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In 5 days it will be time for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. I've had my project picked out for a while and even had the yarn but discovered I had to go and buy an addi lace circular needle because it just hurt my hands too much to try to knit this ridiculously thin yarn with regular circs.

I am doing the Adamas shawl in Knitpicks Shadow in Oregon Coast Heather. It's a neutral color yarn that has subtle shading in it when it is knitted up.

Since I am in the Polka Dot Jersey section of the kal, my project could be a wip as long as it is a challenge for me. And boy has this been a challenge! I learned a new cast on technique (cabled cast on) which was cool and I like it and may use it in the future. I have also learned that lace knitting is hard. No, that's not right. It's not hard, it's challenging. That's why this is for a polka dot jersey. I have cast on 8 times and have finally finished chart one. Lifeline time. I have never felt the need for a lifel…
June 28th, 2008
Early Morning Buddhist Inspiration

"Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering."~A.A. Milne

What You Think Upon Grows...


Every day in my email comes a little bit of wisdom that I try to capture and store in my brain. I like to think that some of it sticks. This one is absolutely perfect for a summer weekend when the temps and humidity are both high. Winnie the Pooh is one of my all time favorite characters and I love the poetry of AA Milne. So simple.

Enjoy your weekend.

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The last week has been stressful and I have not been in a sharing mood, so no posting. I have been helping my cousin deal with her mother's procedures and her sisters griping and complaining. On Saturday morning, I went and sat with my aunt and enjoyed some time alone with her. She is stable and seems in good spirits. She is in her early 70's and this recent episode drove home the fact that she is fragile, very fragile. My cousin knows this on one level but does not want to face it. It's been tough. I am the oldest and everyone looks to me for answers and I have none. All I can do is to offer support, comfort and be a sounding board when venting is in order.

I thought I would take you on a little journey with me today. I often make allusions to my job. I am a social worker/case manager at a community mental health center. My job entails lots of things but mostly it's helping people with serious mental illness get the medications and other help they need to live their li…
So, here it is Monday and it's been a week since my last post. No time at the moment (off to clinic). Photos of my work day are coming. I thought I'd bring you all to work with me. Unfortunately they have to wait until I get home to upload the photos. So for now, I leave you with another one of those silly blogthings.

What Donna Lee MeansYou are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.
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Father's Day was a quiet one around here. Em and Kate had to work so it was up to Elanor and I to make PK feel special. We planned to take him on a picnic but the weather was so iffy all day that we decided we'd stay home. In preparation for the picnic, I took some of these and added some onions, bacon, parsley and mayo and made potato salad. There was also some of this - fried chicken. I only fry chicken maybe twice a year since it's so bad for us but PK asked for picnic food and this is quintesenntial picnic food. I went to the local bakery and got some cupcakes and we were all set. Staying home was ok because PK got to play in his workshop. He is scheduled for his Historic Flight on August 9th at 9 am. When he's done, we're heading to the beach for a day of sun and fun in Cape May. Emily and Jim are coming with us. Elanor and Kate will be in Baltimore at an anime convention called Otakon. They wear costumes that they work on all year and generally have a ball.

I am an official ravelry member. My dark side alter ego is donnalee57. Rosered already found me. I'm trying to stay off so I can accomplish something today. I have a feeling it could be a HUGE time suck if I let it. Like the internet isn't already.
Today is the 14th and for once I remembered that I wanted to document my day. Since I didn't remember until I saw Bells' post, I have no photos to prove that any of these events happened. I guess I could tell you that I jetted off to Paris for lunch but that would be a lie. I try not to lie.
So, here is a typical Saturday.

PK woke very early today (around 4 am!) and couldn't go back to sleep so he got up and turned on the computer. That, of course, woke me up and I stifled the urge to bang him on the head with the pillow and went back to sleep until a more decent hour of 7.

At 7 I got up and plugged in the laptop and checked out the email and favorite blogs while it was still cool enough to enjoy having the laptop be on my lap. I also gave in and signed up for ravelry (I was not going to because I didn't see the need until folks keep linking to things on the site and I can't get in to view them which frustrates me). I found out that there are only 203 people in fron…
Today started out as one of "those" days. If I picked it up, I dropped it. If I walked by it, I knocked it over. I was tired and felt like someone had beaten me up in my sleep. (I had a zombie dream so maybe that was partly true). It was a true low energy type of day. And it was looooonnnnnnggggggg.

I started making the courtesy calls for my clinics next week. You know the kind "Hi John, this is Donna Lee. I'm just reminding you that you have an appointment with Dr. S on Monday at 1." I called a woman who I enjoy seeing when she comes in and she started telling me what a lovely day it was outside. Now, I am still in the closet on the third floor as they finish the rennovations on our second floor offices and I cannot see the outside and have no idea what kind of day it is. I decided then and there that we were going to have a picnic for dinner.

I called Kate and asked her to bake some chicken for chicken salad and to bake some brownies. I finished up my work and…
I stole this from Teabird. What a lot of strange traits to rate yourself (or your spouse)! I'm glad I'm not a 30's housewife. I never want to get up and get dressed to fix breakfast. Mrs. Cleaver I am not!

68As a 1930s wife, I am
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It's hot here. Very hot. REALLY hot. It feels like August and it's only early June. We are trying valiantly not to put the air conditioners in the windows because we are trying to keep the electric bills down but it is really hard. There are fans all over the house (they draw so much less current than air conditioners) and it you sit very still, it's almost bearable. Thank goodness we got a new grill. We had fruit salad, croissants and smoothies for breakfast. Nothing that required heat. Em and Jim are coming for dinner. Steaks on the grill, potatoes on the grill, salad and a berry shortcake for dessert. The recipe calls for homemade shortcake bisquits but I am not up to it today. I cheated and bought some poundcake which will slice up nicely and do just as well. There is heavy cream with melted white chocolate in the fridge getting cold so I can whip it up. It sounds yummy.

I decided to take Julie's advice and try knitting with my handspun. It's an experience. It&…
Well, we are gearing up once again for the Tour de France KAL. It starts July 5 and if you want more info, go here and read all about it. There are some terrific badges this year designed by Meg's coworker. I am planning to knit the Adamas shawl that the yarn harlot just finished. I wanted to try a lace shawl and when I saw her finished project, it spoke to me. I've ordered my yarn and will attempt to earn a polka dot jersey (for those tackling a tough project which doesn't have to be finished before the end of the race, although I'd like to finish). Kate and I are team leaders and are getting excited. Check it out and if you're interested, sign up soon. There are a limited number of spaces! PK, who is a bad influence on me, suggested we take a "mental health day" on Tuesday. That's what we call it when the alarm goes off and we just can't make ourselves go to work. So, we stayed home and played with our toys all day. I pulled out the spinning whee…
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So, I have a power element and it's dirt? Somehow I was hoping for something more glamorous like uranium. Well, I keep telling the folks at work that I am not just the "grassroots" of the organization but the "dirt under the grass". I guess I was right all along!

Our weekend went way too fast. We got our income tax refund and spent it on clothes and a new grill. PK and I never just go clothes shopping and our wardrobes needed a boost. He got white shirts and khaki pants (again!) and I got summer skirts and some bright colored shirts. I am determined to break out …