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Happy Hallowe'en!

Today was a good day here and I hope it was wherever you are.  Pk and I got up and had breakfast.  I made him his favorite eggs, sausage and fried potato meal and I had a bowl of oatmeal.  I love oatmeal and don't always have time during the week for it (I don't like instant oatmeal)
Then I made these.  Well, "made" isn't really the right word since all I did is take them out of the package and put them onto cookie sheets and put them in the oven. 

I also made a large pan of macaroni and cheese to take to  my brother's house for dinner.  I put our candy into a bowl for when the trick or treaters came and then I grabbed a sock and headed outside to sit in the sunshine.

Pk was working on making some parts for his work bench and we were both enjoying being outside.
We had some trick or treaters but not too many.  We only expected children from the hours of 3-7 since that was the time the town had set aside for Hallowe'en.  The curfew is 8:…
  I run groups in our Social Rehabilitation program on Wednesday and Thursday.  I do Medication, Symptom Management and Health (not nearly as boring as it sounds) and Interpersonal Relations on Wed and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) on Thursday.  Mondays and Tuesdays I run a total of 3 medication clinics and deal with all manner of problems and issues that my clients have and need help with.

  I tell you this because I want to share something from today's group.  I chose to do the group on Happiness.  Last week we talked about Suicide and Suicide Survivors and I thought we (I) needed a more positive, upbeat topic this week.  I chose Happiness and when I googled it for some information, this quote came up:

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” ~ Frederick Koenig

This was what I wanted to get across to my clients in a nutshell!  We discussed what Happ…
When I start complaining about the rain and cold later this week, I need someone to remind me how gorgeous the weekends have been.  Today is another clear blue sky day with a nip in the air.  The leaves are just starting to change and their orange/red color tints the air around them.  In short, it's glorious.

You know my spinning wheel is an old one.  I don't know how old, but probably older than me.  She was well used and is now well used and well loved.  I love to take her places and show her off.  The hard part is that while she seems game for all this travel, she is not as young and spry as she once was. (who among us is?)  Her voyage from New Zealand was made while she was in pieces and we put her together.  Pk glued her legs into place to make her sturdier but that means they don't come off.  All the other parts come off but then when I put them back together, there's a little bit of banging (with a rubber mallet) and twisting to get them back into proper order. 

Well, 40 Year Old Virgin was, um, interesting (if nothing else).   I am not usually a movie watcher when I am sick.  I will sometimes watch The Women and marvel at the dialogue and how quickly they all spoke but usually I lie around and listen to a favorite book.  The current favorite audio books are The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (M. Schaeffer) and Good Omens (Gaiman and Pratchett).  The first is an epistolary novel and I love that they used different people to read the different letters.  And the second is laugh-out-loud funny (especially the bit about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse).

I discovered I can watch the new episodes of Bones on and won't have to wait a year for the dvd.  I have to wait and watch the episodes after they've aired but I'm ok with that.  I just wait and once a month or so, check to see which episodes are available and then have myself an orgy of television watching.  It works for me.

Pk and I went back to work on Tu…
The family that coughs together (and sneezes and blows their noses) are yucky together.  It seems Elanor is also feeling poorly and Kate informs me she is making a doctor's appointment for herself this week. 

Pk and I are both home again today.  Fighting off this illness has made us tired and we are getting kind of bored because no one feels like doing much and I can only watch so many videos.  He's playing Left 4 Dead (zombies, zombies, zombies and killing) and I have been knitting on and off.  I started a bobbin of the romney I bought for the wellness fair on Thursday and packed up what I think I'll need to take to work that day.  Kate will be coming with me (unless she's sick).  I need to find out what kind of knitting things I need to take.  I may have to run out to the craft store and get some yarn and needles and find some generic "how to" instructions. 

Em and Jim came by last night for dinner after her 60 mile walk.  (She actually walked 55 miles wh…
Welcome to our house o'plague.  Pk was feeling sick so he went to the doctor's this morning for his own throat swab and antibiotics for strep.   It's not surprising, really, but he so rarely gets sick, let alone sick enough to involve a medical professional.  I was surprised when he told me he had made himself an appointment.  Usually there is some forcing involved.

After two days on antibiotics, I am reminded why I put off going to the doctor for so long.  Even though he gave me the ones that are easier on my stomach, they are still hell on the intestinal tract for the first few days. 
I spent my day working on the roving I bought last week.  I want to try a 3 ply yarn that I was hoping would make some colorful sock yarn.  It's 11 wpi so it's really closer to a dk weight than a fingering. 

I started with this roving.  I have 8 ounces of handpainted merino.  These colors are fairly accurate although there is a bit of deeper blue in there as well.  I spun these three…
You know how I said I've been feeling tired?  (I will date myself here, but remember Geritol?  I need some!).  At first I blamed it on the flu shot.  But it's a week later and despite nights of what should be sufficient sleep, I am still tired.  I also have a near constant headache.  And today my throat is sore....

I finally decided to make a doctor's appointment when my ear started to hurt, too.  No fever, but when he felt my neck, he stepped back and said "whoa" so I guess my glands are swollen.  I have a strep throat.  And in an hour when I go back to the pharmacy, I'll have an antibiotic. 

