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Good morning.  I'd like you to meet the newest member of our "family".  Peter Kevin calls him Cornelius but I think that is much too civilized a name for this fierce creature.  As you can see, he is BIG (over 8 feet tall).  His wings move back and forth as if he is fanning flames or getting ready to fly.  His eyes glow laser red and his belly is full of purple fire at night.  He is so cool.  It's hard to wait for Hallowe'en to allow him to be blown up and outside.
Labor Day has come and gone already and even if the calendar says it's summer for another 2 weeks, the feeling around here is that the "lazy, hazy, crazy" days of summer are gone and the more industrious days of Fall are fast upon us.  It was cool enough over the weekend to pick up some roving and spin for a while.  I pulled out the Starry Night roving I got in Maryland and made one skein of n-plyed yarn and have 4 bobbins of singles waiting to be plyed. It has mohair in it so it …