The family that coughs together (and sneezes and blows their noses) are yucky together.  It seems Elanor is also feeling poorly and Kate informs me she is making a doctor's appointment for herself this week. 

Pk and I are both home again today.  Fighting off this illness has made us tired and we are getting kind of bored because no one feels like doing much and I can only watch so many videos.  He's playing Left 4 Dead (zombies, zombies, zombies and killing) and I have been knitting on and off.  I started a bobbin of the romney I bought for the wellness fair on Thursday and packed up what I think I'll need to take to work that day.  Kate will be coming with me (unless she's sick).  I need to find out what kind of knitting things I need to take.  I may have to run out to the craft store and get some yarn and needles and find some generic "how to" instructions. 

Em and Jim came by last night for dinner after her 60 mile walk.  (She actually walked 55 miles which impresses me to no end).  I made Chicken of the Good Woman so they could have a hot meal and a quick rest before heading home.  She was so tired but exhilarated at having completed the weekend.  Em has two small blisters but otherwise seemed to be in good shape.  She's already talking about next year. 

Otherwise, things here are quiet.  We're drinking lots of liquids (I'm getting tired of hot tea but it feels good going down), taking our medicine and resting.  The mailman brought us 40 Year Old Virgin from Netflix so maybe we'll watch that while we eat dinner.  (no one will admit to putting that one on the list)

Yep, we're that bored.


Louiz said…
hop over to Project Gutenberg and download some free fiction,and read some classics that you've never got round to!

Something to do when you're bored and sick anyhow.

Hope you (all) feel better soon.
DPUTiger said…
40 year old virgin is funny. At least we thought so! Being bored stinks, but resting up is important. Feel better very soon!
Kaye said…
Laughter is the best medicine--40 YO virgin is hilarious!

Hope you all fee better soon
drkknits said…
i hate that feeling, of being so poorly and out of sorts that even knitting is annoying. hope you get better soon. laughter is a good medicine. congrats to Em!
Roxie said…
I also like old musicals when I feel poorly. Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers can foxtrot me right out myself when I'm sick. When I had hepetitus and was too weak to walk to the bathroom, I lay on the sofa and watched old musicals for days.
Bells said…
oh god that does sound bad if you're going to watch THAT movie! Ugh!

Poorly, so poorly. Sorry to hear that - I'm horribly behind on your blog so just catching up!
KnitTech said…
Hope you feel better soon. It sucks being sick so long.
Olivia said…
Oh boy, 40 year old virgin.....I hope you feel better soon! (seriously I hope it made you laugh and feel better)
Aw, hope everyone is better by now/

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