. I'll need to get some pictures of those before it's too late.
DrK said…
so the thing i've taken from this whole post is FRIED OREOS!! who knew such a thing existed! i had my wisdom teeth pulled when i was 16 and it was most definitely NOT nothing. i hope they have all pulled up ok. i am going to try that pineapple and coconut smoothie this summer, i may add mango however. the leaves look beautiful - we dont really get a 'fall' here. nor spring either by the looks, its meant to hit 38C here today. what the?! kxx
Rose Red said…
Happy Anniversary to you and PK! Hope everyone recovered from the tooth extractions - it gives me the squicks just reading about it, I have such a dental phobia.

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