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Now, here is something you haven't seen from me in a long while.  An fo that isn't a pair of socks!  (actually, I just remembered that my last fo was the small shawl but you get my drift).

One of my coworkers that I don't know all that well but have had some interesting conversations with, is having a baby in August.  I don't know whether it's a boy or a girl but I wanted to try something different for her.  (my go-to baby gift for coworkers is small socks/hats)

I found a plain baby sweater pattern that used one skein of fingering weight yarn (which I always have on hand) and decided she was worth the effort.  It took me about a week and a half of working on this on and off.  I found the star buttons at a local Joann's and couldn't have matched the colors better if I dyed them myself.  I just washed it and patted it into place with a few pins to straighten out the placket.  It's still damp this morning but I am pleased with it.  The yarn is an artwalks…
if up’s the word;and a world grows greener

minute by second and most by more—

if death is the loser and life is the winner

(and beggars are rich but misers are poor)

—let’s touch the sky:

with a to and a fro

(and a here there where)and away we go

in even the laziest creature among us

a wisdom no knowledge can kill is astir—

now dull eyes are keen and now keen eyes are keener

(for young is the year,for young is the year)

—let’s touch the sky:

with a great(and a gay

and a steep)deep rush through amazing day

it’s brains without hearts have set saint against sinner;

put gain over gladness and joy under care—

let’s do as an earth which can never do wrong does

(minute by second and most by more)

—let’s touch the sky:

with a strange(and a true)

and a climbing fall into far near blue

if beggars are rich(and a robin will sing his

robin a song)but misers are poor—

let’s love until noone could quite be(and young is

the year,dear)as living as i’m and as you’re

—let’s touch the sky:

with a you and…
I believe that things happen for a reason and there's a purpose to most things in the universe.  The latest example (for me) is my sweater.  I bought the roving last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I had no idea of what it would become (other than I wanted a sweater for me) but I spun a few ounces to see what it felt like.  I made a soft, two ply yarn and left it alone.  For a year.

Along comes the Oatmeal sweater.  I weigh my fiber.  The directions say it'll take about 1 1/2 pounds of bfl.  I have just under 2 pounds of what I think is bfl.  The wpi should be 13.  I did a quick check and the skein I have already made is 13wpi.  Omens were looking good.

Meanwhile, Pk and I put our toxic waste into the car to take it to Toxic Waste Collection Day.  We had to wait in line for about half an hour (there must be a LOT of toxic waste in our county!) and I used the time to knit up a swatch of my handspun fiber.

Here's my yarn in a cake and here's my swatch.  I did a bit of ri…
Three years ago, I was reading SpinOff magazine and came across this sweater.  (not my photo; borrowed from ravelry).  It's the Oatmeal Sweater by Amy King. (SpinOff Winter 2009)

I loved this sweater but put away the pattern because it was designed to use handspun yarn and I was no where near ready for something like that. 
The other day I was reading something online (and I can't remember what or where) and someone mentioned this sweater.  I recognized it immediately and went looking for my copy of the magazine.  I not only found it but I also brought out the bumps of fiber I bought last year at MDSW to make into a sweater for myself.
I'm not sure what the wool is, although I have a recollection of it being BFL.  I had already spun a small skein of 2 ply and this weekend I'm going to knit up a swatch to see if it'll give me gauge. I think I'm ready to spin and knit myself a sweater. 
My fiber is a rosy brown color with hints of gold in it.  Not dyed but natural …
   I'm at work on a quiet Tuesday morning.  They just informed us that The Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation is across the street at our hospital and will likely make their way over here sometime in the next few days.  This is actually good news since we've been waiting and the stress level is pretty high. (the joint commision's review can make the difference on whether we are allowed to get paid by Medicare/Medicaid and other insurances-so it's a BIG deal)

Now we can get it over with.  I decided to deal with my stress by seeing if I could get my iphone camera and my work computer to play nice together.  For some reason (and I will not question why) today they are communicating.

So, I present a photo of my Violets shawl knit with Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Singles in Water Lilies.

