The taxes are done! Yay! I had a great sense of satisfaction hitting that "submit" button. (I have visions of my tax forms going out into space!) And I think we are even getting some back this year. I'm not really sure because after all these years of doing the taxes, I am still afraid I am doing something wrong. So, I hold my breath and tell the IRS what I think they owe me and they tell me what they really owe me. And we all know who wins that disagreement. At least I don't think we owe them but they'll let me know.... I thought I was late this year but when I looked at last year's printout, I saw that I waited until the 12th. So, I'm ahead of myself!

Thank you everyone who sent hugs and strength for the biopsy. As I sat there waiting for the doctor I thought of you all in the room and it made me laugh. I was feeling nervous and it made things a little better.

And sometime this month, my blog is one year old. When I started last April I wasn't sure what I had to say that anyone could possibly be interested in. What I learned was that it isn't the exciting parts of our lives that make for good reading. It's the quiet, everyday observances and laughs and tears that make for connections. Reading and writing blogs on "these here internets" lets me see into other people's lives and lets me share a part of my world, too. I want to celebrate that somehow. Perhaps a contest. I know. Leave a comment and tell me what you have learned about yourself while blogging. I'll take comments up until April 15th (tax day!!) and then pick randomly. What's the prize, you ask? I'm not sure but I'll put together a box of local goodies.
Hump day! Yay for Wednesday.


knitnthings said…
I've learned I'm much more of a voyeur than I origanally new. I throughly enjoy making "friends" with people that never now I'm there. It makes for a secret friendship with "famous" people and somehow that makes me feel special. Does that even make any sense?
teabird said…
I've learned that I'm not the person, or the knitter, that I thought I was - static and fearful. I can learn and grow and connect --
Quite an insight!
Alwen said…
Satisfaction, and what a relief to have them done!

What have I learned . . . I've learned that sometimes it's really scary to do non-lifethreatening stuff because it's stuff that is important to me. But it's almost always worth it to do it anyway, despite my fears.
Georgie said…
Yay for submitting tax! (is your tax year Jan-Dec? Ours is 1st July - 30th June and we only did our 2006-07 about 3 weeks ago!)

And snap - we're the same bloggy age, more or less! I started in April too!

Ive learned that I too am more vouyerisitc than I thought, teehee. Seriously though, I have learned much about what a difference friends who truly care can make to one's life - and it doesnt matter whether theyre around the corner or on the other side of the world.

And what a fabulous bunch knitters and crocheters, as a subset of bloggers in general, are!
Bezzie said…
On the plus side, we made you laugh in the waiting room and NOT during the procedure! Ha ha!

I've learned I'm a lot more sensitive to what people think than I thought I was. But I've also learned it's a great way to meet new people in REAL life!
Sheepish Annie said…
I learned how much I missed writing once I started blogging regularly. I hadn't really written in years. But, I love challenging myself and seeing if I can find something about which to write each day. Even the little things can make for blog fodder and are often the best posts!

Congrats on getting those taxes done! Although I don't see what the rush is. We've still got time, right?
amy said…
I've learned that it's far easier for me to let people in through the written word. I'm far more open on my blog than in real life, even though anyone at all could be reading. I find that a little strange, actually.

I've also learned that, while it would be great to have a group of people I could rely upon in everyday life, it is an enormous source of strength to have a group in Internet land.

A couple of years ago, our taxes got so complicated, we're pretty much forced to have them done. We file an estimated return in April and the real return in October. We usually get some back each time, but the flip side is, at the same time they got complicated, we had to take out a loan to pay them. The refunds go towards the loan. I'm told I'll be happy about all of this in 30 years.
Galad said…
What I've learned about myself from blogging is that I can be who I really am and I won't be judged for it. I've also discovered there are a lot of loving,witty and creative families out there who are just as messy and chaotic as mine is.

Congratulations on getting your taxes done. That is always a relief and not it is over for another year!
jessie said…
Now that we've incorporated my husband's business, taxes are due March 15. It makes April so much less onerous!

