How wonderful to be able to maintain an inspiring and rewarding relationship with someone who loves you so much. You are fortunate indeed, donna lee. There is much to be grateful for.

This was part of my horroscope for today. I know there are people out there who live and plan their days according to what the stars tell them but I'm not one of them. I'm always mildly surprised when they sort of corrrespond with whatever's going on in my life but I don't believe I am guided by the stars. Today's was about how it's a good day to "move your relationship to a higher level" and the above part was included. I don't know about the higher level but I like being reminded that I am fortunate and have much to be grateful for.
I am 'casting about' for some lace pattern that speaks to me. I spent a long time looking at patterns last night and nothing says "knit me!". Well, ok, some did but they're all in a book sold by schoolhouse press that retails for 45 dollars and I didn't want to buy a book for 45 dollars. I may buy it one day because I like so many of the designs in it.

It's a book of Icelandic three corner shawl patterns and there are several on ravelry that are stunning. The patterns are in English and look complicated enough to be interesting but not so difficult that I pull out my hair. I'm going to check out my local library to see if it's there but I think it's doubtful.
I'm not enjoying the Estonian lace scarf. I don't like nupps and considered making them a little smaller but don't know if it'll ruin the look of the pattern. I want to make a Wildflowers shawl for myself and maybe I'll start that until I decide what to play with next. I have that whole book of folk shawl patterns so I don't know what the problem is.......

We're in a blah weather pattern here. "slight chance of thunderstorms" is fine but it brings with it a whole whack of clouds and humidity. It looks like this will be here through the weekend. I have tentative plans to pick up my cousin's daughter on Saturday for some sewing/crafting. She got on the phone while I was talking to my aunt the other night and sounded like she might need some time out of the house so I thought a jaunt to the craft store and some sewing might be good therapy. She's having some problems and I think she just wants to talk to another adult. She's 11 and smart as a whip (I wonder why whips are considered smart?). I've started to teach her to knit and we'll see how far that has gone.

I have lost one of my wind up toys. Well, not lost exactly. I kinda know where she is. She went home with a little boy yesterday. He was here while his grandmother had an appt with the psychiatrist and he was bored. I've often brought out the windup bunny (she's soft and she hops) to amuse children who are waiting with nothing to do (why do mothers bring children and then bring nothing to entertain them?). This little boy glommed onto the bunny and I didn't have the heart to ask for her back. So, she has found a new home. I guess I'll have to find a new one. I still have three robots, a chicken, an egg, a ladybug, a crab, a monkey, a plane and a Peep. It's enough to keep me busy for a time.

I hope you all have enough to keep you busy, but not too busy to craft.


Roxie said…
You have the extraordinary fortune to realize that you are fortunate. Good on you!

Sorry about the loss of the toy. You are a kind and generous woman. And I think people who don't think to being things to entertain kids are people who are so wrapped in their own troubles that they forget the needs of the rest of the world. Now you get the fun of shopping for a toy.
Kaye said…
You just blew my mind with the whip/smart thing. So weird. But I hope you have a fun time with your 2nd cousin (is that what she would be???)
amy said…
I was going to say what Roxie said. With everything else going on she might have simply forgotten. I'm pretty good at always having something on hand for my kids to do or play with, but there have been notable exceptions. When we got to the restaurant after my mom's memorial mass I realized I'd brought absolutely nothing for the boys to do while we waited for the food. Luckily a friend of mine who is also a mother had a coloring book and crayons in her car, even though her son was elsewhere. I was very, very grateful--and I'm sure the little boy's mother is grateful to you as well!
Louiz said…
We've got a thunder storm going on right now... all dark sky and loud bangs.

We have clients with kids frequently and we have a selection of colour pencils and paper for them to scribble on. I understand if you have no childcare, but it makes it difficult for everyone to discuss personal matters.
Galad said…
You are an incredibly thoughtful and generous person. I suspect that bunny found a loving home.

Enjoy your crafting!
Bells said…
ooh icelandic shawls! I've looked at that book. TEmpting isn't it?
Sheepish Annie said…
Isn't it odd when things connect so firmly to your life? I guess the stars really do know a thing or two!

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your bunny, but glad that it has found a new home and that it's one you can feel OK about. Plus you get to buy a new toy and that's always fun, right?

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