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I will readily admit that I was one of the last ones to jump on the ravelry bandwagon. In fact, I only joined so that when people linked to patterns I could see them. And then I joined and went and looked around.

Wow. I know this is preaching to the choir here but it is a wonderful site. (and a really, really good time suck for when you're bored at work). Yesterday, while browsing new groups I came across one called Yarnstorm. Intrigued, I checked it out. It's a group of people who donate unwanted/unused stash yarn to a central source who then mails it out as a 'yarnstorm' to someone who could use a 'pick-me-up' or are having a budget crunch. It's a way to help a fellow crafter out and to clean out yarn (to make room for more?) and to generally feel good.

I found the group at work and it just made my whole day to read about how excited the recipients were when they got big boxes of yarn from the yarnstormers. And wow, have people been generous. Ther…
The humid weather continues today. As long as you sit still and there's a fan running, it's ok. We don't have central a/c and have managed not to put in the window units yet. The longer we can hold out, the easier it is to pay the electric bills! It's been cooling down enough at night so the window fans bring in the cool outdoor air. I plan to put something in the crock pot for dinner and put on the fan and spin or knit most of the day. I have a mild migraine so it'll be best to aim for simple.

I picked up my cousin yesterday and we started on a project for my aunt. It was her daughter who died in April and I've wanted to do something but didn't know what (other than make her some colorful socks). When Alana (my cousin' s daughter who's 11) called I offered her a crafty afternoon and she jumped on it.

I have a friend at work who recently showed me a quilt top she made from her old t-shirts. It was clever and beautiful. And then I remembered Bezzie ma…
How wonderful to be able to maintain an inspiring and rewarding relationship with someone who loves you so much. You are fortunate indeed, donna lee. There is much to be grateful for.
This was part of my horroscope for today. I know there are people out there who live and plan their days according to what the stars tell them but I'm not one of them. I'm always mildly surprised when they sort of corrrespond with whatever's going on in my life but I don't believe I am guided by the stars. Today's was about how it's a good day to "move your relationship to a higher level" and the above part was included. I don't know about the higher level but I like being reminded that I am fortunate and have much to be grateful for.
I am 'casting about' for some lace pattern that speaks to me. I spent a long time looking at patterns last night and nothing says "knit me!". Well, ok, some did but they're all in a book sold by schoolhouse press tha…
I haven't done one of these in a very long time and this one sounded like fun. Thanks Roxie.

You are 48% ninja! You are more ninja than average. But that is not saying much with this population. The modern civilization is a wreck, it seems! Anyway, if you are aged 1-3 you might hope to still pursue a career as a ninja.

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This was a beautiful weekend here on the east coast of the US. After a few humid days on Thursday and Friday where we had the usual summer thunderstorms, the weekend was lovely. We spend Saturday doing our regular chores. For some reason I felt so tired that everytime I sat down, I dozed off into a light sleep. I thought it was just me but when I mentioned it to Pk, he said the same thing so maybe we picked up a low grade virus or something. As we were going through the aisles in the grocery store (Sat afternoon in the summer is a good time to shop around here. the store was empty!),he said, "I'm feeling a lake day coming on. How about tomorrow?" I, of course, agreed and we picked up some lunchmeat for sandwiches and I made some brownies and we were set.

