Welcome to our house o'plague.  Pk was feeling sick so he went to the doctor's this morning for his own throat swab and antibiotics for strep.   It's not surprising, really, but he so rarely gets sick, let alone sick enough to involve a medical professional.  I was surprised when he told me he had made himself an appointment.  Usually there is some forcing involved.

After two days on antibiotics, I am reminded why I put off going to the doctor for so long.  Even though he gave me the ones that are easier on my stomach, they are still hell on the intestinal tract for the first few days. 

I spent my day working on the roving I bought last week.  I want to try a 3 ply yarn that I was hoping would make some colorful sock yarn.  It's 11 wpi so it's really closer to a dk weight than a fingering. 

I started with this roving.  I have 8 ounces of handpainted merino.  These colors are fairly accurate although there is a bit of deeper blue in there as well.  I spun these three bobbins and then realized that I didn't have room on the bobbin holder that is attached to my wheel.  It holds two bobbins but not three. 

What do you do in that situation?  You can use a shoe box with parts of clothes hangers to hold the bobbins but I live with a wood worker.  (just cause he happens to be sick is no excuse not to ask for help).  Pk went out to the garage and took a hunk of wood and attached some wire hanger to it to hold my bobbins and eureka!  I have a three bobbin holder.  It's not very sturdy but I'm not putting much stress on it and it worked like a charm.  He promises a "better" one when he feels better but I'm content with this one.  As long as it works,  it's all good.

This is part of what I ended up with.  It's a flash photo because that seemed to give me the best color representation.  You can see all the various colors in the yarn.  Some of it seems to be mostly red and some is tourquoise and some is beige.  Its fascinating watching how the three bobbins combine into a yarn of many colors.  It'll make some interesting knitting.  I'm thinking it'll make some interesting fingerless mitts for my niece (or one of my girls.  They all like colorful pieces).
I've been working on some more plain socks (easier when I'm watching Bones) and the socks Pk chose.  His are made out of superwash merino/nylon combo but it feels different.  It's really drapey and a little splitty.  The pattern he chose is a bit lacey but he likes it so far.  It was hard to capture the true color.  This is charcoal and brown and beige.  I'll only work in the pattern down the cuff.  He prefers his socks to have plain feet. 

And I should correct myself from my last post.  The Ghostwalker series is written by Christine Feehan (who also writes the Drake sisters novels and a whole bunch of other series).  And the Phillies were not playing Thursday night.  They don't play until later this coming week.  I don't know where my brother and his wife were going and it's really not my business so I didn't ask.  I just know Elanor was babysitting (I just always assume it's a sporting event.  They go to football, baseball and hockey games).  This will teach me to write a blog post when I'm sick and really, really out of it.

Texts from Emily prove she has survived Day 2 of her three day walk.  Around about 3:15 this afternoon, I got this message. "Feet hurt.  A lot".  I don't know how far she walked today (she did 20 miles yesterday) but she said she wanted to make sure she was able to walk some tomorrow.   She did say the Thorlo socks made a big difference.  They are made of wicking material which kept her feet from sweating and then getting cold.  The weather today is breezy and mostly sunny.  It's good walking weather if you're not spending your whole day walking into the wind.  Another night in a tent (inside the Convention Center) and then tomorrow she finishes up.  She sounds cheerful and in good spirits.  We were planning to go to the closing ceremonies but that's not going to happen since we are both sick. 

Tomorrow will be spent just like today.  Some knitting,some spinning, lots of sitting and napping.  (and coughing.  Let's not forget the coughing.  Thank all the powers that be for cough syrup with codeine).

Have a terrific and healthy Sunday.


Rose Red said…
Sorry you are both sick now! Oh well, I guess it means you can cough in unison (harmony?) and commiserate. Hope you both are feeling better soon.
Kaye said…
This is going to sound weird, but I like it when we get sick TOGETHER. Because I always feel guilty when I get sick first and he gets sick later, when I'm on the upswing. Ha ha!

If he can come up with a nice unmotivated katherine (lazy kate isn't a nice term) he could probably market them!
Galad said…
Take it easy and get better soon!
amy said…
Yesterday I had to call for another prescription, for Diflucan (which is meant to kill the yeast which flourished the minute I went on antibiotics). And this is why I put off going to the doctor for so long... but I suppose it's nice not to have infected sinuses anymore.

I hope you both feel better soon!
Roxie said…
People used to die of "a putrid throat," so thank God for antibiotics even when they play hob with the digestion! You are eating your live culture yogurt, right?

Hugs to you and PK and strength and healing in big doses. And think about taking that strep throat out to celebrate among hundred of exhausted, suceptible walkers.

That bobbin holder is too cool! And the yarn is awesome.
Louiz said…
Oh No! I hope you and PK get better quickly.

The yarn looks lovely though and I hope it makes you feel better:)
DPUTiger said…
Hope you're feeling better soon! That handspun looks fantastic!
Anonymous said…
oh no. how awful to be all sick together. does PK get man-cough (as in the same illness but worse because hes a man?). i hope your gorgeous spinning colours have helped cheer you up a bit. and GO EM!
Bells said…
oh PK is great for being able to help you out even when he's sick. What a guy!

And Em is so great! What a huge walk!

Get well soon!

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