And tomorrow, I have a day off.  I'm supposed to be teaching Crisis Management but I'm contagious and don't suppose all 28 people in the class would like to catch strep.  I called my supervisor, my office mate and then one of my teaching partners.  I feel bad letting them down but can't help it.

I'll spend tomorrow sleeping and possibly spinning.  I …
We had a lovely day yesterday.  I woke up and was amazed to find Pk still in the bed.  He is normally awake and up before the sun but for some reason this day he slept in.  The clock said 8:48.  We got showered and dressed and went onto brunch.
We ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, waffles, strawberries, blintzes, homemade donuts, pastries, coffee, orange juice........and there were many foods we didn't even get to.  The service was professional and personal and everytime we left the table, they gave us fresh silverware and refolded our napkins.  It was perfect. 
We wandered around the shops for a bit.  I bought some scented soaps.  Pk likes to use a shaving  brush and soap to shave with and I love it when he uses Bay Rum scented soap.  The place makes the soaps by hand and they are pretty.  I got apricot scrub for El, lilac for Em and lavender for Kate.
Then we hit the wine store for some local champage, (well, sparkling wine.)  We've bought it before and it'…
For better or worse
For richer or for poorer
In sickness and in health
'Till death do you part.

I have tried to write a post about our anniversary several times and each time I ended up deleting it.  I don't know how to describe what we have except to say it makes us happy.

We're on our way to a lovely brunch and a day spent in the October sunshine.  I'm not taking the camera.  I want to focus on enjoying my husband and not framing shots.

So, you'll just have to imagine us walking hand in hand through trees that are just starting to turn colors.  And I'll leave you with two of our favorite wedding photos.  They're photos of photos so not terribly good but I think they tell our tale.

This is Pk's favorite photo.  It's a candid shot and he looks like someone just gave him his heart's desire.

And this is the one we had a wall portrait made out of.  Eskimo kisses.  (and yes I know "eskimo" is no longer a valid term for those individuals who are…
I am not a chart person.  I like my knitting directions written out.  Usually. I understand that lots of people find charts easier to use.  They say they can 'visualize' the knitting.  I've never been able to do that.  Well, one my coworkers gave me this metal board with the magnetic ruler.  She's also a knitter and thought I might find it useful.

 I decided to try using the charts for this infernal pattern.  (ok, that's not fair.  It's not the pattern's fault I can't read).  I cut the chart out and it fits the small board quite well and I can use the magnetic ruler to mark the row I'm currently working on.

You can see from the chart that every row is a charted row.  It's not really hard to follow ONCE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

This stole is constructed differently from anything I have ever made before.  It's made in 6 pieces. There are two center back pieces which are grafted together.  Then stitches are picked up along the sides of the ce…
Even the muddiest of pools will become clear when left still and undisturbed.

This is today's inspirational quote.  For me, it's absolutely true.  There are times when my mind is so crowded with things and people that thoughts get swirled around and around and nothing is clear.  If I can take a few minutes to just close my eyes and breathe, things become less confused.  If I can wait till the next morning, things often become clear as my brain works the problems out while the rest of me sleeps.  Like the muddy pool, the things settle to the bottom as I rest.  And then the answers are so easy to see.  I'm always amazed at how efficiently my brain works things out when I'm not paying attention.

We're in a rainy period this last few days.  This morning it's not so much raining as misting.  It's like someone spraying you with a mister bottle.  Not enough moisture to require an umbrella but a hood is handy to keep your hair dry.

It's 8 o'clock in the mo…
It's early Sunday morning and I am sitting in my favorite chair, drinking coffee and enjoying the morning sunlight.  Pk is in the kitchen making breakfast (well, he's "looking at the breakfast situation".  I want french toast and the bread is still frozen.  That's why God invented microwaves. duh).  Yesterday I slept until 8:30 but today I was up early.  I like early Sunday mornings.  The  neighborhood is quiet.  I was laying in bed listening to the birds have their morning conversations.  We have lots of sparrows and robins and other small birds that I don't know the names of.  (and some large raptor type birds which are so cool to watch)  I imagine them asking "did you sleep well?  any plans for the day?"  I must have watched too many cartoons with talking animals as a kid.
 I brought the computer downstairs (what good is a laptop if you never travel to other rooms with it?) and took some photos of my latest attempts to make yarn.  This is a hank o…
I'm just back from my evaluation and I'd like you to know that I am a "valued employee".  Actually, this is the first time any supervisor sat with me and went over the whole thing and explained why he evaluated my performance the way he did.  It was nice to hear that someone appreciates my work and acknowledged it in writing.  For the first time I got credit for the Aggressive Patient Management course I teach each year (and have for the last 6 years).  I also got credit for setting up and maintaining the clinic for people with Developmental Disabilities. (it requires more paperwork and knowledge of the mental retardation system, which the regular clinics don't).   
This supervisor takes the time to tell you when you've done something well and when you need to improve at the time he notices it.  He doesn't wait until the year is up.   I know I work hard and I think I do a good job but it's nice to hear it.  He also told me one of my strengths (apart fr…