What I've learned about myself through blogging: I've learned that it's a good idea to record your daily life in pictures because it reminds you of the small but wonderful moments you would otherwise not pay attention to or remember.
Bells said…
have you only been around for a year Donna Lee? Gosh. So glad to have found you and to have spent all this time getting to know you and your lovely, lovely family!
Roxie said…
I've learned that people are interested in what I have to say. And I have confirmed my suspicions that knitters are caring, generous people.

Hooray for the finished taxes!
Em said…
Show-off! Being all responsible and not waiting til the very last day and panicking. What kind of example are you setting for the children? Think of all the kids out there who have to do taxes, they'll feel compelled to do them in a timely fashion.

Through blogging, I've learned that I'm more self-conscious about my writing and my life than I'd thought. I've also learned that distance doesn't have any bearing on friendship or kindness--those are both universal. Also also, knitters and other fiber artists make up such a close, caring, wonderful, generous community. Happy blog birthday!

ps--don't enter me in the contest, it keeps things more fair. i wouldn't object to a package of local goodies every now and again, just because, though. :-P
I just had my taxes done Sunday. I was late! I owed the damn state of NJ money for the first time, ever!
grrrr. Almost a wash with the federall refund and fees to the "people".
From blogging...I learned that people like my stuff (for the most part) that I think is not worthy.
risiko said…
i've learned that i am much more computer illiterate than i thought i was. still cannot figure out how to get the buttons on my blog....and that as full of opinions as i am IRL, my mind goes blank the moment i am sitting in front of my blog. i'll get it. i've asked for help with the technicalities, and i'll get over my ego and write what i feel. i hope.
I'm glad to know you made it through the biopsy, Donna Lee.

Blogging has shown me that 1) I am not alone, even if I can't see you, I know you're there; 2) I'm a lot harder on myself than I need to be, and 3) I sometimes have something to say that resonates with someone else in unexpected ways.

BTW, I'm not in the contest, OK?
Rose Red said…
Oh dear...that reminds me I still haven't done my tax. But I've got a big to-do list today and it is on it, so I'm going to do it. Yes I am!

Re what I've learnt from blogging. So much really, it's hard to know where to start or how to narrow it down. I think the main thing, or the thing that has made such a difference to my life, is that it's made me see the value in taking risks, in doing things I might not ordinarily do. I've made very close friends through blogging and for that I am so so thankful.
MadMad said…
Happy almost blogiversary, Donna Lee! What a great idea (I'm going to be copying, next month!) I just caught up on your health posts - wow! You poor thing, going through all that - and all that waiting! Why do they make people wait so long? It's crazy! And stressful!
Dianne said…
I think the most important thing I have learned about myself since blogging is that I was (and am still struggling with being) a very negative person. In the beginning, I would write an entry, and while re-reading it for spelling errors, it would suddenly hit me how grumpy/cranky/negative I sounded. It was a real shocker, as I had not thought of myself in that way at all. Since starting my blog, I've made a conscious effort to be more positive, in all areas of my life.
Amy Lane said…
I've learned that a written snapshot of my children is invaluable.

I've learned that the walls have ears, so I need to keep my venting very private.

I've learned that I am not as mean and crusty as I thought I was.

I've learned that wonderful people exist, and that cynicism is for the weak:-)
Jejune said…
Sorry I've been a bit absent of late - congratulations on the blogiversary! It's a pleasure knowing you :)

Isn't it great getting the whole tax thing done? I need to do my quarterly business taxes soon too, ick.

Hoping to hear good results bout the biopsy... and after seeing Dotter suffer through only 5 minutes of pancreatitis (very similar to gall stones) I'm quite sure that you won't miss your gall bladder once it's gone!
Jejune said…
Ooops, didn't answer your question...

Hmmm, what have I learnt as a blogger? That I can make friends anywhere and anyplace through the interbets, share a laugh, and receive so much love and support it's just amazing. I'm a bit less of a perfectionist, too, which was one of my goals as a blogger.

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