The sky was the blue that it only gets in the summer. Heartbreaking and beautiful. There were huge puffy clouds and a breeze that made it comfortable to sit on the sand (under the umbrella and covered with sunblock and I …
This comic is entitled Sheeple. It's from xkcd, one of my all time favorites. It was good for a Wednesday Morning Smile.I have always loved the comics page of the newspaper the best. I used to force myself to read the rest of the paper just to reward myself with the comics. Then I went to a seminar and the speaker said something along the lines of how he likes to start his day with a smile and so he reads the comics first. Whoa. What a concept! Read the comics first! I often didn't have time in the morning to read the rest of the paper but I got my smiles first thing. Eventually, we realized we were not reading anything in the newspaper but the comics and it was a waste of paper. So, for the first time in all my life, I don't have a morning paper delivered to my house. It felt really weird at first but now I've gotten used to it and I read my favorite comics online so I still get my smiles. I feel bad about the paper but not bad enough to reup my subscripti…
It's been a quiet weekend here in southern new jersey. The weather has been more summery than usual. There were some thunderstorms overnight which brought out the humidity. It's not unbearable. It's actually nice to feel some warmth. A few fans running and it's still comfortable.
On Friday after work, Elanor met us at the train station and we headed to the local fried chicken place (good food but definitely not good for you) and picked up some food to go. We took it to the river and had a picnic. The weather was a little cloudy and cool but it was relaxing. As an added bonus, we got to watch a wedding party pose for their photos. As I sat in my chair with wool socks and jeans and a fleece hoodie on, I watched several young women with sleeveless cocktail dresses (in varying shades of orange and coral) stand in the breeze. I just figured alcohol and adrenalin were keeping them warm. I wish I'd had my camera but I didn't remember to take it with me on Friday morni…
Just for the record, doctors who keep patients waiting for 2 hours and then spend 10 minutes with them should all be forced to run around the block naked in the snow.

We got to Em's house yesterday early because we were afraid of the traffic. We hit none on the way there and very little on the way to the hospital where she was to see the doctor. She signed in and then we sat. And sat. And sat. And then sat some more. The receptionist did apologize once to Em saying they were running behind "a little". Em was finally called into the back where she sat some more and then spent ten minutes (while the doctor took two phone calls) trying to ask her questions. I know neurosurgeons are busy. I get it. But the waiting room was not full. Not even a little.

Contrast this to her experience with the other surgeon whose office staff went out of their way to accomodate Em when she was way early for her appt last week. This was a royal pain in the ass. We got back to Em&#…
Happy 7th of July!

Not the same as Happy 4th but the sentiment is there. As chaotic as things were back then, we could just as easily be celebrating our independence on the 7th. Pk and I just watched most of John Adams (a biopic in many parts). I say 'most of' because we got tired of John after a while. He was a brilliant man (weren't they all?) but also very arrogant and tiresome. And there was a lot of yelling. We watched the first half of the episodes and enjoyed them. I admire Abigail Adams. What a strong woman.

The lovely blueberries of the 4th became my first ever homemade blueberry pie. I've made apple and peach and lemon meringue and others but never blueberry. I even made the crust and didn't cop out by buying ready made. I added some lemon peel and juice to the berries and it was delicious with some vanilla ice cream. Some of the berries were very tart so it was not a boring pie.

Tomorrow we are taking Em for her follow up visit to the neurosur…
Happy Fourth of July!

The last few days have had their share of disappointments and joys. I'll start with some brownies I made from a recipe I had saved from Joy the Baker for S'mores Brownies. Mine looked just like those photos and they sounded soooo good. But when I tasted them, I was disappointed. They were kind of dry. I think the crumbled graham crackers in the batter were the culprit. So, I gave a bunch of them to Kate to give to her coworkers today.

The joy in yesterday was seeing Emily make it down for the fireworks. She said she wanted to come down but I was afraid the trip would be too much for her. It was such a normal thing to do, watching fireworks together (along with her friends who knew right where to find us, we're always in the same spot!). We haven't had a lot of normal in a while and it felt good. The fireworks were wonderful and we oooh'd and aaaah'd and enjoyed them tremendously.

We had planned to go to the lake today. We loaded the car and…
A little while ago, Bells wanted to see our favorite photos of ourselves. I have thought long and hard about this and I'll admit, it was tough. I never like how I appear in photos. I never look like what I think I look like. (does that make sense?) I'm always fatter than I imagine and I always have shiny skin or my hair looks funny. In my mind's eye, I look good and in photos I see this goofy looking woman. I have never had a lot of self confidence in the way I look so it didn't surprise me that I had a hard time. That was one reason I had the 'pin up' shot done for Pk two years ago. It challenged me to look at myself in a new way. I even put one in a frame and he has it on his desk at work.

And so I give you these. I apologize for the photos of the photos. I don't own a scanner and these are way before the advent of digital photos (when photographic evidence was still admissable). These are two of my favorite photos, both taken October 10, 1981.This photo(…