We have colored eggs at our house every year since Peter Kevin and I got married.  We try out all kinds of new things.  This year, I used a non-alumminum pan and the colors came out bright and true.  Then we used the weird "rice thing" that Pk found on Facebook.  
You put rice in a bag (or a container) and add food coloring.  Then you shake it around and add an egg.  The rice colors the egg and it can give it a nice speckled look.  

Like I said, we try all the things (some are less successful-ask my girls about the Year We Did Glitter Eggs).  This was an interesting gimmick.  It used less than a half cup of rice so not too wasteful.

We had a nice weekend.  I ran to the grocery store after work on Friday (after leaving late because the clock onn my wall has a dying battery, unbeknownst to me).  I got finished in time to pick up Pk and then some Chinese food and get home to put away the groceries and put the beans in water to soak.  

Saturday we cooked and did laundry and opened the windows wide to let in the fresh sunshine.  The house smelled of baking beans and baking bread and bacon.  It was yummy.  We colored the eggs and then had a FFY (fend for yourself) meal.  There were also soccer games in there.  

Sunday, after some more soccer games, we had breakfast and watched MASH on Netflix.  Pk took a nap and I worked on some fingerless mitts for one of my interns.  The girls came for dinner and we had a table full of talking and stories for a while.  
Happy Birthday was sung and the cake was consumed and all in all, it was a nice weekend.  I could, however, have used a day off today to sleep a bit.  Last night Pk and I shared a bout of insomnia (we really don't have to share everything) so this morning was a challenge. I am prepared for the day so I don't have to rush around.

Happy Monday!  When I was a kid Easter Monday was a holiday (or at least felt like one) and there is a part of my brain that still expects it.  Unfortunately, the rest of my world is not on board with that.  


Saren Johnson said…
Sounds like you had a lovely Easter weekend.
Olivia said…
Oh we are lucky here, we have a 4 day weekend for Easter.
Your coloured eggs do look very bright!
Galad said…
Your eggs are beautiful and the day sounds lovely. I don't color eggs anymore and kind of miss it. Maybe next year.

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