Father's Day was a quiet one around here. Em and Kate had to work so it was up to Elanor and I to make PK feel special. We planned to take him on a picnic but the weather was so iffy all day that we decided we'd stay home. In preparation for the picnic, I took some of these and added some onions, bacon, parsley and mayo and made potato salad. There was also some of this - fried chicken. I only fry chicken maybe twice a year since it's so bad for us but PK asked for picnic food and this is quintesenntial picnic food. I went to the local bakery and got some cupcakes and we were all set. Staying home was ok because PK got to play in his workshop. He is scheduled for his Historic Flight on August 9th at 9 am. When he's done, we're heading to the beach for a day of sun and fun in Cape May. Emily and Jim are coming with us. Elanor and Kate will be in Baltimore at an anime convention called Otakon. They wear costumes that they work on all year and generally have a ball.

I got some new fiber for the wheel and this week should be cool enough to play with it. Emily and Jim went to an alpaca farm and brought Kate and I home two bags of alpaca wool. One bag is a buff color and one is black. They are very soft and will need some prep before we can spin them. I also bought some roving on Etsy. It's called twilight and it's beautiful merino .

I've also finished one of the socks for my supervisor . I love the colors. I am almost to the heel of sock number two. In only a week. This pattern knits up so fast and it's only a series of knit and purls.

I took today off from work to go with Emily to the gyn. She had to have one of those 'procedures' where they say things like "just a little pinch here" when what they ought to say is "watch out, we're getting ready for gut busting pain here!". She and Jim spent the day and we made some lemon meringue pie. I haven't made one for years and I'd forgotten how good it is when you make it yourself.

Amy lane tagged me with a meme:

Pick up the book next to you and to to page 123 and read the 5th line. Write down the next three lines. Then tag 5 other people.
Here's my three lines:
O my lover
there's just room for me in You
Sounds like I read porn before I go to bed! The book I happen to have next to me is a collection of poems by e e cummings, one of my favorites. This is what I found on page 123.
I tag Emily, ,Bells ,Rosered, Sheepish Annie, and Amy. I can't wait to see what you all have next to you!


Bells said…
oh thanks for the tag. That's funny. I think I've got all knitting books next to the bed at the moment! I'll have a look tonight.

That fried chicken looks so good. I'm reading this right before lunch time.
Bezzie said…
Mmm..potatoes, eggs, roving, a sock, who can go wrong?
Sheepish Annie said…
Oh this tag should be interesting. I just picked up a Laurel K. Hamilton book. She can get a little, um..."racy." People will think me quite the hussy!!!

TinkingBell said…
Yum - picnics

There are never enough picnics in life - have lots of fun - and enjoy the spinning! The socks look great

Will look you up on Rav!
Galad said…
The perfect picnic food - fried chicken and potato salad. Yum!
Sounds like a lovely celebration for Father's Day.

The sock is really lovely and I'm sure your supervisor will be pleased. Who wouldn't be happy with a gift of hand knit socks?
Rose Red said…
Mmmm fried chicken - yum!!

I've got about 15 books on my bedside table...guess I'll pick the top one!!
Amy Lane said…
eeee! I LOVE mr cummings--one of my all time favorite poets! (Next to Byron & Keats, of course!!!)

And I know what you mean about fried chicken--every Christmas Eve, I ask my kids what they want for dinner, and that's it, because I never make it unless it's a special occasion.
Em said…
I'm glad Father's Day was pleasant, and I wish I could've been there. This whole working weekends thing is a drag. Thanks for making us dinner on Tuesday, it was lovely to hang out, the doctor's appointment notwithstanding. We should head to the boardwalk one day soon so we can wander around and get more tattoos. I mean, gamble. I mean, um, watch the pretty seagulls. Yeah, that's it. Yeah...

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