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We did our grocery shopping on Friday after work.  We usually shop twice a month on payday.  One of 
my favorite ways to do this is to "shop from home".  ShopRite allows me to order my groceries online and they do all the choosing and bagging.  I just show up and pay and they load the bags in my car.  I usually place an order on Thursday and we pick up our food late Friday afternoon.  We go into the store for fresh veg and meats so we can choose those but for cans and boxes and things?  I am willing to allow someone else to choose for me.
Know what they charge for this service?  5.95.  Yep.  Less than 6 dollars to save me over an hour in the store.  I love it.
All of this is to introduce this photo of crepuscular rays.  (I love that word--crepuscular).  We were sitting in the car waiting for the store employees to bring out our groceries and this is what the sky looked like.  A storm system was beaking up and the clouds were spectacular.
Wanna see something else spectacular? This…
I think Spring may be in a hurry to catch up with the calendar.  In the past week alone we have had these beauties start blooming and the hyacinths are putting their colorful dresses on and the tulips are sticking their greens out to check for wamth.
We haven't had much sun but it doesn't take too much to encourage these guys to come out.  (of course this includes pollen but we'll ignore that for the moment).  We've had a week of rain, some of it hard so the flowers are less than perky in some places but the weekend promises to be sunny.  Not necessarily warm, but sunny.  I'll take it.  
I've been at my job for 20+ years.  Yesterday, I got the email saying "thank you for working for us for 20 years.  You have 36,000 points to use so choose a thank you gift".   My thank you gift for 15 years was a watch and it worked out welll so I went for a new watch for this year.  I chose this Fossil Stella watch with "bling" and a stainless steel band (…
We have colored eggs at our house every year since Peter Kevin and I got married.  We try out all kinds of new things.  This year, I used a non-alumminum pan and the colors came out bright and true.  Then we used the weird "rice thing" that Pk found on Facebook.  You put rice in a bag (or a container) and add food coloring.  Then you shake it around and add an egg.  The rice colors the egg and it can give it a nice speckled look.  
Like I said, we try all the things (some are less successful-ask my girls about the Year We Did Glitter Eggs).  This was an interesting gimmick.  It used less than a half cup of rice so not too wasteful.
We had a nice weekend.  I ran to the grocery store after work on Friday (after leaving late because the clock onn my wall has a dying battery, unbeknownst to me).  I got finished in time to pick up Pk and then some Chinese food and get home to put away the groceries and put the beans in water to soak.  
Saturday we cooked and did laundry and opened t…
I can't seem to stop myself from taking these early morning photos of my walk into work.  Maybe because I know this light is fleeting and that the colors will be gone in a few weeks.  I have noticed that  the sky is significantly lighter when we walk out the door, which is helpful when you're leaving the house at 6:30. This is the view from 9th and Locust right where I come up from underground off the train.  That tall building is an apartment building and the square-ish one on the corner is a Greek "old age" home (yes, people around here call it that).  The hedge in front of the building is the home of some little brown birds (lbbs).  They are the cutest things.  If they're all in the hedge, it's like the hedge is singing as you walk by.  Lots of twittering.  It is smile provoking every day. My Aunt Joan was a holiday sort of person.  She never met a holiday she didn't like and she had decorations for each and every one.  I wonder what happened to them w…