This is one of the most beautiful yarns I have ever played with.  It's a blend of merino/cashmere/silk and dyed to pick up the colors in one of Monet's water lily pain…
Here it is a week later.  A busy week filled with busy things.  But don't ask me what they were, I have no idea what kept me so busy.  I have photos to go with all of this but they are locked inside the camera and the computer here won't accept any kind of download (it IS a work computer after all so I can't get too upset).  I'll have to share the photos later.  Pk has been using my computer to help fix his.  He has been having some problems with his OS and needed to rebuild. 

Last Friday, Pk and I had a lovely lunch in Philadelphia with two coworkers.  The weather was gorgeous and the food was delicious.  I love quiche and this place made one that was buttery and satisfying.  My coworkers went back to work and Pk and I walked the Italian Market for a bit. 

We wandered into a tea/spice shop and bought some dried beans and some orange tea that smelled like you could just eat handfuls of it.  It makes a flavorful beverage as well.  We went into a kitchen/cooking supply…
So, I was reading various poems on the internet, always interested in seeing what moves people and what they like.  I was thinking of music as poetry.  One of my all time favorite singer/songwriters is Harry Chapin.  You may remember him as the man who wrote/sung Taxi or the Cats in the Cradle songs. 

Lots of Harry's music never appeared on the radio because his music ran too long and the themes weren't popular.  For instance, I Don't Want to Be President, which tells the story of "a young man on the move" who gets elected and realizes he really doesn't want it. 

Not the stuff of popular music.  Pk and I saw Harry in concert a few times and enjoyed every one.  One of our favorite pieces by him is

Dreams Go By

There you stand in your dungarees
Looking all grown up and so very pleased
When you write your poems they have so much to say
When you speak your dreams it takes my breath away
You know I want to be a ball player
A regular slugging fool
But both our d…
And Now We Are Six

When I was one, I was just begun
When I was two, I was really new
When I was three ,I was barely me
When I was four, I was not much more
When I was five, I was almost alive
But now we are Six and clever as clever
I think we'll stay Six forever and ever.

~A A Milne

The Firefly

The firefly's flame
Is something for which science has no name
I can think of nothing eerier
Than flying around with an unidentified glow on a
person's posteerier.

Ogden Nash

Poems don't have to be long and full of profound thoughts to be true.  These are two of my enduring favorite authors.  Mr Milne because he created Winnie Pooh with whom I identify sometimes (bear of very little brain) and all the other characters in the 100 Acre Wood.

And Mr Nash.  Just because he uses the language so cleverly.  When I hear people say that they don't like poetry or don't "get" poetry, I steer them in his direction.  How can you not like someone who uses the word posteerier in a po…
i like my body
i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite new a thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does,

i like its hows. i like to feel the spine

of your body and its bones, and the trembling

-firm-smooth ness and which i will

again and again and again

kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,

i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz

of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes

over parting flesh… And eyes big love-crumbs,

and possibly i like the thrill

of under me you so quite new

~ee cummings

There's something about this poem that always draws me in.  I like the sensuality of it. 

Kate and I went out on Sunday to find things for Em's birthday (which was Monday but we'll celebrate it on Easter when we're all together) and were discussing things we were forced to read in high school and how tearing them apart didn't deepen our understanding of the poem/play/story but made us detest it.  Sometimes you have to just…
Amy reminded me that April is National Poetry Month.  I know that I've often said ee cummings is my favorite poet (and he is) but I also admire Billy Colllins who was once the Poet Laureate of the US.  His poems are spare and evocative and listening to him read them is the very best part of the experience.

So, to start off Poetry Month, I present


You know the parlor trick.

wrap your arms around your own body

and from the back it looks like

someone is embracing you

her hands grasping your shirt

her fingernails teasing your neck

from the front it is another story

you never looked so alone

your crossed elbows and screwy grin

you could be waiting for a tailor

to fit you with a straight jacket

one that would hold you really tight.

Billy Collins

Otherwise, spring is moving along here.  I am spinning quite a bit because I am so enjoying the cupcakes I bought from Joan (cupcake fiber co.).  They are so well prepared that there is no need for predrafting at all and the singles almos…